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the truth is found out

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Garron tells the twins who they are and Carine realizes Timeus was the one who saved her when she was little. i'm not that good at story writing so please review with hints (no your story sucks o...

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~the next morning~

Tammy woke up first to see her brother Garron sleeping with his head against a log. "Is he up yet," Tammy heard an unfamiliar voice turning to see the boy standing up against the tent. "No he hasn't slept with out having a nightmare for years. Who are you?" Tammy asked "my name is Timeus" "what's your last name mines SesLcanaka." "I don't know I was token away form my family when I was 3 and I don't remember anything about them." "That's sad." Tammy said starting to comb her golden coloured hair. "Who are you?" Timeus said repeating Tammy's earlier question. "My name is Tammy SesLcanaka." Timeus shivered at her answer "Did you sleep well?" Tammy continued "yah." He said sitting down. He then pulled out his sword and started cleaning it. Tammy looked over "hay your sword looks just like mine, but with a blue hilt mines pink. Garron said my sword style was only two of a kind that was given to my daddy. " Tammy said staring at his sword "that's nice." Timeus said trying to ignore her "I'm 10, my birthday was last Wednesday" she said happily, Timeus looked over at her weirdly. "What" she said "where exactly the same age, I to am 10 born on September 30th." "We can be twins wouldn't that be cool" "sure, why not" "are you being sar-sar-ca-ca" Tammy said struggling with a word "sarcastic" "yah that so are you being sar-cat's-tick?" Tammy said "no."

Garron started to wake up "morning sleepy head" Tammy said to her brother. "It's about time so; NOW HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME!" "Calm down little brother" Garron said accidentally "did you call me little brother" "opps I didn't mean to call you that yet." "Yet?" Tammy said "do you know about promised twins?" Garron asked "yes_" "yep Carine told me" Tammy said "good then that saves me time, now how should I say this. Well you two are the promised twins" Garron said calmly "WHAT!?!" Tammy and Timeus shocked "you're the promised twins and I'm your older brother, do you understand me?" "Not really" Tammy said. "You two are twins got it" "yah" Tammy said "and you're the promised twins" Garron said "so have to go to each city purifying them" Timeus said. "Garron give me some time to think about this," Tammy walked to her tent. "So you're my older brother" Timeus said calmly. "Yah_____ Carine I see you hiding in the bushes you can come out now." The girl came out of the bushes and smiled. She then ran up too Timeus and hug him "thank you" she said hugging him. "What for?" he said confused. Carine let go of him and looked at him sadly "you don't remember?" "Uhmm no," "I'M THE FOUR YEAR OLD GIRL YOU SAVED IN ALUKU THREE YEARS AGO!" Carine ran off into the forest crying.
sorry that its a short chapter please someone review
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