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Kikki returns home and enjoys herself after her mission, much to the displeasure of the humans in the castle.

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-Jeffery watched as a white swirling light appeared before him. The oval portal flickered in the dark chamber and cast shadows which small demons and other vermin scurried into. A dark silhouette appeared in the center of the light. It stepped out of the portal and into the chamber, turning into the image of a red haired girl wearing knightly armor.

-"Hello Kikki," Jeffery said with a pleased smile, "how did it go?"

-"It was fun," Kikki said, giving him an exaggerated bow, "but I missed you, Master." She jumped forward and wrapped her arms around Jeffery's neck, and he gently returned the embrace.

-"I've missed you too, Kikki," Jeffery said, "Now...what's Jason been up to?"

-Kikki let got of Jeffery's neck and stood at attention, giving a mock salute. She quickly told Jeffery everything that Jason had been up to: his developing powers, his army, and his victory over the demons of Europe. Jeffery listened intently to every word without interrupting her.

-When Kikki had finally finished, Jeffrey slowly nodded. "Soldiers with guns," Jeffery said to himself, "doesn't seem very sporting. No matter; it should make it more challenging. You've done a very good job, Kikki." He tossed Kikki a bundle of clothes, "here, that armor doesn't suit you."

-Kikki gave him a pleased smile and undressed where she stood. She had no sense of modesty or embarrassment, just like her sisters. They were all creatures of lust and desire, exactly as Jeffery had created them. Kikki discarded the armor and donned her own clothes: tight red shorts that were cut off above the knee, and a skimpy leather vest of the same color that buttoned in the front. Her devil-like tail slipped through the hole in her shorts and swayed freely behind her. Kikki stretched out her arms, happy to be free of the cumbersome armor.

-"Much better," Jeffery said, looking her up and down. "Now go and relax for a bit; I have things to think about." Jeffery turned and went to his throne. He sat on the seat with his head held low and his eyes closed.

-Kikki giggled happily and went off to play. She had been holding herself back for too long in order to keep her cover with Jason. She had enjoyed his company a few times, but he had been far too modest to slake her lust. In fact the only one who could ever truly satisfy her was her master, but she still enjoyed playing with her human toys.

-She walked down the dark corridors of the castle. Nothing had changed even though she had been gone for nearly a year. The large wet stones that made the walls and floors reflected the light of the candles that dimly lit the passageways. Not that Kikki needed to see; she could navigate the castle blindfolded if she wanted to.

-She felt the urge to visit with her sisters, so she headed for Hellen's room as it was the closest. She found the large wooden door slightly ajar, so she peeked inside to see what her big sister was up to. Kikki could see the inside of Hellen's room. Different kinds of edged weapons decorated the walls, along with the heads of humans, and demons. The bed was low to the ground and the posts were made from the ribs of a large creature, probably a demon, and covered with red blankets. Several candles cast the room in an eerie glow and threw amorphous shadows on the walls.

-Kikki heard the sounds of chains rattling and Hellen grunting coming from a corner. She moved to get a better look and spotted her muscular sister standing naked with her back to Kikki. Kikki could see a human male, bound with chains and covered with cuts, on his knees in front of Hellen. His hands were tied behind his back and his body had several deep gashes in it. Kikki recognized him as the human that had nearly killed Hellen several years ago with a bazooka. As a reward for his efforts, he had been made immortal, trapped in a constant state of dying, and given to Hellen as a personal slave.

-Hellen had a firm grasp on the man's hair and had her phallus in his mouth. Hellen moved the man's head back and forth, thrusting herself down his throat. The man could only gag with displeasure, but Hellen was smiling wickedly as she continued to humiliate him. She moved faster and faster until she clenched her teeth and tightened her grip on the man's hair. She discharged into the man's mouth, and some of the fluid leaked out of a bloody hole in his cheek.

-Hellen pulled the man's head back and let him fall to the ground. He coughed and gagged as Hellen laughed unkindly. She grabbed hold of his wrist and ripped his arm off at the shoulder. The man screamed in agony, but Hellen paid no mind. She bit into the severed limb and tore off a lump of flesh to eat. The man quickly regenerated a new arm, but it was clear that the pain didn't leave him.

-Kikki had always been jealous of Hellen's hermaphroditic penis; her sister seemed to enjoy penetrating men and women, but it was something Kikki couldn't do. Although she had her own tricks, Hellen was the only one of Jeffery's generals that had had a male appendage.

-Seeing that Hellen was busy, Kikki decided to go to her own room to enjoy herself. Watching Hellen had made her feel antsy. She continued down the hall until she reached her door. She opened it and found her room exactly as she had left it. She had no furniture or decorations to speak of, only cages with humans in them lining her walls. Jade had promised to feed them for her while she was away, and they all still looked alive and relatively healthy. They huddled in the corners of the waist high enclosures, clothed in white rages and covered in dirt.

-Kikki looked them over with hungry eyes. She hadn't enjoyed the pleasure of violating a woman for awhile, but she wasn't really in the mood for one. She picked out one of the men and dragged him from his cage despite his protests. She took some hooks attached to chains that hung from her ceiling and pierced them through the man's limbs. She hung him from them, facing upwards, and got on top of him. With all the pain he was in, the man seemed to be in no condition to please Kikki. She licked her lips and kissed him, using her power to make the man erect against his will.

-Kikki put the man inside of her and began to move on top of him; her motions caused the hooks in the man's skin to tear his flesh even more, and he screamed out in pain. Kikki laughed with enjoyment at the sensation and her play mate's reaction. She began to bounce up and down on the man harder and harder. Blood poured from his wounds, collecting on his back and dripping into a large puddle beneath them.

-Kikki's tail twitched around as pleasure pulsed through her body. She thought about Hellen and her ability to penetrate and feel the inside of a human. Then Kikki had an idea; the triangular tip of her tail found its way to the man's anus and forced its way in. The man screamed with a mixture of pain and shame as he was violated in the worst way for any man. Kikki's tail twisted around and forced its way deeper into the man's bowels. She began to laugh gleefully as she climaxed and the man groaned.

-Satiated, Kikki lay down on the man's chest and sighed. Her right leg hung down lazily while the other remained suspended, her ankle hooked around the man's leg. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, but her tail continued to squirm ever deeper into the man's body on its own. A content smile formed on her lips as she lost consciousness; it was good to be home.
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