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Siren fights against Jason's army to prevent them from setting foot in the Dark Territory, but who will prevail?

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Siren looked out at her slaughtered comrades. She felt no pity for them; they were weapons, nothing more. She did, however, feel great anger at Jason's continued defiance. Jason had killed Oakram and severely wounded Marrow and Hellen. Siren would make sure that his disruption would end once and for all. She squinted, and her eyes focused on a figure standing on the largest of the human vessels; it was Jason.

-"Orders?" Ross asked.

-Jason looked at his second in command and said, "I think we've been on the defensive long enough. Full attack."

-Jason's men responded without question. The entire human fleet headed for the demons at top speed. As soon as they were in range, the heavy guns of the battle ships roared to life. They fired one shell after another at the awaiting demons, hoping to soften them up. Several of the whales exploded as a result of direct hits. Pieces of their flesh flew into the air as they twisted in agony. Blood gushed from the massive wounds, and the beasts rolled onto their sides, floating dead in the water like goldfish.

-Siren looked around at her murdered pets as spouts of red water showered her. She glared at the approaching humans with disgust; even with a leader who had powers comparable to the master's, they still insisted on fighting at long range. She would enjoy ripping the bastard's head off with her bare hands so she could present it to her master on a plate.

-Jason closed his eyes and tried to transform the demons into allies as he had done back on the human continent, but something was blocking his power. It was as if something were putting pressure on his mend, preventing him from focusing. It seemed he would have to beat the demons the old fashioned way. He knew the best way to defeat them in battle was to take out their leader. Unfortunately, he would have to fight his way through half of her navy to get to her.

-Jason's head snapped to the left as one of his ships was lifted right out of the water. Jason could see the head of a gigantic shark with its teeth clamped down on the hull of the ship. The metal spikes on the boat's hull were broken from the puffer fish bombs, but they still pierced the monster's flesh. Despite the injury, the shark clamped down on the boat until the hull buckled and was crushed under the demon's jaw pressure.

-Dozens of soldiers fell from the ship as it split in half. As the soldiers fell, they fired their weapons at the creature in defiance before tentacles shot from the water and yanked them to their watery graves. The ship slipped beneath the waves, leaving a bloody slick in its place.

-Jason looked at the devastation with a calm demeanor. "I think it's time to show off my own creations," Jason said with a smile. He waved his hand, and his people went to work pressing commands. A large compartment in the bottom of every human warship opened up. Dozens of demons departed from their transports; demons of Jason's design.

-The creatures were less nightmarish than Jefferies beasts, but no less fearsome. There were mermen armed with spear-guns and harpoons, small whales with horns on their heads and spikes covering their bodies, and other altered aquatic creatures. The beasts left the confines of their human transports and headed for their foes.

-As the demons engaged in an underwater battle, the human's continued on to Siren's group. Jason's ship pulled out in front of the other vessels and headed straight for Siren's beast. Several of the creatures that surrounded the demon general surged forward to engage the threat. The human ships fired their massive guns and tore several of the beasts to pieces.

-Jason's ship headed straight for Siren's, and he readied his blade; he was eager to get his hands bloody. His ship fired into the large whale that Siren was riding on. Several holes were torn into its side, and blood poured out into the blue water, staining it red. The animal bellowed in protest, but it remained steady for its rider.

-As Jason's ships passed by the creature and fired abroad side, he leapt from the deck, straight for Siren. He cried out in anger as he flew up at her, sword ready, but she looked down at him with condescending eyes. Jason watched her open her mouth shortly before she let out a deafening high pitched scream. The sonic blast halted Jason's momentum and caused him to plummet into the water below.

-Jason found himself underwater, disoriented and alone. He looked around until his eyes fixed on a monstrous form beneath him. It was an amorphous blob with a massive beak and long tentacles that extended out from its central body out in all directions.

-The thing seemed to focus on Jason, and several of its arms shot out at him. Jason managed to doge the first, but it was difficult for him to maneuver under the water, and the second tentacle wrapped around his waist. It began to drag Jason down to the creature's large open beak.

-Jason gripped his sword and severed the squid's tentacle. Before he could swim away, the rest of the beast's arms converged on his position and engulfed him. The tentacles wrapped together so tightly that it blocked out what little light had penetrated the watery depths, but Jason would not be kept from the sun for long.

-The squid's body and arms were torn apart as Jason's anger erupted. Blood and oil billowed out of the torn flesh as it sank into the depths. Jason remained underwater, discovering that he could hold his breath much longer than he had expected. He looked up at the belly of one of the whale creatures. He tightened his grip on his blade and shot up at the beast.

