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Today Is The Greatest

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Chelsea wouldn't even look at Pete the entire time they were driving home. She felt so bad. She dropped off Brent, Spencer, and Ryan and Carolyn first. Brendon sat in the back of the car humming along to the radio wich was currently playing Today by The Smashing Pumpkins.
"So Pete, you got a date for the MMVA's?" Brendon asked in a mocking voice.
"Brendon, if you want me to take you i just want you to know that I don't swing that way." Pete said and turned around and winked at Brendon. Brendon huffed and pouted. Chelsea quielty giggled. It reminded Pete so much of Charlotte. Only this time is didn't make him sad. He wanted to spend as much time as possible with Chelsea, now.
"So Char-Chelsea got any plans for tomorrow?" Pete asked. Chelsea was surprised.
"I'm s-s-sorry what?" Chelsea asked.
"Wanna be my date for the MMVA's?" Pete asked with a smile.
"I don't know if i should..." Chelsea contemplated this.
"Hey, it's the least you can do, I mean, you broke my wrist." Pete replied. Chelsea felt guilty again.
"But what would I wear?" Chelsea asked five minutes later.


"WHERE IS MY DRESS!?!?!" Chelsea shouted. She searched the entire house to find Ryan in his room with the dress on. Chelsea leaned against the door frame tapping her black nails against the wood, while Brendon, Spencer, and Brent all laughed. Brendon then noticed his sister standing there.
"Ryan. Stop man." Brendon whispered.
"I don't think I'm Ryan anymore. I'm Duckie. I prance around like a little innocent girl and sleep with everyone." Ryan laughed and flaunted the long, slim, dark black sparkly gown. Chelsea coughed and Ryan turned around. Chelsea slapped once and shed the dress and handed it back. Ryan pouted and rubbed his cheek.
"I'm not a whore by the way." Chelsea laughed after slipping on the dress and running to the bathroom to do her make up. When she was applying her fake eyelashes she was singing Tainted Love by Soft Cell. Then the door bell rang. Chelsea almost tripped on her dress and her heels when she was running down the stairs.


Pete almost tripped over his words when he saw Chelsea. Chelsea blushed as they walked to the car. She noticed everyone else in the ginormas Escalade. She got in the back next to Erin and Andy.
"Oh my god, Zero?" Chelsea asked. Erin turned to face her with a shocked expression.
"OH MY GOD DUCKIE!!!" Erin screamed and the two hugged.


The night went well. Chelsea had fun and didn't feel so guilty anymore. Pete seemed to have fun too for the first time in a while. At the end of the night, Pete dropped Chelsea off at her house. He walked up her porch and they stood there for a few minutes.
"Well thank you." Chelsea said. Little did they know, Brendon was watching them through the peep hole.
"Your welcome." Pete shrugged and looked at his shoes. He then looked up at Chelsea and stepped closer to her. When he touched his lips to hers, Brendon opened the door. Nether Chelsea nor Pete noticed. When they broke off after forever and a day, Brendon stepped out and took Chelsea around the shoulders and helped her in the house.
"Goodnight." Pete whispered in her ear before kissing her on the cheek and left. Chelsea turned around.
"Goodnight!" She called out and blew him a kiss. Pete smiled, and pretended to catch the kiss and stuff it in his pocket for later use. Chelsea giggled and entered the house.

This chappie is dedicated to Erin(Frenchie189) enjoy!

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