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Chapter 16:My name is trouble.

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3 months latear.

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3 Months Later...

'I have to tell him.' She thought. 'It's either I die with him not knowing he's a gonna hav a grandchild at the age of 37, or I die because he knows. I'd rather have the second one.' Lilee's situation was only getting worse. It was February. Valentines Day was only 3 days away. 'Maybe I could tell him then! Yeah! No, the most romantic day of the year I'll be spending crying...'


Lilee screamed and slightly jumped. She turned around and saw Brendon, smiling.

"Jeeze, Brendon. You scared the crap outta me." She said.

"Sorry, I didn't mean too. Well, actually I did. Just...yeah."

She laughed. "Why are you so happy?"

"Eh. I just am. Can't I be happy?"

"You're right. As long as you're happy."

"So, umm...Did you tell your dad yet?"

Lilee frowned. "No. I didn't."

"I told my parents."

"No, you didn't."

"Ah, but I did. Spencer was there to back me up."

"Okay, what did they say?"

"Well, when I told them they were happy. Then when I told them you were the other parent and they flipped out. Giving me lectures..."


"But I explained and they said 'Okay, but as long as you two get married before or directly after the baby is born' and all I did was stare."

Lilee sighed. "I would be 19...that wouldn't be good at all."

"I was hoping 20." He smiled.

She smiled back. "Yes."

"Well, come out. We have guests." He said, rasing both eyebrows.

"Oh no."

He walked out. Lilee stayed in there for a few more minutes. Capturing everything that would happen.

'The only thing I would have to worry about it my health.' She thought. 'Everything's gonna be fine.'

'Just keep on the optimistic side. NOTHING bad can happen.' She was reassuring herself. She looked at the clock. '15 minutes thinking the same exact thing. Let's go meet our guests.' She thought, rubbing her stomach.

"LILEE!!!" A very happy Pete Wentz greeted. She hugged him.


"So, how are you feeling?"


Of course, she told everybody but her father.

The rest of Fall Out Boy were just sitting there. Smiling. Being happy.

No wonder. Fall Out Boy makes everyone happy...sometimes.

Lilee couldn't help feeling a little uncomfortable though.

She sat next to Brendon, who pulled her closer to him.

The next 3 hours were just them talking, having fun. Talking incoherently that is.

Finally they left.

"I hope you didn't feel too left out." Brendon sighed.

"No. I wouldn't be able to drink anyways. Baby on the way." She smiled. "Unhealthy."

The phone started to ring.

"I'll get it!" Ryan shouted, as he jumped over the couch and headed for the phone. About 1 minute later he came out. "'s Jared."

Lilee stared at him for a few seconds before grabbing the phone.

"Hello?" She said quietly.
"Hey. How are you?"
Her throat felt as if it were closing. "Umm...good. You?"
"Awesome myself."
"Cool." Her voice started getting all choked up.
"Lilee, are you okay?"
"No. you're not."
She mumbled something that even she couldn't understand.
"What? Lilee, you're getting me worried."
"I...umm...I have something to tell you."
"I'm listening."
She laughed nervously. "I'm...I'm..."
"You're what?"
"I'm're gonna. I'm Pregnant."
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