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See Ryan Dance

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"N-No, I'm not much of a dancer," he protests, taking a few steps backwards.

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Note: I love you guys. ^_^ I'm so on a fluff kick right now, so please bear with me. XD

Brendon forces himself to smile as he catches a glimpse of Ryan kissing Saffron for what seems like ages, as he slips an arm around her shoulders; and they're both lost in their little world while he stands and watches. No, he shouldn't be feeling those bizarre pangs at the pit of his stomach, and he tries to turn his mind to something else, but his thoughts stray to Miss Moody, that smirk permanently embedded in his brain. He shrugs his shoulders and his false smile is replaced by a smirk of his own as he recalls the blonde inside continuously flirting with him.

With one last sideways glance at the huddling couple, he heads back inside the mansion.

Foreheads pressed against each other as they converse softly, Saffron gently grasps his hand and suggests they go in before the party ends. "Alright," Ryan mumbles unwillingly, as if afraid to break whatever moment they had been sharing previously.

As Saffron stands on trained tiptoes to kiss him, she cannot help but see an analogy between her current situation and, well, Cinderella, minus the ugly stepsisters and stepmother and glass slippers. She is under the impression that at the end of the night, whatever spell that was cast will fade away and she will go back to being the moody theatre girl while Ryan will forget about her in the morning and date someone... blonde.

Those disappointing musings disappear for a moment when she catches a familiar showtune upon reentrance to the mansion:

I was a humdrum person
Leading a life apart,
When love flew in through my window wide
And quickened my humdrum heart

Eyes glinting once more, she turns to Ryan and states, "'What is This Thing Called Love?' by Cole Porter, written in the nineteen-twenties." Ryan looks at her bemusedly, his smile broadening as he hears her softly singing along.

What is this thing called Love?
This funny thing called Love?
Just who can solve its mystery?
Why should it make a fool of me?

Her voice is unexpectedly sweet, containing a warmth and innocent quality while also possessing a particular (acerbic?) edge. Saffron's speaking voice draws him out of his trance and he realizes that she is actually asking him to dance.

"N-No, I'm not much of a dancer," he protests, taking a few steps backwards.

"Oh, fuck that," she insists with a playful grin, gently grasping both his hands, "I'm pretty much professional and you'll be fine as long as you follow my lead- I saw you there, one wonderful day you took my heart.../"

Ryan's eyes dart to the relatively empty dance floor and then back to Saffron's unusually cheery face and he lets out a sigh to show he had conceded. He lets her pull him onto the hard wood floor and places one hand on her waist, the other still holding her other hand.

"Alright, step-touch, step-touch, step-touch," Saffron says quietly, slowly at first, then matching the jaunty rhythm of the song. "Good," she adds after a moment, "make your footwork light- yes, that's it." Saffron chuckles and drops her hand from his shoulder to place it under his chin. "Now, look at me and not your feet," she instructs, gently forcing him to look at her.

Well, that certainly helped - one look into those eyes and he feels himself relax a bit more, though continuing to awkwardly mirror her steps. "How am I doing?" he asked curiously, raising his eyebrows at the delighted smile on her face.

"You are the cutest mediocre dancer I've been with," Saffron says finally, letting out another laugh before grabbing his hand and turning swiftly under his arm, assuming the original position afterwards. For the remainder of the song, they simply sway back and forth, close together, Saffron pulling a turn every so often. Ryan feels the melody drawing down and to take her by surprise, he dips Saffron low to the floor, kissing her enthusiastically, right there in the middle of the floor.

The spectators cheer wildly, and, yes, Ryan can certainly pick out the yells and whoops of Spencer and Jon ("Sexy, baby!"). As he smiles into another kiss, he briefly wonders where Brendon is, assuming that he is off with some random chick.

Of course, Ryan is right on the money, for at that very moment, Brendon remerges from one of the bathrooms, straightening his tie, smirking triumphantly. A laughing blonde follows him about thirty seconds after.

And, all is right with the world... for now.
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