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Hate me for this. The chapters are kinda short but I would post it all at once but that's more than 44 pages, so let's not. Gerard FF. Basically...He's a vampire [how used] and he's kinda lost i...

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This is not a Chapter but Information.

NightMares in the DayTime is simply just another fan fiction. Yet at the same time I feel it is important for me to say this. None of this ever happened.

And this is mostly told in the point of view of a young Ely Nash. Age 25, eyes green, hair red, height 5'5". And So It Will Begin.

Chapter One. The day that starts it all.

I turned around quickly. The strange feeling that someone followed crawled up my spine. I tried to shake it off. This is what I get for going to see a horror movie by myself, so late at night. I shook my head. Nothing is there. Nothing is there, Ely. Something ran in front of me as I approached the alley. I squeaked upon tripping over a cat but I managed to hold myself steady enough to regain myself. I walked on down the alley to my apartment. I opened the door and shook my head. should calm my nerves. I walked through the living room and into my bed room. I slid off my shirt and jeans and collapsed onto my bed. I closed my eyes. Something slammed hard. My eyes flew open. I stared into buring red eyes. This is just a dream, Ely. Don't Scream...don't scream...My eyes closed again. I felt cold hands touch my necks. I am Dreaming...Dreaming...My head was pushed aside and then my hair. This is definitely not a dream. I shook my head crazily. I couldn't be dreaming this. It was too real. It was happening. I couldn't deny that.

My head was jerked up. I looked at him. Burning red eyes, pale white skin, jet black hair, as bad as my situation was, just the way he looked mesmerized me. He sat me up and looked at me. "You aren't scared?"

I couldn't even think of what to say. I shook my head.

He titled his head and grinned. "Good. Then you won't mind if I take a bite."

My eyebrow raised. "What..."

"Just what I was waiting for. You speak. Well," he said as he sat next to me. "How about you just go to sleep. It won't hurt then."

"What are you talking about?"

He flashed a smile. I was hoping that his fangs weren't real.

"Vampires aren't real."

"Yes, they are. I'm living, well dying, proof."

"No, you're just some jackass teenager trying to scare me."

He wrinkled his nose and shook his head. "Sorry, I'm not a teenager. Born in 1977."

I looked at him and watched a smile crack on his pale face. "Then you aren't a vampire."

"Nope, wrong. I am. Just cause I'm not a hundred years old doesn't mean I'm not a vampire."

"Ooh really...Can you prove it to me?"

"Aahh...I have fangs...What type of proof do you want? Marks?" Before I could say anything, he pushed down his suit shirt's collar. "Marks?"

I looked at him for a minute. "You're very creative."

He glared. "I'm dead...What else do you want to prove it?"

I shook my head. "You can't convince me."

"We'll see about that."
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