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Hate me for this. The chapters are kinda short but I would post it all at once but that's more than 44 pages, so let's not. Gerard FF. Basically...He's a vampire [how used] and he's kinda lost i...

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Chapter 9. The pages are all torn and frayed.

I felt my side be poked lightly. I turned just a little then rolled back. "Five more minutes..."

The bed shifted.

I got and walked into the kitchen. I yawned and then looked for the coffee that I could smell so well.

"Did I wake you? I tried to see if you wanted to go breakfast but you said five more minutes so I left you alone."

I turned around. "Gerard? You're still here? Ooh geez...I'm so sorry. For some reason I'm just so drained. I feel like the life is being sucked out of me."

He threw his arm around my waist as I poured coffee. "You want to sleep more? You can sleep as much as you want, it doesn't bug me any."

I turned. "I'll sleep when I'm dead. I don't need to sleep now." I sipped a little before looking at him. "Hey, you're a little pale."

"I always am. It's natural."

"Really? But I don't remember you being that pale yesterday. Are you sure you don't want to lie down?"

"Will you with me?"

"Sure." I put my coffee down and walked with him to my bedroom.

I woke a little to pain in my neck. I moved a little and felt something quickly retreat from my skin. I rolled back to my former position.

Chapter 10. Immortality meant never dying.

I rolled on to my side and faced Gerard. "Hey, guess what."

I shook my head. "No...Too tired...actually not...but what?"

"Today I am 29. And I want to ask you something. I don't know if three months of knowing each other is enough: but will you marry me?"

I opened my eyes completely. "What? Marry you?"

He nodded. "Yes, I love you and I know you love me so let's just ahead and..."

"Gerard...yeah I love you but marry you? After three months?"

"You let me move in after two days."

I nodded. "I guess I did..."

"Please, Ely...It would be a great present."

"Alright...I know there's no way to change your mind. Then I will..."

He kissed me and rolled me on my back. "I love you very much."

I blushed. "I'd hope so..."


Ely got up and reluctantly walked into the living room. She laid down on the couch almost instantly. She felt so weak even though she had slept for half the day. Gerard came up and gave her some hot coffee. Ely could barely drink it. Gerard kissed her cheek and then waked on to the bedroom. Her eyes opened then closed. She felt Gerard put his hand on her shoulder and looked to the TV to see his smile. He eyes widened and she turned around.

"Where's your reflection?!"

Gerard grinded his teeth. "It took you a long time to figure it out. Geez...Not to mention I told you the first time we met. My occupation: Vampire, record 10 years."

She shook her head. "No, no that was only a dream. It didn't really happen cause if it did and you were then you wouldn't be out in the day time."

He shook his head and grinned. "It snowed the whole time. Dreary everyday. You understand, don't you? I mean I've noticed it, I'm sure you have. I mean you get weaker everyday. What were you expecting to be the reason? You getting sick? Sorry sweetie. You aren't getting sick, you're getting sucked."

She sat up and looked at him. "No..."

He pulled down his collar. "See the marks?"

"NO!" She shook her head and buried herself into the couch. "This is a dream...You aren't a vampire. Vampires aren't real..."

"I beg the differ." He walked around the couch and to her side. He kneeled down to her level and rolled her over. He exposed his fangs to her and watched her close her eyes in disbelief. "And I'll prove it."

"Gerard, please..."

He stopped and got up shaking his head. For some reason he couldn't bring himself to hurt her any more but at the same time he just wanted her, always. He walked into the kitchen and pulled out a knife and walked back to her. "Can you stake my heart?"

She shot up. "What? Gerard, no..."

"Please, Ely. I've hurt you so much. Just kill me...that way I can't hurt you again. Please I deserve it. Just take it and...Please..."

He shoved her the knife. "No."


"No, I won't do it."

Gerard shook his head. "Fine." He pushed her back onto the couch and titled her head.

He looked up to see what he had done. He shook his head and grabbed hold of the knife and thrust it into his heart.

Chapter 11. Prelude

There he sat, watching her every move. He had been for 3 weeks now. He was waiting for the perfect moment to bump into her. And then make her fall for him, let him in, and kill her softly in her sleep. Until then he would just have to haunt her dreams with endless nightmares.

