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I'm So Sorry...

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Sorry guys.....yeah bring tissues

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After they had finished watching Fight Club, Charlotte realized Pete was asleep on her shoulder. She laughed to herself and put his bowl of soup on the tabel before he spilled it on himself. She continuely smiled as she carefully got up to go upstairs quickly. She finished making his bed for him and ran back downstairs.
"Panduh...Let's go upstairs and you can go to sleep up there." She laughed and lightly shook him awake. Pete opened one eye sleepily and managed to make it up the stairs. Charlotte tucked him in and went back downstairs to watch t.v. and wait for the rest of the gang to come home. Soon, the doorbell rang and Charlote jumped up to answer it before Pete woke up again. Hoping it was the guys, she answered it with a smile.

Pete woke up to the very sharp and loud sound of a gun shot. He was no longer tired. He raced downstairs to find his one and only lying on the floor gasping for air. He dropped quickly to his knees and held her agianst his chest. THis wasn't how it was supposed to happen.
"Peter...I...I...Love you." He could barely hear her words. Tears flooded his eyes as he stroked her porceilen cheek.
"'re going to be okay....I promise.....Charlotte just your breath." He whispered to her. He wanted her to be okay. He quickly reached for the phone on the table and called an ambulance. Her eyes were starting to close and she kept twitching in his arms. He just kept shaking his head and mutting no to himself. Tears splashed down upon her face although she could barley feel them. The ambulance came five minutes later. The doctors carried Charlotte onto a strecher and into the ambulance.
"I'll always be with you." Charlotte whispered when Pete kissed her hand before she was taken into the ambulance. Pete stood there for five whole minutes. He then rushed into the house. Although his sight was blurry with tears and he was still coughing and such, he managed to find a note left behind from the murderer and managed to call Patrick to tell him that he would be at the hospital.

I told you once. I told you twice. Charlotte did not belong to you nor to me. She didn't belong at all. You said it yourself. When you find her, I'm sure you will realize the punishment was served out. Don't worry. I got what I wanted. I won't bother you and your friends ever again. Isn't funny how life and love makes us so crazy things? Forget me forever,

Ryan Washburn

Pete read over the note again and again. Charlotte did belong. She belonged here with me. He thought to himself. The gang had all brought him back home from the hospital and were trying to comfort him. He was just getting quiet again. The words just kept ringing through his head.

Dead On Arrival


Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, and weeks into months. Fall Out Boy were now international super stars. With the release of their newest album, it seemed Pete had gotten over what happened. He hadn't. It still hurt. It was just a memory locked away. He wouldn't even bring it up anymore and nobody else had thought too. Kamz and Joe relized how it would reak havok on Pete's heart, so they didn't even dare invite him to their wedding let alone talk about it in front of him. Pete's heart hadd turned hard. He couldn't handle love anymore. If anyone was to act lovey dovey in front of him, he would explode. He got angrier as time went on and he became more of a hard ass. Until one day...
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