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And, there are those preposterous butterflies in his stomach, and, even if he isn't thirteen, he certainly feels like it as he looks into those dark eyes of hers.

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Note: FLUFF WARNING. XD And thank you all so much for the wonderful reviews! They give me warm fuzzies.

Wordlessly, Ryan watches Saffron try to teach Jon to swing dance so he can go on and impress his girlfriend. She's in a surprisingly good mood, he notes, though that may just be the adrenaline rush, or something. He purposely avoided watching her film that scene with Brendon and he's rather glad he chose not to. Judging from the big, satisfied grin on Brendon's face, something tells him it might have been a little painful.

But, in truth, Ryan is in denial, and Spencer wanders along to emphasize this point.

"You like her." Spencer is grinning madly, deciding to finally snap Ryan out of his trance.

"I do not," he replies hastily, shaking his head in an attempt to turn his gaze away from her.

"You like Brendon's video love interest, just admit it."

"Do not."

"Do so."

"Do not."

"Do so. You like her, like her." Spencer's grinning like mad at this point.

"How old are you?" Ryan raises his eyebrows, obviously annoyed, because, damn it, he does not like her, like her.

"And, here, we all thought you only liked blondes," Spencer continues relentlessly, elbowing Ryan in the side. "She's pretty, though, in that quirky, artsy sort of way."

"'Pretty, in that quirky, artsy sort of way'?" Ryan repeats, cracking a grin, "Where the hell did that come from?"

Spencer nods in Saffron's general direction, in what he hopes to be nonchalant. "Dude, you should ask her out."

"Why do I feel like we're in middle school again?" He rolls his eyes.

"You know, you have a tendency to ask questions when you're avoiding something." Ryan opens his mouth to protest, but Spencer continues, "And, she's cute, she's into music, she's a fucking good dancer, you need to get laid soon..."

"But, she's eighteen?"

"And, you're only twenty." Spencer heaves a sigh, shaking his head. "Seriously, name one good reason why you shouldn't take, er, what's her face- Saffron out to the party tomorrow night."

Ryan pauses, watching Saffron slowly (very slowly, in fact) explain the difference between swing dance turns to Jon. "Brendon." Oh, he can't blame her in the slightest; Brendon is far more charming. In fact, he's surprised he hasn't completely won her over at this point. But, then he remembers- Saffron doesn't seem like the type to be easily won over, and he will not admit that he finds that reassuring.

"Word on the street is that he hasn't."

"Why are you so set on me asking her out?"

Spencer looks at him incredulously. "Well, you've been visibly pining over the girl since she first got here, man, it was cute at first, but now I'm sick of it," he jokes, patting Ryan on the back before heading off.

Ryan contemplates on this, wondering if he should really take his friend's 'sage' advice. He stands up, set on just avoiding Saffron for the rest of the filming- that is, until she catches his eye and gives a genuine smile, a peculiar twinkle in her eyes. Maybe all hope is not lost.

Saffron deems herself an idiot as Ryan looks away, because, god, what kind of rockstar would express any sort of interest in a girl like her? A girl who has only heard that one, over-played song on the radio, who just made out with the lead singer, who had been nothing but bitter towards him. Stick to your (very, very few) straight theatre boys, Saffron, she says to herself.

Out of the corner of his eye, he can see her turn on her iPod, slump into a chair, brooding in a way he finds absolutely adorable. Never before had Ryan thought he could develop such a juvenile crush on a girl who could probably kick his ass fashionably, with a smirk on her face.

And, oddly enough, he realizes he rather likes that.

"Just to let you know," says a voice, once again, ending Ryan's trance, "I think you and Saffron would make, like, a totally cute couple, totally."

Ryan looks up in surprise, wondering why the hell this band started acting like gossiping thirteen-year-olds. Honestly. He opens his mouth to speak, but he's gone.

Brendon struts away, feeling quite proud of himself.


And, it's over, at least for Saffron. Now, she is far more than ready to drive home and curl up into bed with a bag of Oreos and her remote control so she can finally watch that movie musical marathon. She neatly folds her costume (she was more than excited to actually take it home, now matter how many times she denies it) and washes most of the layers of makeup off her face. Wrinkling her nose at her reflection in the dressing room, she adjusts her black wrap dress and pulls on her black leggings. There, now she's fully back to her typical and wholly gloomy self. Goodbye swinger girl.

She quickly averts her eyes as she spots Ryan on her way out, even though she knows it would be impolite to fully avoid him. Saffron lets out a sigh of relief as their shoulders brush without a single word uttered... until Ryan reaches out and lightly grabs her arm. She tries to ignore those funky sparks running up that particular arm and looks at him in bemused silence.

And, there are those preposterous butterflies in his stomach, and, even if he isn't thirteen, he certainly feels like it as he looks into those dark eyes of hers. "Will you go to this party tomorrow night? With me, I mean?" he blurts out immediately. Ryan does not understand why the hell this girl, this morose, pouty girl, makes him feel so... bizarre, but he's more than eager to find out.

Her answer is surprising, to say the least. "Yes." For literally the first time in her life, Saffron swears her heart actually fluttered and the violin music in her mind swelled, just before she jots her cell phone number down on a clean tissue shoved into the front pocket of her large tote bag. She's pink at this point, oh a wonderful shade of pink, and she hopes beyond hopes he doesn't notice.

But, of course, Ryan is very observant and tries not to smile so wide as she places the number into the front pocket of his vest. Without a word of goodbye, he watches her turn to leave the studio, only to gently grab her wrist again. "I'm really, really sorry, I-" He leans in and does either the smartest or stupidest thing he has ever done in his entire life.

He kisses her.

Ryan pulls back just in time to glimpse a look of adorable shock cross Saffron's features. He is nearly compelled to cower back in fear, in case she wants to smack him, but, instead, she gives him a small smile before dashing out of the studio as fast as her short legs can take her. A stupid grin appears on Ryan's face as he just watches.

And they said he didn't take action.


Note: And rainbows and flowers fell from the sky!
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