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Aftermath of Betrayal

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Jason launches his fleet to attack Jeffery ahead of schedule, hoping to catch him off guard, but first he has to get through Siren's navy.

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-Ross scanned the horizon with his binoculars. He could see the sea-demons amassing in the distance. There were hundreds of island sized whale beasts floating on the water, and Ross knew that there would be just as many beneath the surface. One of his lookouts had spotted a demon scout mere hours earlier, and already the enemy navy had mobilized against them.

-Ross put down his binoculars and looked over his shoulder with concern; Jason was still out of commission due to some kind of ailment that Ross didn't understand. After Sarah's betrayal, Jason had somehow used his powers to transform all of the remaining demons into allies. He had also created an entire navy out of thin air and a dock where they could launch their attack.

-But shortly after leaving, Jason had yelled out in pain and grabbed a hold of his head. For several minutes, Ross and the other soldiers had watched helplessly as an unseen enemy attacked their commander. The pain had subsided after several minutes, but Jason was still in no condition to fight. Ross and the other soldiers would have to handle this one on their own.

-"Sir, sonar has numerous contacts heading our way," reported one of the soldiers. Ross gave him a dismissive hand gesture, and the man went back to his station. Ross looked back at the open ocean. All the beasts he could see hadn't moved, so the first wave had to be coming at them from underwater. Ross turned and walked back into the bridge where his people were busy with their instruments.

-"Extend the electrode spikes," Ross ordered. One of his men acknowledged the command and pressed some controls. Underwater, metal spikes protruded from the hulls of all the ships like the quills of a porcupine.

-"Spikes fully extended sir." the man said, looking at his monitors. Ross walked over to the sonar operator and looked at the screen. He could see the mass of enemies heading towards them. All of the signals were so closely packed that they merged together into one large blip.

-Ross looked over his shoulder and said, "Charge the generators." One of the operators nodded and pressed some buttons. A moment later the buzzing sound of an electric generator could be heard powering up. The battle alarm sounded, and soldiers armed themselves as they poured onto the decks of the ship, ready to repel enemy attacks.

-"Sir, the enemy force is now within shock range," said the sonar officer. Ross patted the man on the shoulder but did not give the order to fire. He knew that after he fired the weapon, the demons wouldn't make the same mistake twice, so he wanted to get as many of them within range as he could.

-The human fleet was spread out to provide the largest possible coverage of their secret weapon. Ross watched the screen as the large mass of water demons continued to advance. Ross' fingers twitched nervously as he calculated the distance. The large blip appeared closer with every sweep of the sonar until it was just in front of the humans' defensive line, and Ross shouted, "Now!"

-Under the ships, lightning danced between the large spikes. The aquatic electrical storm spread out and enveloped the demons. Thousands of mutated fish, sharks and sea beasts were racked by the electric bolts. The lightning lanced their bodies, and the creatures jerked and convulsed in death. Many of them twisted so hard that they broke their own backs.

-The ships themselves were unaffected by the electricity thanks to the nonconductive coating on the hulls. The spikes were designed to draw the energy from neighboring ships and pass it along, creating a large web of deadly underwater lightning.

-On the surface, a spectacular light show was visible, and many of the demons burst from the water in a futile attempt to save themselves. The soldiers on the ships fired at the beasts, more for fun than effect. The men chuckled and hollered as the countless corpses floated to the surface.

-"Report!" Ross barked.

-"Seventy percent of the advancing horde destroyed," a man answered, "Remaining demons are holding position outside of the kill zone."

-Ross smirked; he had been right about the demons not making the same mistake twice. They wouldn't approach
from underwater as long as the electricity kept them at bay. Ross also knew that it wasn't over. The demons wouldn't just give up that easily.

-Sure enough, hundreds of foot long fish burst from the water outside of the kill zone. The creatures extended their pectoral fins out to the side and glided toward the human fleet. The troops on the deck opened fire on the demons as they came closer, but the creatures paid no attention.

-Ross looked through his binoculars again and saw that the flying fish demons were carrying some kind of spherical objects under them. Ross quickly ordered his men to kill all of the creatures. They redoubled their efforts, and one by one the monsters fell from the sky. The explosive bullets ripped their bodies apart, but the round objects fell into the water unnoticed.

