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Jex gets to Coruscant and faces the Jedi council, but it seems even Coruscant isn't safe.

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-Jex sighed with a mixture of relief and foreboding as he entered orbit around Coruscant. Even from above the planet's atmosphere, the lights form the massive cities were visible. Most people found Coruscant beautiful, but Jex thought of it as a ruined world, forsaking its natural beauty in order to be more efficient. Its bright lights and dazzling architecture was only a superficial mask of the corruption and decay that lied underneath.

-Jex cruised through the city planet's atmosphere, and descended to fly through the forest of towers and skyscrapers that made up Coruscant's surface. Below him there was an endless stream of repulsor lift traffic moving about the sky like Kashyyyk war ants. Even in the noon day sun, Jex couldn't see the planet's true surface through the black smog and shadow created by the industrial buildings.

-Jex set the Nomad down at the first landing pad he found; it would have been faster to land near the Jedi temple, but any assassins that might be after him would think the same thing and would be waiting for him. He pocketed the artifact in a small satchel that he hid under his grey robes and took a few other pieces of equipment that he hoped he wouldn't have to use. Alera maintained a calm demeanor, but Jex could tell she was happy to be back.

-Jex and Alera found a ride: a snub yellow repulsor craft that functioned as a taxi. The side door flipped up, and Jex and Alera got in. There were two cushioned seats facing each other that could seat three people each. Jex and Alera sat down across from each other, Jex with his back to the driver, and the vehicle headed for the temple.

-The two of them didn't say a word as the end of their time together approached. They hadn't exactly become friends during their short mission, but Alera had developed a respect for Jex's abilities. And, despite her sheltered naiveté, Jex had grown accustomed to her company helping to break up the constant boredom of an isolated and solitary life.

-It was a long ride to the temple in the small vehicle. Jex sat straight with his eyes closed. Alera stared at him intently, trying to figure out what he was thinking about. They remained that way until Alera saw the Jedi temple come into view. With its smooth walls and subtle beauty, the temple stood out from the rest of the gaudy buildings surrounding it.

-Alera looked back at Jex to let him know, but his eyes shot open with alarm before she could say a word. He reached out, grabbed Alera's shoulder and pulled her head down, ducking himself as he did so. Less than a second later, a blaster bolt came through the front windshield and passed where their heads had been, exiting through the back.

-The driver cried out in surprise, "What was that!" Jex heard another bolt tear through the windshield, and the driver went silent. The repulsor craft jolted suddenly and began to drop. Jex aimed his palm at the side of the vehicle and lashed out with the force. The door was blown off, and Jex saw that the craft was falling out of the sky.

-Jex and Alera both abandoned the falling transport, jumping into mid air. Jex pulled out a grapple gun from the inside of his robe and fired it at one of the buildings. The barbed hook buried itself into the side of one of the skyscrapers. Jex grabbed a hold of Alera's hand as the line went taught, and they both swung towards the building. Jex flung Alera ahead of him and released her. She flew towards a window and threw her light saber at it. Her light blue blade sliced through the glass as if it hadn't been there.

-Cracks spread throughout the window, but it did not shatter. Alera held out her palm and focused hard. The glass was blown inward by the invisible force and she landed safely inside. Jex followed right behind her, letting go of his gun as he did so. He stood up and rotated his shoulder, rubbing it gingerly. Supporting both his and Alera's weight on one arm had nearly wrenched his shoulder out of its socket.

-Alera picked up her light saber and looked at Jex as he surveyed their surroundings. "Boy I'll be happy when this job is over," he said as he made his way down the hall towards the door. Alera followed him, and they were about to leave when they heard something behind them. They turned around and saw some kind of probe droid fly through the hole they had made.

-It was a spherical black droid with a large camera in the center and a blaster suspended underneath. Two antennae protruded from the top of it, one longer than the other. It was about three feet in diameter and equipped with repulsor lifts. It looked down at the shattered glass and then at its two targets.

-Jex took a step backwards and Alera activated her light saber. The droid began firing at them, but Alera deflected the blasts. Defended by Alera's efforts, Jex raised his hand and stretched his fingers out to the droid. He reached out with the force, and once he felt the metallic surface of the soulless assassin with his invisible fingers, Jex closed his real ones. The droid shuddered for a moment and then collapsed in on itself, crushed by unseen pressures. The smashed scrap metal fell to the ground, and Jex lowered his hand.

-"Nice to see you haven't forgotten everything the Jedi taught you," Alera said, referring to his maneuver: by taking a step back, he let her know that he wanted her to defend him. It was one of the ways Jedi could communicate without saying anything.

