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Jex searches for parts to repair the Nomad, but who can he really trust?

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-Jex sighed and tossed away his tool. He had been trying to fix the hyper drive for over an hour now, but it was no use. He just didn't have the parts, and without the parts, he was dead in the water. He got out from under the large engine and walked back to the cockpit where Alera was sitting.

-She sat in the chair, looking over Jex's navigational charts trying to find a nearby planet where they could land and get repairs done. The closest thing she could find was a desert planet called Sosk. It wasn't policed by the republic and would most likely have a collection of unsavory characters. Alera was about to look for the next closest planet when Jex gave a relieved sigh from over her shoulder.

-"Sosk it is then," Jex said as he shoed Alera out of his seat. He took her place and set course for the planet. At sub light speed, it would take them a few hours, but it was better than drifting in space, waiting for more fighters to show up.

-"But Sosk is an unregulated planet, there could be criminals, or even Sith down there," Alera protested. Jex just smiled.

-"Sounds like my kind of place."

-Jex wandered alone through the city, if it could be called a city. The Nomad was safely docked in a local hanger with Alera babysitting it, so Jex wouldn't have to worry about anyone stealing the ship. Alera's clear reluctance to wander a city where the Jedi had no authority convinced Jex to go without her. He doubted that she would be needed anyway. Jex was only looking for replacement parts to get off of the planet; he wasn't expecting trouble.

-The city was more of a market place with vendors and shops lining the streets. The buildings looked like they were made out of the sand that they sat on. In many ways, the planet resembled Tatooine. Jex had been to that desert hellhole once before, and the only difference he could detect was that Sosk wasn't quite as hot.

-Jex found his way into a small shop, large enough to have the parts he needed, but not so large that it would have unreasonable prices. Jex looked over the items that were scattered about the small store. The shady merchant quickly came up to Jex like a mynock looking for a power cable. He tried to interest Jex in every little thing, but Jex paid no attention to him; he knew what he was looking for.

-The blue skinned alien continued to hover around Jex as he searched through the store. There were all kinds of junk and trinkets that had no real value. Then Jex spotted something he could use. Jex picked up the device and made sure it wasn't just a piece of scrap. Satisfied that it was what he was looking for, Jex turned around to find the merchant standing right behind him with a greedy look on his face.

-"An excellent choice," the man said with a fake smile in his face, "it's a steal at 500 credits."

-"200 credits is a fair price," Jex said with a subtle wave of his hand, reaching into the ma's mind with the force.

-"200 credits is fair," the man repeated in a daze. Jex gave a satisfied smile and purchased the item. He left the store with the device he needed, but decided to relax before returning to the ship and enduring Alera's endless criticisms. If she had witnessed Jex's bargaining methods, she would have quoted all the Jedi brainwashing garbage about abusing power. He knew the difference between taking advantage of people, and not letting someone take advantage of him.

-He wandered around the small city until he found a bar that looked good to him. Jex entered the building and looked around; there was the usual collection of riffraff but nothing too dangerous. Jex found himself a seat and ordered a drink. after a few minutes, Jex was ready to leave and go back to the ship, when two people entered the bar. Normally he wouldn't have cared, but the second they stepped into the building, Jex could sense that they were both strong in the force.

-The hooded figures stood behind Jex on both sides to cut off any escape attempt. Jex didn't look over his shoulder, but he was aware of their every move. He could sense their aggressive intentions towards him, but he didn't sense the dark side in either of them. Jex knew they had to be Jedi, and that could complicate things.

-"Jexel Garet," one of the Jedi said accusingly, "you are under arrest, by order of the Jedi council."

-Jex tightened his grip on his glass, and both of the Jedi seemed to sense the rage that was emanating from him. They took a step back and readied their hands to grab their light sabers. Jex slowly rose from his seat, and the surrounding patrons ran to get out of the way.