-The soldiers paid no attention to the dark orbs, thinking them harmless. Once underwater, the orbs grew fins and began to slowly swim towards ships. They were far too small to be picked up on sonar, and the rotting corpses on the surface masked their presence from the watchful eyes of any human lookouts.

-The round fish maneuvered themselves amongst the electrode spikes. Small spines protruded from their bodies, and then they exploded. The boney missiles flew out in every direction, but the majority of them hit their mark. Though the hulls of the ships were too thick to be significantly damaged by the small projectiles, the boney spikes ripped the extended electrodes apart.

-Ross felt the ship shake from the impact, and then he heard the alarm go off. One of his men informed him that the electric weapon had been disabled while another warned that the demons were advancing again. Ross looked at the sonar screen and saw the large mass moving towards them once again.

-"Let's give them some incentive to come up where we can see them," Ross said. His men went to work pressing controls and relaying orders. Three round doors opened on either side of the ships' hulls as they all prepared to fire. Every ship launched six torpedoes simultaneously, and Ross watched the row of explosives move through the water towards the advancing demons.

-A line of water shot up from the blasts of the torpedoes as they hit their mark. Blood and demon parts flew up into the air and rained back down. A large black whale broke the surface, a gapping wound on its front left side. Blood gushed from the hole as the beast surged forward. The soldiers on the ships opened fire on the beast, hoping to dissuade it from its course.

-The creature continued toward the nearest human craft and lifted its wounded head out of the water. It planted itself on the deck of the ship and opened its gapping maw. Dozens of humanoid demons came rushing out only to be met by the focused gunfire of the humans on board. The men tore down the demons with a constant stream of explosive rounds and pushed the creatures back into their transport's gullet. One of the men threw a grenade into the whale's mouth, and an explosion followed, throwing mutilated demons onto the deck of the ship.

-The soldiers fired off several more rounds into the creature for good measure. Soldiers on neighboring ships fired at more floating whale carcasses as they bobbed on the surface of the water. Several more wounded beasts rushed for nearby ships, but the soldiers fired rocket launchers to tear the desperate monsters apart.

-Ross allowed himself a grin of satisfaction; the battle was going far better than he had hoped. The smile left his face when hundreds of the flying fish burst from the water. Ross realized that they had masked their presence from the sonar in the shadow of the whales. The torpedoes hadn't harmed them, and now they were attacking his unprepared men.

-The wing-finned creatures glided through the air and dove at the started soldiers. The razor sharp edges of their wings easily cut through the humans' armor and flesh. The men had difficulty shooting down the small, fast moving creatures. Without their cumbersome loads, the fish were much more agile than before.

-Several men ran onto the deck with cylinders strapped to their backs. They aimed their weapons up at the creatures and shot plumes of fire into the air. Dozens of the blade-fish were engulfed in flames and dropped out of the sky. When the last of the creatures had disappeared beneath the waves, Ross assessed the damage.

-There were several dead and wounded men on each ship. Medical crews rushed to their aid, but despite the losses the first round of the battle had gone to the humans. Ross was coordinating repair crews when a disturbance in the distance caught his attention. He watched as hundreds of gigantic whale beasts erupted from the water all around the human navy.

-Each of the animals was twice the size of the humans' largest battleship, and they all carried numerous demons inside their gullets. Ross picked up his binoculars and looked at the largest of the creatures. On its back was a woman dressed in a fish-scale skirt with a seashell top. She stood proudly holding a large trident as she looked right back at Ross.

-"Did I miss anything?"

-Ross turned his head in surprise to see Jason standing beside him. He seemed to have recovered from his ailment, and he was looking eager for a fight. He popped his neck from side to side and took in a deep breath as he surveyed the aftermath of the battle. The ocean was a stew of demon corpses, and the deck of his ship was smeared with the blood of humans and demons. The railing was smashed where the whale had planted itself and several dead demons lied in pools of their own blood near the spot.

-Jason's eyes zoomed in on the woman who led Jeffery's navy. For a moment his thoughts returned to Sarah, or rather, Kikki. He had been aching to make someone pay. This demon woman would be as good a victim as any.
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