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We Shake The Hips In Relationships

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Things get shaken up a little

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So here's a long awaited update! I finally had sometime to write so i hope you guys enjoy it! Im going to try and keep the updates regular but it might take me a couple days with New Year and everything. But I'll try! Much Love to all my reviewers who were very understanding!! Thank You all!!

Chapter 3

We Shake The Hips In Relationships

Kadence's POV:

I woke up snuggled into Pete's breathing on my face. His face was centimeters away from mine. He looks so cute when he's sleeping. Wait I can't think that, we're just friends. Friends...right, just friends. That's all we'll ever be. Gosh he's gorgeous, ok I need to stop thinking like this now. I'll just get out of bed and make everyone breakfast. Wow it's already 11? Hmm I don't want to wake Pete though. 'I'll just stealthily make my way out of his arms and aha I did it. Still sound asleep.'

Oh look Patrick's awake. "Good morning Trick."

"Morning Kade, have a nice sleep?" Hey at least now I don't have to make breakfast, he's making pancakes.

"It was good, Pete's a comfy pillow. Thanks for making breakfast."

"I'm glad I'm comfy because you kept me warm all night. And when your trying not to wake someone up it helps not to think out loud while your 'stealthily trying to make your way out of my arms'." He laughed. Oops, my bad.

"Haha, sorry about that. I didn't realize I was talking out loud. Anyways what's on the agenda for today?"

"Well we have a show tonight so we have to get ready for that today. Are you coming to cheer us on?" Andy asked walking into the kitchen.

"Of course! I would never miss one of my boys shows! Word around town is that there's supposed to be a record scout there tonight. Maybe my boys will finally be signed!" They totally deserve it!

"Well we're not going to get our hopes up too high. We're just happy playing the music we love!" Joe said walking in as well.

"Oh please your going to become huge rockstars and you know it! You better not forget about the little people coughmecough"

"We'd never forget about you Kade. You're way too important to us! Ok breakfast's done, lets eat." Patrick said sitting the pancakes down on the table.

By the time everyone got done it was already 12:30. The guys had to head to their respectable homes to get ready for the show tonight. I'd be heading down there about 2 hours before the show to help them set-up and everything. I always help them before their shows. They don't get nervous anymore because there used to the crowds now. They're getting really big now. My little boys are growing up.

At the show...

"Wow guys there's so many people here! And the show doesn't start for another hour! This is crazy!!" I said hugging them all once I got there. I was a little late because my sister called...

"Kade, what's wrong, you look sad." Pete said.

"Mindi called, her and Chris got into another fight. Her and Zachary are staying at my place for a little." I said frowning. Mindi and Chris had been together for a while but I never really like him because he does drugs. Mindi was always head over heals for him though.

"It seems like lately all they do is fight. Why doesn't she just leave him already. She deserves way better!" Andy said coming into the conversation. He has a crush on her. He'll be spending a lot of time at my apartment. Haha.

"I know, I've tried convincing her. Maybe you should tell her how you feel Andy. You never know, she might actually feel the same way..." He looked at the floor blushing. That boy is too modest.

"I think you should. It could save Mindi a lot of heartbreak y'know." Patrick said.

"Ok enough making Andy feel uncomfortable. You guys need to get ready to perform. You only have 30 minutes." So we started setting up all the equipment. I gave all the guys good luck hugs before they went on, it was our ritual.

"You guys were amazing, as usual!" I said receiving sweaty hugs as the guys exited the stage. The crowd was going absolutely nuts. If there really was a scout out there tonight, he defiantly had to be impressed!

"Thank you so much Kade, that means the world to us!" Pete said giving me another hug. Wow he's being really touchy, feely tonight, but I don't object.

"You guys were amazing. Hello, my names Spencer Chambers from Fueled By Ramen and I would love to sign you guys! What's the name of your band anyway, I didn't catch it?" Haha, the guys don't have a name yet. Why did Pete just run back out on stage?

"Hey guys, what should we name our band?" Pete yelled into the microphone. Some yelled were Cheerio, tight pants band, fall out boy, and the x-men.

"What do you think we should go with Kadence?" Pete asked me.

"Umm I like Fall Out Boy! Its catchy." I really like that. My Fall Out Boyz.

"Fall Out Boy, I like it. Congratulations Fall Out Boy, your getting signed to Fueled By Ramen." Spencer said.

"Fuck yes!! Kade we made it! Just like you said, we're getting signed!!!" Pete said picking me up and twirling me around. He set me down and looked me right in the eyes. I leaned forward and our lips brushed against each others. Wow, I just kissed Pete. Oh no, is this something that he wants or is it just the spur of the moment. We both backed away looking at the floor, blushing.

"So what are we going to do to celebrate?" Patrick asked breaking the awkward silence.

"I say party at Kade's!" Joe exclaimed.

"Can't dumbass, remember Mindi and Zachary are there." I refreshed Joe's memory.

"Oh right, well what about your place Pete? Are your parents back in town yet?"

"Nope, but if we do, your helping me clean up the mess in the morning!" Pete said sternly.

"Yeah, yeah I get it, now lets get our party on!" The guys exchanged numbers with Spencer who said he would be calling the boys in the following days. I just can't believe that they're actually getting signed!

So right about now, I'm pretty dang tipsy because the party is well on its way. Joe ran out onstage and invited everyone at the show to the party. So it's pretty crowded here. Pete decided to stay sober so that nothing in his parents house would get too badly damaged, but everyone else was piss ass drunk!

"SSSoooo Petteyyy, arrrre youuu happpyyy thaaattt youuu guuyss finnnallllyyy gooot ssiiggnneedd??" I slurred through my drunkenness.

"Ok Kade, I think you've had enough to drink for the night," He said taking my drink away from me. In my drunken state I responded by attaching my lips to his. And he didn't object he kissed my right back I may have been drunk but I knew for sure that I wanted Pete. I'd only had sex with one guys before and it was Patrick, my first. But I wanted Pete Wentz badddd.

We stumbled up the stairs and clumsily made our way to Pete's bedroom. He shut the door, locked it, and pushed me up against the door. We started shedding our clothes and moving towards his bed.

I woke up the next morning with a killer headache, laying naked in Pete's bed with his arms around me, sound asleep. What. Did. I. Do.
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