He knew that tonight would be the perfect time to do such. She had just come back from the movies. And a vampire movie at that. He laughed at the thought of the living making silly movies about his kind.

He had to admit it. As much as he hated to say it. He was no longer like her. No longer living, no longer human. But he love being able to say he was immortal. Something he thought was impossible. Until he was 18 at least.

He leaned his head back and thought about that day. The day of his 18th birthday. The day that started it all, truly. The day that he realized what the Way curse was really about. Sucking the lives out of others in order to survive.

He didn't think it was wrong to do. He actually enjoyed it. Hunting down his prey and watching their every move. Making them let him in and then kill them. Like it was truly the way it was meant to be. Like in the wild...Now he would live like an animal. But he said nothing negative about it at all. He actually thought it was wonderful.

He watched as her door opened and she stepped in. Now it was his time to play.


and they say vampires won't hurt you.

Notes And Sequel Chapter.

A/N: I would like to make note that I do not own My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, Dracula, Batman, BatMobile, Saturn, or anything else that would get me in a mess of trouble if I said I did own.

Nextly, I would like to say that this did not happen. I am not saying that vampires aren't real I'm just saying that Gerard didn't kill a chick named Ely.

And then, Ely Nash is a creation of my imagination. She is not real. Yes her name is borrowed from Degrassi but in Degrassi she is Ellie Nash, not Ely. I changed her name so I wouldn't get into trouble.

Lastly, I would like to say that I started this only because I was extremely bored. This was never supposed to make it to chapter 10. But sadly, when I started it I didn't expect the idea to stick into my head. It stayed there and it took me three days to write this 33 page story.

Next up, before I forget. IF you noticed that the chapters, except 11, were named after lyrics by the Romance, then congrats. And also. Many, many congrats if you noticed the vampires movie was actually going on. ((Hell Born is not a real movie...I don't think so at least...))

If you didn't notice let me fill you in: Hell Born is a vampire movie (made up one) about this one vampire who stalks his prey, who is pale in skin, who is always wearing black, so forth so on; he is Gerard: the plot is the whole hunt and kill to live; note again Gerard: vampire who makes his prey fall for him and let him move in; once again, Gerard: has a huge mansion that he gives to his brother several times; Gerard: only comes out in the snowing days; Gerard: after months of knowing, 29th birthday asks girl to marry; Gerard, kills her when she finds out he's a vamp; Gerard: then kills self; Mikey! No it's Gerard again, duh...

And Now I would Like to Say:

Don't let this ever get to you. The thought that made me do this was simply one picture stuck into my mind. Something as simple as Mikey in a Dracula cape. That for some odd reason made me think, "Hey! Gerard would be kick ass vampire character." If you want to know...I honestly don't know what the hell I was doing...what I was smoking or what but you know what...I really do like this story. And so I leave you with a scene to take set...

Mikey, simple little kid, young mother, loss of innocence, closed door, fate to be followed.


~~Eriy As Always~~

Now read the beginning to the sequel that I might never do!!! BWAHAHAHA...thinks about Mikey's character Do you think he should be a Vamp or Were? goes to think...




On a night like this, Mikey could sense that his brother would fail. The snow lifted and the sun came out. Mikey retreated to the far side of the mansion. And then he would begin to slowly fall into his long needed slumber. After all, he hadn't slept all season. Not when winter was the season to kill. He knew Jeff would soon awake him and tell him of his brother's failure. He shook his head upon walking past his brother's room. He stepped back and closed the door, the door that would never be opened again.

The moment he would step into his own room, the door bell would ring. Jeff would answer it and speak to the police about a horrible incident that involved Master Way. Mikey would walk back to the top of the staircase, out of sight. He would just watch over the scene as it would play out. Just like planned. Just the way it was to happen. Just the way his brother had predicted, just the way that he had to start with. Everything would work out the right way, now that his 'dearest' brother was out of the way. Mikey chuckled at the thought. Really, how did they expect the two to get along?

He only planned out his death, after all. All of it from the beginning; from the first bite to the last; all of it. Just as the fate had led him, he led his own brother into misery and death...
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