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Saffron simply puts on that character mask, the mask of the flirty, effervescent girl she will never be, and, as soon as the cameras roll, she grabs Brendon's hand and forcefully takes him 'outside...

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No words, no snark, no anything- words will make her nervousness rise to levels beyond her liking, and she can't bear to meet anyone's eyes without her heart rate quickening and feeling that funny pang in her stomach. She has had many, many stage kisses in the past, so why should this on camera kiss be any different? Saffron simply puts on that character mask, the mask of the flirty, effervescent girl she will never be, and, as soon as the cameras roll, she grabs Brendon's hand and forcefully takes him 'outside' of the club, pushing him against the wall and, yes, indeed, initiating a "passionate necking session."

Oh, yes, she's going to let him have all she's got. Brendon grins into a sizzling kiss, slipping his arms firmly around Saffron's tiny dancer's waist, pulling the girl closer as he switches positions, pinning her to the wall this time. And that Saffron knows exactly what she is doing, pressing that body of hers into him, knocking the fedora off his head, clawing at his shirt.

Oh, how Brendon loves being the band's front man.

Saffron ignores those peculiar sparks running through her and slowly lifts up a corner of her skirt to reveal the knife (and a pretty teal garter) to the camera. She grips it tightly, making a move to stab him in the back. As if they had rehearsed this scene ages ago, Brendon gives her a tender kiss on the forehead, and, without a bit of pretend, she drops the knife in shock. A camera quickly captures the knife as it falls and clatters on the ground.

Over Brendon's shoulder, Saffron can see Bob flailing wildly and she recovers from the initial astonishment, bursting into tears like the professional she is, trying to push him away when he wraps his arms around her, beating against his chest, a fire in her eyes. (Bob is absolutely beaming,) Oh, she is definitely milking this role for all it's worth as she begins babbling nonsensically about her mob boss and her murder job and how she loves him, she really loves him!

After a few takes, Saffron lets out a huge sigh of relief and slumps against the wall- gee, who knew that one scene could be so exhausting? "Impressive," is all Brendon says as he leans on the wall next to her, patting her on the head.

She looks up, though she knows fully that there will be that smirky smirk on his face. "I didn't take acting lessons for thirteen years to be mediocre, dear," she replies sardonically, gladly accepting a bottle of water from a crew member and nearly finishing the whole thing on one gulp.

"I had no idea you could be so feisty, though I completely understand, but you didn't have to bruise me, you know," Brendon teases, touching a finger to his sore lips, his eyes never leaving Saffron's. Oh, indeed, he is far more than intrigued by Miss Moody, and goodness, when did she get to be so hot while disheveled? Perhaps he should really take up acting as a second profession...

Saffron notes a slightly different grin on Brendon's face and interrupts his train of thought with a scolding, "I certainly hope you're not thinking dirty thoughts because that was definitely a one time thing."

Oh, I won't be so sure of that, Brendon does not say as he simply smiles cheekily before wandering off.
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