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Kind of short but contains a lot of stuff as well as one of Pete's 'master' plans. Oh and i think i hear some wedding bells. hmm?

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Kate sat on Pete's couch. She had left Patrick's early in the morning and went there, it was later on that Patrick came over and he, Pete and Molly left for the park leaving Kate and Sara alone. Sara walked out to the family room from the kitchen and took a seat next to Kate. She took a bite of a carrot stick before sighing,
"I have something to tell you and it's kind of important." Sara began and Kate looked at her with worry written all over her face.
"What's the matter?" Kate questioned and Sara laughed.
"Nothing, nothing at all. It's just," Sara paused and held up her left hand,
"I'm engaged."
Kate stared at the ring with her mouth agape.
"Oh my God, I am so happy for you. Congratulations. When did he propose?" She questioned as she gave her best friend a huge hug.
"Last night, we want to get married on Halloween." Kate and Sara both laughed,
"Go figure." She laughed and then paused, "Wait that's like in two months." Kate squealed, "How are you going to plan a wedding in two months?" She questioned and Sara just put her hands up signaling that she had no idea and laughed.
"I want you to be my maid of honor."
"Oh my God of course. Holy shit you're getting married!" Kate yelled.

"Dude you're getting married that's freaking ridiculous. Congratulations man." Patrick commented to Pete who was just pushing his daughter on the baby swing at the park.
"Yeah it's crazy, I never ever figured, not even in a million years that I would be getting married before you, or having kids before you, or anything. I am so happy though like you have no idea." Pete responded.
"I have a little bit of an idea." Patrick sighed but still managed to smile, he was genuinely happy for his best friend.
"Yeah, so how did last night with my sister go?" Pete questioned and Patrick laughed a little.
"Uhm, yeah, it went," He paused to think of an adjective to describe last night, "alright. I mean the police couldn't find Sean but that didn't really make a difference."
Pete raised an eyebrow at his friend,
"Alright lets have it."
"We had sex, good sex, really really really good sex." Patrick blabbed and then rambled on as he thought about the night before. Pete made an 'ew' face.
"Ok, stop, gross, sister. Your talking about banging my sister in front of my child, that seems so wrong." Pete laughed and then continued, "So you're back together?" He asked hopeful and Patrick just shook his head 'no.' Pete groaned,
"So you grunge fucked?"
"Why does everyone keep saying that?" Patrick groaned.
"Who else knows?"
"Andy. It's a long story but he knows." Patrick confessed and Pete sighed again,
"Alright you need to listen to me. You want her back right?"
Patrick gave Pete a "Duh dumb ass!" look and Pete continued.
"Alright then, if you want her back you have to not want her back, understand?"
"Uhm no."
"I know she wants you back she's just stubborn and scared. She knows that she has you in the palm of her hand, we all do. But if you show her that you're not going to wait for her to make up her mind then it will force her to basically make up her mind."
"I don't know Pete. I'm pretty sure she'll figure out what I'm doing." Patrick sighed.
"Nope, this is what you do. If she wants to fuck, then fuck her right, then be not boyfriend-ish, treat her like a hookup, you know the whole nine yards leave before she wakes up in the morning, blah, blah, blah. This will confuse her. Then don't go stag to the wedding, take a date, preferably someone she's never seen before and preferably someone who knows that she's only there to make someone else jealous, we don't want to screw anyone else over, you know. This will drive her insane and basically drive her back to you. You have to do this all the way though, no half ass-ing it."
"Pete, you are insane. I can't do that, I just can't." He said as he took a seat on a swing.
"Patrick I know my sister, and I know that this is going to work, and hell if it doesn't it's not like your losing anything right?"
"I guess." Patrick said with apprehension.
"Good, lets get back home, I need to start planning a wedding." Pete laughed and picked Molly up out of the swing and put her in her stroller.
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