-Jex grunted as he opened the door. "I never forgot any of it; I just don't use what I don't need." He got into an elevator with Alera right behind him, and they headed for the upper floors. They continued on, trying to find a new transport to get to the Jedi temple before someone tried to kill them again. They passed through another door, but the moment Jex stepped through, he looked down the hall and saw a Mandalorian soldier wielding a Gatling gun.

-Jex's eyes went wide with surprise as the Mandalorian opened fire on him. Jex had no time to dodge out of the way, and his light sabers couldn't hope to defend against so many shots. Out of desperation, Jex held out both his palms and concentrated with all of his will. The bolts of white hot energy curved and passed Jex, bouncing around his invisible shield. Jex strained with the tremendous effort of keeping up such a feat as the Mandalorian continued firing undeterred.

-"Alera, I need a hand!" Jex cried as he felt his stamina failing him. The bolts passed closer and closer to his body as his force shield shrank. Alera's light saber spun out from around the corner and down the hallway like a boomerang, spinning through the air as it moved. The Mandalorian tried to shoot it off of its trajectory, but Alera guided her blade with the force, and it found its target.

-A white flash blinded the soldier as Alera's light saber sliced his weapon in half. The man quickly discarded the ruined piece of equipment and tried to draw his blaster, but Jex was already upon him. Jex activated Vengeance and sliced the man's right arm off just as he drew his weapon. A cry emanated from behind the black visor that covered the Mandalorian's face, and he fell to the floor.

-"Who sent you," Jex asked, pointing his blade at the man. Alera came up behind him and held out her hand, recalling her light saber. The man clutched at the stub of his arm; the light saber had cauterized the wound instantly, but the pain was still intense.

-"I'm not telling you anything," the man spat. Jex narrowed his eyes, yanked of the man's helmet and grabbed his face.

-"Listen to me very carefully," Jex said in a stern tone, "I'm having a bad day: I got shot at, fell out of the sky, crashed through a window, got attacked by a droid and blasted by Gatling gun. And since you were responsible for all of that, I suggest you try very hard to put me in a good mood."

-The Mandalorian groaned as Jex put pressure on his temples. "You can't kill me; Jedi don't execute their prisoners," he cried.

-"I'm not a Jedi!" Jex said as he reached into the man's mind with the force. The Mandalorian soldier screamed in pain as he felt the immense pressure on his brain. He grabbed Jex's wrist with his remaining hand in a feeble attempt to stay the attack, but the pain drained all his strength.

-"I don't know anything!" The man cried. "I was contacted electronically and met with a man dressed in black robes; his face was hidden behind a hood. He gave me a holocron of you two and told me that you would be making your way to the Jedi temple and that I was to kill you and take an artifact from you. That's all I know!"

-Jex released his grasp and the man covered his face with his hand. He curled into a fetal position and wept at his own weakness. Satisfied, Jex stood up and began to walk away. Alera shot a troubled look at the Mandalorian on the floor before following after him.

-They headed up to the level where repulsor lift vehicles were housed. Jex knocked on a door and a young man wearing common clothes answered. Jex could see a small vehicle resting on the man's patio at the opposite end of the door. "Can I help you?" the man asked warily.

-Jex put a hand on the man's shoulder in a friendly and familiar manner as he let himself in. "Jedi business, we need to borrow your vehicle; you can call the temple in about an hour and someone will return it to you." Jex handed the man fifty credits for the trouble as he quickly walked across the man's home and hopped into the small craft. Alera jumped in beside him, though she had an uncertain look on her face. The two of them lifted off and flew away before the man could voice an objection.

-"Jedi business?" Alera asked with a wry smile. She found it amusing that he made such an effort to distance himself from the Jedi, unless it suited him. Jex looked at her and winked.

-"I don't mind using their name, especially if it casts the order in a negative light; I can't imagine that man will speak too highly of them after this little incident."

-Alera became silent; she still didn't know why Jex held such animosity toward the order. At first she had dismissed it as bitterness after leaving, but the more time she spent with him, the more she suspected that that wasn't the case. Something had to have happened to make him leave.

-A short while later they touched down in front of the Jedi temple. Master Breck and Master Frell awaited them, along with several other Jedi. Jex and Alera walked up to them. Some of the Jedi Jex knew and others he didn't, but they all regarded him with suspicion. Master Frell greeted Jex with a wide smile. "I trust your mission was a success," he said as he embraced Jex with a hand shake.

-"Yes," Jex answered, "but first things first." He faced Master Breck who continued to wear a stern expression on his face despite Jex's success. He opened his mouth to say something, but Jex punched him with his right fist. Breck reached up to hold his jaw and face Jex, only to find him pointing Vengeance under his chin. "Take this man into custody," Jex said angrily, "he's a traitor."
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