-"Nobody calls me that!" Jex said as he cast off his robe and turned around with both light sabers activated and ready. Both of the Jedi drew their weapons and stood off against Jex. The master was a male human with brown hair that had a grey stripe. his padawan was a young Twi'lek male with green skin. Jex stood ready for a fight, but no one was making a move. They had made him angry, but Jex knew the best way to win a fight was to avoid it in the first place.

-"Master Frell hired me on the behalf of the council you fools," Jex said, "now get out of here before I kill you two."

-"I don't know what kind of game you're playing," the master said, "but you are coming with us, one way or another. And we will be taking possession of the device you stole."

-Jex narrowed his eyes, the Jedi was telling him a lot more than he wanted to know. They knew about the artifact, and that meant they knew about his mission, but they had been told a twisted version of it. They believed he had stolen the item and that he was a Sith agent. He knew they wouldn't listen to reason.

-"Screw this," Jex said with irritation as he attacked them both. The master and his padawan were using ordinary light sabers, so Jex would be able to hold his own. He went for the master first, striking with both sabers and spinning around so he could keep track of the padawan's movements. The master was driven back by Jex's superior skill, but he did not give Jex an opening to land a direct blow.

-The padawan moved in to help his master, but Jex sensed him coming. The moment the padawan made a swipe with his light saber, Jex jumped into the air backwards, landing behind his would be attacker. The moment Jex's feet touched the ground; he dropped the white light saber in his left hand and aimed his palm at the padawan. The padawan turned around in time to be hit by Jex's force push.

-The padawan was sent flying backwards into his master, and both men slammed into the far wall. When they tried to get back on their feet, Jex dropped his other light saber and yelled with anger and effort as he held out both hands at the two Jedi. The men were pressed against the wall with tremendous pressure until the tan wall cracked and collapsed. The two Jedi fell through the hole that had been made by their bodies and were partially buried in the rubble.

-Jex let out a deep breath as he slowed his heart rate and calmed himself down; taping into that kind of power was taxing and could lead to rage if he wasn't careful. He lowered his arms and opened his hands. His light sabers returned to him, and he placed them back on his belt before leaving the building. The Jedi both lay unconscious under the debris, but they were alive. They had simply been the pawns of someone else, and Jex had no desire to kill them for something that wasn't their fault.

-Jex quickly made his way through the city and back to the Nomad. Jex had his wits about him with every step he took, knowing that any figure that moved in a shadow, every stranger that glanced in his direction could be a threat. Normally Jedi only moved around in pairs, but if someone else was pulling their strings, there was no telling what to expect.

-Jex reached the hanger bay without incident, but he wasn't letting his guard down. The Jedi had found him in the bar; the hanger would be the next best place to attack him. He reached out with the force, sensing the surrounding area. He sensed no distress or ill will awaiting him, so he cautiously moved up the Nomad's loading ramp.

-Alera came to greet him as he entered and he handed her the parts he had acquired in the city. She put them down on the work bench and looked them over, paying no mind to Jex. Satisfied with the quality of the engine parts, she turned to say something but was silenced when Jex activated his black light saber and held it across her throat.

-"On our way to Coruscant, we were intercepted and attacked," Jex said in an even tone, "I can dismiss that as a random pirate attack. Then on a back water planet, I get attacked by two Jedi who know about the relic. That I can't dismiss so easily, and it leads me to one conclusion. Someone soled me out, and you're a prime candidate."

-"I am not a Sith," Alera declared, more indignant at being accused than she was worried about the repercussions of what Jex had said. "I had no opportunity to alert anyone of our presence while we were traveling, and I didn't know where you were in the city, so how could I send anyone to attack you?"

-Jex looked into Alera's eyes and saw no deception. Either she was telling the truth, or she was a very good liar. Jex deactivated Vengeance and lowered his hand. Alera relaxed a little, and Jex took the engine part with him as he went to fix the ship. Alera followed him back into the compartment and watched as he crawled underneath the generator.

-"You said you were attacked by two Jedi," she said quietly, "did you kill them?"

-"No," Jex said, looking her in the eye, "but they'll be sore for a few days." He smiled and winked at her before going to work. the sooner he got off of the planet the better.
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