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Ryan can almost picture that disarming smirk crossing her features and he finds himself smiling as he leans against the door to his hotel room.

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Note: Quicky chapter, sorry it's so short! The reviews made me squiggle with glee so much that I felt the need to give you all something pronto. Twenty five reviews and over 300 reads!

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Sunday morning and Saffron wakes up with a smile on her face, the sun shining through her window, and her woodland friends serenading her with a cheery song. All right, not really, but she seems to think that sort of thing should be happening. She rolls out of bed, stretching in front of her mirror, her lace tank top inching up to reveal a bit of stomach. Saffron yawns loudly above her 'What I Did for Love" ringtone before a sudden realization comes over her and she makes a dive for her nightstand to grab her cellphone.

"Hello?" she tries to say coolly, though the stupidest of smiles cross her features as she plops onto the thick blue carpet, sitting pretzel style.

He bites his lip. "H-Hey, Saffron," he greets her, the smallest hint of nervousness in his voice, "did I wake you up?" Ryan had thought he had sort of gotten over that painful shyness, just a tad, but, no-no, there it is full blast, though the sound of her chuckling is somewhat calming.

"Well, I guess I got enough beauty sleep."

'You don't need it,' he almost says, but, god that's far more than corny so, he refrains. Ryan can almost picture that disarming smirk crossing her features and he finds himself smiling as he leans against the door to his hotel room, focusing his gaze on the view outside. "I went out and bought Sweeney Todd," he informs her proudly. "There were a few recordings, but I think you had the, uh, original cast, right?"

Saffron nods, smiling fully, even though she knows he can't see her, leaning against the side of her bed. Her eyes pass over the wall covered entirely with theatre and opera posters and playbills. "And the concert version, but I can... I can let you borrow that one." She adds quickly and timidly, "Because I'm seeing you again, right?" (She cannot get over the fact that he is, seriously, taking her out later.)

Ryan's smile broadens. "Yeah, yeah, of course you will; why wouldn't you?"

"Good." Saffron cuts the cute moment short by launching into theatre fangirl mode once more. "What did you think of it? I mean, Sweeney- if you liked that, you can take a more political route and listen to Sondheim's Assassins, revival cast, of course."

"Some of the songs are a little hard to swallow- too intense, you know? But, the combination of the lyrics and the music..."

"Admit it," she sings in a teasing tone.

He takes a breath. "They're great."

And they go on like that for a good deal, as Ryan eats his pancakes and prepares for another magazine interview and Saffron eats her peanut butter and toast and prepares for an audition. The smile never leaves her face as they discuss everything and nothing, for it has been ages since she has had an actual, intelligent phone conversation. And, this proves in her mind that there's something else there besides physical attraction, because, god, Ryan is a pretty boy.

"Well," Ryan says finally, not wanting to end this just yet, "I really have to leave now, but one day I'm definitely going to hear you sing."

"You wish," Saffron replies, actually /giggling/? She blinks as soon as that moment passes, wondering where the hell that came from. "Well, I'm going to hang up now... um, bye."

"Bye." A few seconds go by and Ryan can still hear her breathing on the other end. "You said you were going to hang up." He grins again.

She retorts, "I am!"

"Sure you are," Ryan teases, not bothering to turn around as the door between hotel rooms opens. "So, I'll, um, I'll pick you up later?"

"Yeah," she says quietly, another giggle escaping her untrustworthy mouth, "so, uh, bye."



Ryan rolls off his bed to find Spencer leering at him. "What?" he asks, looking confused as he goes to check himself in the mirror.

"You're a really big dork, I hope you realize that."
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