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Oh yeah, he loves me

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Frank story. Um...Let's see, you have marriage, decpetion, cheating, Iero...Yeah

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It seems to be a hit so I'm updating yet again today.

It's Official
3. Ooh yeah, he loves me...

"How do you manage to be the middle man all the time?" I turned towards Mikey, holding up a black and red corset.

"I don't know...And no..."

"Aw come on, Mikes. It's totally you."

He narrowed his eyes. "No it's more like Frank...Which reminds me...What is this I hear about you two dating for the last six years??!!"

Busted? "What about?"

"Have you two really been together that long?"

I turned and started to browse again. "How about this one?"

"Hey! Come on...Don't change the subject. Have you two really been together for six years?"

"Listen, Mikey. It doesn't matter. It's over now..."

"You aren't leaving Frank!"

"Is that a threat Michael Way?"

He swallowed. "Yeah, it is. You can't leave him. He'll like kill himself. You don't realize how much he loves you."

"Yes, I do! He doesn't love me! That's just it! He doesn't love me so it doesn't matter! If he loved me, he'd show it!" Mikey grabbed my hand and drug me out of the mall to his car in the garage.

"He does. He tells Gerard everyday how lucky he is to have you and how much he loves you. Have you even checked the band's myspace? The past nine updates are about how much he loves you! You can't say he doesn't care or that he doesn't loves you! He loves you an insane amount. It's unhealthy how much he actually loves you! Notice that!"

"Mikey..." So may be he did love me...If he did why didn't he ever act like it...Why doesn't he ever do anything to show it. A kiss is nothing. It means nothing... I need something that means something... "Mikey, I know he does but he doesn't act like it. He needs to act like it. To show it once in a while. It wouldn't kill him."

"Then tell him! He won't do anything thing until he knows he can! Just go and fucking tell him to stop being so fucking emo! He'll do anything for you! He left Jamia for you!"

Bam...Now it hits me...Mikey's right. He does actually love me. He left Jamia...for me... "Take me home."

>.~ It Only Takes One Action To Tear Everything Apart ~.<

"Frank!" I looked over the couch to find the blankets gone as well as Frank. "Frank..." I walked over and pushed the bedroom door open. I quickly slammed it and started to walk out of the apartment. So much for Frank loving me...It's more like JAMIA!


I shook my head. I wasn't going to talk to him...Backstabbing, whorey, husband...RAWR...

"Carson! Come on! Stop it!"

He grabbed my arm and spun me around. "Let go, Iero."

"No, give me a chance."

"Mikey, talked me into coming back but I shouldn't have. You don't love me. Just admit it! I don't mean that much to you."

"No, no...You do. I love you. She just...I was...I'm depressed. I needed something to make me feel better. I do love you. I swear I do."

"You aren't doing well proving it! Don't call me."
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