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See Saffron Fall Hard

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"If Bob weren't so blatantly homosexual, I would have to say he was in love with you," Ryan jokes.

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Notes: Oh, you guys- I was having a pretty rough day, but your reviews made me feel better. And look! I cranked out another chapter, just for y'all - hope you enjoy it! It makes me giggle. No, seriously, it does.


Saffron does not usually spend over fifteen minutes pimping herself in front of the mirror for a night out, but she supposes she'll have to make an exception, because, damn it, she looks cute, and is that a pimple? She leans forward and inspects her face- no, no; all is well with the world as she breathes a sigh of relief, smoothing out her face with the tips of her fingers. Her dress is black, of course, and lacy, cinched at the waist with a silk, turquoise belt to give Saffron some sort of shape to her scrawny form.

She jerks back to attention as the doorbell rings. 'No acting,' she instructs herself, 'just be you.' She pauses, hand hovering over the crystal doorknob, and adds, 'but a little bit nicer.'


And, he cannot stop staring. Saffron is striking and he is immediately drawn to her dark, dramatic eyes- he always is. Ryan confidently places one hand on her back, lightly fingering her silk belt, as he escorts her into the chic, modern, art deco mansion.

"Oh, god," she mutters under her breath, warily eyeing the eclectic group of people, just as chic and modern as the house. "This is Bob's house?" she whispers dubiously.

"Yeah," Ryan says with a grin, which fades slightly as that guarded look remains on her face. "We just have to make an appearance, but we can leave if you want," he adds hastily, tentatively reaching up and brushing a loose curl from her cheek.

"No, no, it's perfectly fine," she replies, trying a smile as they weave their way through the crowd.

A pair of eyes watches as Ryan leans in close to ask Saffron about her auditions, as she nods and replies, keeping her face close to his, both looking as if they are the only ones in the crowded room. Brendon is merely amused by this adorable display; Miss Moody and Ryan? Who would have thought? He can't feel bitter, regardless of his attraction to the girl. He had to put an effort into making her smile like that, whereas Ryan simply had to be himself.

They look good together, Brendon thinks to himself with a small smirk, not really paying attention to whatever that random blonde woman across from him is saying. And Saffron looks especially good tonight, he notes, more natural.

He is taken off guard when she looks up, meeting his eyes, just as he shuts his open mouth. Brendon grows tense- oh, god, she knows, doesn't she? No, Saffron simply makes a face, sticking her tongue out in a playful manner and he imitates the look, discreetly letting out a sigh of relief. No, Ryan needs a girl like Saffron and what kind of person would Brendon be to come between them?

But, oh, fuck, she looks incredible, especially with that smile


Hours later, they are laughing blithely as if they were old friends and Saffron countenance has made a drastic change from sullen to jovial.

"If Bob weren't so blatantly homosexual, I would have to say he was in love with you," Ryan jokes, watching Saffron and following her as she performs a little balancing act on the edge of Bob the director's beautiful, glossy white backyard fountain.

"Well, I'm clearly, somewhat lovable," Saffron states with a smirk, sarcasm dripping from every syllable. She steals a glance at Ryan, as the combination of moonlight and artificial light hit the boy to give him an unusual angelic appearance. "Oh, I'd try for a relationship with Bob, but, you know I've got this history with dating gay boys." She takes a few more steps forward.

Ryan snickers, his eyes never leaving her. "What was his favorite name for you?"

"Baby!" she imitates him, arms still extended to maintain balance, "Sasha, baby, you were gorgeous! You are the best little thespian thrasher in my history of music video filming! You beat against, his chest, Serena baby, beat it!" Every spiteful remark (she had made them with good intentions, really) she had made earlier passed right over the man's head. She starts laughing at the memory of Bob's vivid descriptions as she continues along the edge of the fountain and promptly loses her concentration, flailing as she very nearly falls into the colorfully lit water.

But, Ryan, with his long limbs, reaches out and grabs her by the waist, pulling her off her perch, trying not to notices as her arms slide around his neck. "Clumsy you," he says simply, quietly, gazing into her dark eyes, outlined with eyeliner and smoky gray eyeshadow to make them even more stunning, dramatic. A small smile finds its way onto her normally pouty lips as Saffron makes no move to remove herself from his arms.

Slowly, but surely, he tilts his head down and gently presses his lips to hers as he brings one hand up to brush some hair away from her face, fingers tangling in her mess of curls. Those peculiar sparks return to her as she looses herself in a kiss, pulling Ryan in closer. He pulls back but a millimeter for breath, nuzzling her nose with his for a second. Without waiting another moment, Saffron initiates another kiss, and he nudges her lips open with his to deepen it, gently nibbling on her bottom lip.

This is far better than any fictional kiss she's had, Saffron decides as he moves to plant kisses along her jaw line, down her neck, and across her collarbone. Her breath catches in her throat as he focuses on lightly kissing her neck, an unfamiliar sensation spreading through her entire body as she tightens her embrace. Ryan grips her waist firmly as she captures his lips again in a fervent kiss; he wants her, he wants her, right here, but something tells him it is far, far too soon. And he is content to rest his forehead against hers, gazing into those dark eyes, which now contain an unfamiliar, and yet very familiar, glint that brings a smile to his face.

She feels absurd, as if floating on a cloud, and she knows this feeling is from the boy and not from the glitz and glamour of the party. Saffron has let her guard down, almost completely. What is it about Ryan Ross, this shy guitarist? What has he down to break her imaginary walls down? She sits and he sits, slipping his arms around her to pull her in close, kissing her hair.

They are too absorbed in each other to notice a lone figure standing outside the mansion.
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