-On the surface, the whale floating next to Siren's beast bellowed in pain as a massive gash cut the beast in half at its mid-section. Blood sprayed into the air like a fountain and rained down on Siren, showering her in the crimson liquid. She scowled at the form that leapt from the water and landed on the bobbing remains of the beast.

-Jason grinned up at Siren with murderous intent. Jason kicked off of the dead whale and went for Siren again. She tried to hit him with another sonic blast, but he managed to slash through the shockwave with his blade, much to Siren's surprise.

-Jason brought is sword down to meet Siren, but she blocked it with her trident. The two of them engaged in a power struggle, each one trying to push the other back. They were both surprised to find that their strength was equal. Siren snarled at Jason, and he gritted his teeth in defiance. Neither of them were willing to back down.

-Jason managed to twist out of the way, forcing Siren to fall forward. He spun around and made a swipe at Siren's head, but she rolled out of the way and got back to her feet. She stabbed at Jason with the end of her trident, but he easily dodged the attack. They both launched several more attacks at each other, none of them hitting the target. Then Jason made a downward swing with his blade while holding the sword with his right hand. Siren brought her trident up with both hands to block the attack, but the moment the two weapons connected, Jason landed a solid punch into Siren's stomach with his free hand.

-Siren doubled over in pain, and Jason brought his knee up into her face, knocking her on her back. Jason swung down at Siren, but she managed to role over to avoid the attack. Jason made several move chops at Siren as she rolled over again and again. She reached the edge of the whale, twisted so that she was in a sitting position, and kicked off with a back flip.

-Siren's foot caught the bottom of Jason's jaw as she left the whale's back and dove into the water. Jason almost followed her, but quickly thought better of it; he was Siren's equal on land, but the water was her domain.

-He took a moment to look over the battlefield. His fleet was pushing through the demon horde. It was slow going, but the humans were definitely winning. Jason tried once again to turn the surrounding demons into his servants, but again something was preventing him from recruiting the creatures.

-After a few moments, Siren determined that Jason wasn't coming after her, so she went on the offensive. She shot out of the water, her mermaid like tail splitting and turning back into legs as soon as it touched the air. She landed behind Jason and lunged for him.

-Jason spun around and deflected the tip of Siren's trident down and away from him, backhanding her with his fist at the same time. Siren reeled away and caught her balance just in time to avoid Jason's sword. The two of them circled each other, planning their next move.

-Siren was ready to go in for another attack when she heard her master's voice in her mind. "That's enough, Siren. Come home." Siren almost objected to the order; she hated the idea of running from a fight, but she would not question the master's order. A portal appeared behind her, and she stepped back into it, keeping her hateful eyes on Jason as she did so. "We'll finish this later," she said before disappearing.

-Jason lowered his sword; he felt as if a weight had been lifted. He looked around at the raging battlefield. The demons were in full retreat, but Jason wouldn't let them get away. He tried one more time to convert the beasts to his side. He reached out with his mind, touching all of the horrid demons, feeling their chaotic rage and bloodlust. This time there was nothing impeding efforts.

-The surviving creatures shed their grotesque forms, shaped by Jason's will into beings of his design. The human soldiers ceased their fire, having seen their leader perform the miracle before. Even the mermen and the other allied demons stopped their attacks, sensing Jason's will. Soon there was no longer an enemy in sight.

-Siren stepped through the portal and found herself in the throne room of the dark castle. Her sisters were standing all around her, and the master was standing in front of her. As she looked into her master's eyes, Sirens lip began to quiver. She dropped down to her knees, her head hung in shame. She clenched her teeth to bite back her anger, and tears formed in her eyes as she said, "I failed you!"

-Jeffery slowly stepped forward, and Siren expected an execution for her failure, and she wanted it. The shame she felt for failing her master was more than she could bear. Her wish was not granted, however, as Jeffery placed a gentle hand on top of her head and said, "It's alright, you did just fine."

-Siren slowly stood up. She was visibly shaken by her defeat, and overwhelmed by Jeffery's forgiveness. Jeffery simply smiled at him and continued to reassure her, "I know you would give your life in a heartbeat for me, but I would never want to lose any of you. Jason's powers are nearly on par with my own, I doubt any of you could stand against him. Your job was to test his strength, and you did it perfectly. When he comes here, leave him to me."

-"Thank you, Master," Siren said.

-Jeffery leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. He walked past her to a round table where a three dimensional image of Jason's reinforced fleet was visible. It would reach the mainland within two days.
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