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Broken Wrists Make Great Conversation Starters

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Thanks to all of you who stuck through with me. I know it's been a little crappy lately but this will be a good chappie i promise. P!ATD is intorduced!

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"Can't take the fight out the kid take the kid out the-" Brendon's singing was cut off by Pete coming on over the intercom. The entire band stopped playing and sighed. Everyone looked at the guitarist.
"Ryan you-" Pete was cut off.
"I know! I'm sorry I fucked up the guitar again!" Ryan sighed and looked at the ground. Ryan Ross had made his own band and Pete had signed them.
"Want to try it again?" Pete asked with a sympathetic sigh. Ryan nodded and the band started.
"I say we call it a day." Brendon said.
"Why?" Everyone questioned and stared at him shock.
"Cuz! My sister is going to be here any second to pick us up!" Brendon argued and took off his headphones before stepping out of the booth. Ryan sighed and soon joined him. Then the rest of the band did.
"Pete got a ride home?" Spencer asked Pete on the way out. He shook his head.
"Naw, I'll catch the bus." Pete shrugged.
"C'mon man. Brendon's sis is a good driver, she'll take you home." Spencer smiled. When they got outside, they saw two girls standing beside a light blue '64 Impala with the top down. It was a sunny day so both girls were wearing sunglasses. Ryan spotted them and ran to one of them. He picked her up, spun her around and kissed her passionatley. It was obvious she was Carolyn. The girl standing next to her was sticking a long finger down her throat in a gagging motion. She was quite tall with a skinny frame and long legs beneath denem jeans that had been ripped into shorts. She folded her long arms over her light pink Crush Cream Soda vintage t-shirt and popped the trunk open. Her chin length black hair with red bangs swayed with her motions. She lifted her purple tinted Jackie-O sunglasses up to reveal her honey brown eyes.
"Are we giving these guys a lift too Bren?" She shouted over to the guys in a voice with a hidden British accent. Brendon nodded. She shook her head and muttered somthing to herself. Brendon raised his eyebrows to Pete.
"Duckie's not so bad once you get to know her." Brendon laughed. Pete sighed. He had enough of women.
"Instraments in the trunk." She shouted, bent over the car door and turned the keys in the ignition, and stood beside the trunk. The car was parked in the middle of the empty recording studio lot. Ryan, Spencer, and Brent all put their instraments in the back and hopped in the car. Ryan and Carolyn sat on the top of the back seat and Spencer and Brent shared the back seat. Brendon hopped in the passangers seat and played with the ignition and radio. Pete stood there staring at the car trying to decipher what seat he was going to sit in. Brendon noticed this.
"Chelsea!?! Where can Pete sit!" Brendon shouted to her. Chelsea shrugged.
"In the front i guess." She shouted back over the now loud volume of the radio.
"I'm in the front!" Brendon shouted.
"Why?" Chelsea asked.
"Cuz I called shotgun!" Brendon replied sticking his toungue out at everyone else. Chelsea sighed and tried to slam the trunk shut. It wouldn't close. Pete decided to make a good impression and help her. He walked over and examined the guitar, bass, drum sticks, and thousands of picks in the trunk. Chelsea didn't notice him there and tried to drop kick it shut. Pete tried to move his hand but wasn't quick enough. A sharp screm escaped his lips as he dropped to the ground. Leaning against the back of the car he held his crushed hand in his good one.
"Dammit! We have a show at the MMVA*'s!!! Christ! This is my bass hand!" He cursed to himself. Chelsea gasped and bent down to look at it.
"Oh my god! I'm so sorry! I-I-I didn't mean to...Oh my god... let me take you to the hospital! It's the least I can do!" Chelsea apologized continuley in a panicked voice. She helped him up and quickly rushed him to the front seat. Brendon stared at them while she opened the passanger's door for him.
"Brendon! Get in the back with everyone else!" She shouted. Brendon looked scared and quiclky crawled in the back. Chelsea helped Pete in the passangers seat. She ran as fast as she could in her pink stilleto's around to the front seat and put the car in gear. The entire way to the hospital, all Chelsea could say was 'I'm so sorry.'.

After his hand was all bandaged up, Pete came out into the lobby. Chelsea's stilletto heel's clicked off the linolieam floor and she paced anxiously. She was chewing on her finger nail and looking at the floor.
"And he's okay!" Ryan laughed. Pete smiled slyly.
"Yeah, I'll still be able to play bass at the MMVA's. I just have to take it easy." Pete said. Chelsea realized he was out and threw her shinny frame around him in a hug.
"Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" Se apoligized for the millionth time.
"It's okay. I'm fine. Pete Wentz by the way." He said and held out his good hand.
"I'm Chelsea Urie, but you can call me Duckie. Everyone does." She smiled and shook his hand.
"Pleased to meet you on such strange terms, Duckie." Pete said.
"The pleasure it all mine, Mr. Wentz." Chelsea laughed. Ryan, Carolyn, Brendon, Spencer, and Brent all exchanged looks of raised eyebrows and smiles.

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