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Conversation Got Me Here.

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What happens once Pete wakes up?

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Chapter 4

Conversation Got Me Here.

Kadence's POV:

How did I get in Pete's bed? Ouch, my head hurts so bad. I can't remember anything from last night. I remember the party and I had too much to drink...then I started making out with Pete. Oh god, what did I do? I really need to stop drinking. I need to get dressed and get home before anyone sees me.

"Kade, is that you?" Oh god Pete's up! At least I'm dressed now...

"Pete, what did we do last night?" I said tears sliding down my face.

"Oh god Kade, I'm so sorry! You were just all over me last night. And I just couldn't help it, I've like you for so long! This isn't how I wanted it to happen. I'm so sorry Kadence!" Pete said spilling his guts. I ran to the bathroom and threw up all the contents in my stomach, mostly alcohol. Pete came in and held my hair out of my face. Wow that's a lot to take in. I can't handle this.

Pete's POV:

I can't believe I just told Kade all of that! I think I overwhelmed her.

"Kade are you okay?" I asked holding her hair out of her face as she got sick again. She looked at me and passed out on the floor. Oh god what did I do?

"Patrick, Andy, Joe!! Help!" I hope there awake. I carried her to the bed as Patrick and Andy entered my room.

"What's wrong Pete?" Patrick asked. "Is Kade okay?"

"I don't know she just passed out! What do I do? She was drunk last night and I took advantage of her...god I'm so stupid!!"

"Dude slow down, tell me what happened last night. Andy go get me a wet rag, cup of water, and some aspirin." Patrick said calmly.

"I told her how I felt about her and I guess it was too overwhelming and she started getting sick from her hangover and then she just passed out."

"Okay, she'll be fine. She just doesn't do so good after she drinks too much. She never was a great drinker. Calm down, its gonna be okay." Is he crazy.

"Yeah but I mean I have a right to, I told her all of that and this happens. Its like its all my fault this happened to her..." Man I need to shut my brain off.

"Dude calm down, this always happens after she drinks, don't worry. We'll find out after she wakes up if she even remembers what you told her this morning. Now lets go clean up the house before your parents get home..." Patrick said looking kind of scared. It cant be that bad, can it?

So the house is totally trashed. This is going to take forever to clean up!! God why did Joe have to persuade me into having this party.

Kadence still hasn't woken up, It's been two hours. Patrick keeps telling me to stop worrying but I just can't I want to know how she feels about me.

"Pete, phone!" Andy yelled. Note to self: stop zoning out.


"Pete? It's Spencer from Fueled By Ramen."

"Oh hey what's up?"

"Just calling to discuss when you guys are going to start recording."

"As soon as possible! We're ready to get this thing done with!"

"Well how does next week sound? Can you guys do that?"

"Yes! Of course we can!"

"Ok, then I'll call you in a few days and tell you all the plans. See you next Friday."

"Guys!!! We're recording our record in a week!! Our dreams are coming true guys, we're actually going to be famous!" I screamed throughout the house.

"Keep it down! I have a killer hangover!" Kadence said coming downstairs.

"Good afternoon Kade, have fun last night?" Joe asked smirking.

"Fuck you Joe..." Kade mumbled flicking him off. I wonder if she remembers. Hmm maybe so, she has a look of horror on her face. Was I really that bad?

"Pete...can I talk to you, please." She asked sounding worried.

"Yeah, come on lets go to my room." I said leading the way. We sat on my bed for a few minutes in complete silence.

"Do you remember what happened last night?" I asked breaking the silence. She just nodded her head blushing. "I'm sorry about that, I didn't mean to take advantage of you. I've just had feelings for you, for a long time."

"Why didn't you tell me Pete?" She asked looking up at me.

"I didn't want to ruin our friendship. I thought that if you didn't feel the same way that I wouldn't be able to stand to be in the same room as you because it would hurt too bad, I'm sorry." I said looking down.

"It's fine Pete. It's not like I wouldn't give you a shot. Lets just take it slow, I don't want anymore heartbreak anytime soon." She said smiling warmly.

"I'll never break your heart, I promise." I said kissing her on the lips. "Now lets go clean up my house before my parents get home." I took her hand and we walked downstairs.

Kade's POV:

It took us a while, but we finally got the house clean. We were all wore out so we just sat around and ordered pizza. I must have been zoning out because the next thing I realized Pete was snapping his fingers in front of my face.

"Huh, what happened?" I asked confused.

"I said were going into the recording studio next week Kade. You were right Kade, its finally happening!" He said getting excited.

"You guys are leaving me next week? What am I going to do without my boys?" I said realizing there not going to be home for a while.

"We'll always be there for you Kade! Phone calls, emails, and letters, and you can come up to visit us all the time! We'll never forget you!" Patrick said giving me a hug. I really hope we stay in touch. I don't know what I'd without my boys.

"Well we're not going to mope around for the next week, we're going to make the best of it! Have as much fun as we can!" I said cheering up some.

That day was mostly over and we were wore out anyway so we just had a movie marathon of all our favorite movies.

"Well guys I have to get home to Mindi and Zachary, so I will see you tomorrow. Bye guys, love you." I said standing up and stretching.

"Wait Kade, I'll drive you home." Pete said standing up.

The ride to my apartment was silent. I was thinking about how Pete and I were going to make this work out. He's going to be gone for so long, and then they're going to go on tour...

"Pete how is this going to work, how are we going to work if you're going to be gone?" I asked quietly.

"Don't worry Kade, we'll get through this. I'll make sure we do!" He said giving me a reassuring smile. I just smile back still a little scared.

Once we reached my place, Pete walked me up to my door.

"Well have a good night. Tell Mindi and Zachary I said hey." Pete said playing with his fingers. He looked up at me and we exchanged smiles. He started leaning down and placed a small sweet kiss on my lips. Wow this boy know how to make my heart flutter.

"Goodnight Pete." I said going inside my apartment. I walked in and Mindi just stared at me.

"Ok, spill it. Are you and Pete finally together?" The rest of the night was spent catching up and gossiping...
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