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Kate and Patrick have to go and make things complicated.

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"Don't worry about it, he's probably just hiding from the Police they'll get him." Patrick responded while rubbing Kate's back. Kate nodded in response as she got off of Patrick's lap.
"Hey, where are you going?" He whined.
"We shouldn't do this Patrick. One of us is going to end up getting hurt and I don't want that again for either of us." Kate sighed and stood by the front door with her back facing him. Patrick got up from the couch and readjusted his hat,
"Why can't we just be together Kate?"
Kate turned to face him. She could tell that he wanted her anyway he could get her, even if it was just for tonight, and the fact of the matter was she wanted him too.
"Come here." She said coolly, which received a confused look from Patrick but he obliged, walking over slowly.
"What?" He responded with his hands in his pockets. Kate grabbed and kissed him deeply causing him to fall against the front door. He didn't dare attempt to resist her. Patrick took the dominant role and switched their position it was Kate who was now pinned to the door. He hoisted her up, pushed up her jean skirt and ripped off her panties. With one hand he undid his jeans. Patrick was inside of her within seconds. Heat, lust and sexual angst spurred them on as he thrust hard and fast against her, making Kate moan out. She buried her face in his chest, biting at his shirt to stop from screaming as her orgasm ripped though her. Kate's reaction only increased his pleasure and Patrick came with an explosive moan. They stood breathless, Patrick with his forehead resting on the door and Kate still hoisted with her head on his shoulder. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, which startled the couple who frantically separated. Kate pulled down her skirt and headed out of sight as Patrick fumbled with his jeans and did up his belt. He looked around the floor spotting his hat that had fallen off during and placed it on his head as he opened the door. Andy stood outside,
"Dude it took you long enough." He responded and walked past Patrick inside.
"Sorry, I was uhm, sleeping." Patrick said still significantly out of breath, Andy turned and faced him.
"Why are you out of breath? You look like you just ran up five flights of stairs." Patrick shrugged in response, and Andy's eyes grew wide.
"Did you just get laid?"
Patrick didn't respond he just swallowed hard, and Andy brought his voice to a whisper.
"You fucked someone with Kate in the next room, dude that's low."
"Huh?" Patrick managed to squeak out.
"Whatever dude something weird is going on here I'll figure it out eventually but right now where's Kate I wanted to check on her." Andy responded and Patrick gestured to the hallway not really sure where Kate went. Andy walked into the hallway in the direction of the bedroom, Patrick held his breath 'cause though he didn't have an "I just fucked Kate Wentz" face, Kate most certainly had an "I just fucked Patrick Stump" face. Kate was in the bathroom splashing cold water on her face when she heard Andy call for her. Oh God, Oh God, Oh God. was all she could think as she tried to get the "I just fucked Patrick Stump" look out of her face and hair. She opened the door to see Andy standing there, she gave him a shy smile. He gave her a questioning look but opened his arms to engulf her into a hug.
"How ya doin'?" He questioned while poking her in the arm.
"I'm ok, just a little tired." Kate responded with a smile as Patrick appeared in the doorway of the room. Andy cocked his head to the side and took a good look at Kate.
"There's something different looking about you, yet I feel like I've seen it before. Same with him." Andy said and pointed behind him at Patrick in the doorway. Kate just shrugged,
"That's weird." She responded with another shrug and Andy nodded in agreement.
"Well now that I've seen for myself that you are in fact alright I can sleep peacefully, I'll let Sam, Brian and Matt know how you are, and remember if at anytime you need someplace else to stay my door is always open." Andy smiled and kissed her on the forehead before turning and walking out of the bedroom past Patrick. Patrick walked Andy to the door.
"Cool, ok, thanks for stopping by." Patrick replied as he opened the door for Andy.
"Yeah man of course." Andy nodded and headed for the open door but stopped short when something on the floor caught his eye. Patrick caught his gaze and glanced to the floor. There it was, the evidence Andy needed, on the floor laid Kate's ripped panties. And there was no denying that they were in fact Kate's because they happened to have "I am Kate Wentz hear me roar" written across the front, a gag birthday present from Sara. Patrick quickly stepped on them in hope that maybe Andy couldn't read that fast and let out a nervous laugh.
"Oh My God." Andy laughed out, "No you didn't, did you?"
Patrick shushed him, "She's going to hear you." He whispered.
"Are you guys back together?" Andy now whispered and Patrick shook his head 'no.' Andy's eyes grew wide,
"You grunge fucked?"
"What?" Patrick questioned.
"You know dirty, sloppy, hardcore, rough sex that is shared between two consenting adults who are usually ex-lovers." Andy explained using his hands for emphasis.
"Ugh just leave and keep it quiet alright?" Patrick groaned and Andy laughed as he walked out the door. Patrick shut the door and sighed as he picked the panties off the floor. He walked into the bedroom where Kate was tying the drawstring on a pair of his PJ pants.
"Andy knows doesn't he?" She questioned not looking at him.
"I don't know." He lied.
"We're alright, right?" Kate questioned and glanced over her shoulder at him. Patrick gave her a slight smile and nodded his head 'yes' as he placed his hands in his pockets and strolled out of the room. Once Patrick was out of the room Kate frowned, she wanted to be with him so badly but she didn't understand why she just wouldn't let herself.
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