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Chapter 0: La bellezza Uccide

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With a Nicht to love
Ryan Ross
Panic! At The Disco
Chapter 0: La bellezza Uccide

"Hey, Bren, I have a question." He shuffled his feet softly into the room, never looking up. "How do you tell someone that it isn't working out?"

"Breaking up?"

"I don't know yet. I just don't know what to tell her. I could just be cruel and just break up but I feel like I can't."

"Cause you have no guts?"

He lowered his head. "Kinda."

"Ry, let's be honest here. She is completely worthless. Having a girlfriend is completely worthless. It wouldn't get you any where. And since we're doing this...Hell, fuck the girlfriend. You don't need to feel tied down now. It'd be a waste."

"Will you do-"

"I'm not breaking up with Jac for you. No, she's yours. You get to do it. You can't just ask me to do it for you. That's like me asking out a girl for you. It is not gonna happen."

"Brend, please-"

"Ryan, snap out of it. It's not gonna happen."

"Could you at least give me like a pointer or something..."

I harsly exhaled and glared at him. "Ry, how am I supposed to give you a pointer on how to break up with a girl I've not gone out with? They're all different. I can't just say 'tell her you think it's getting dull' or 'tell her that it's too hard to deal with'. I mean, come on, she'll be different than the next girl. Plus I don't know her habits-"

"Brendon, you don't have to make it sound like it's a fucking math class. Okay, I get it."

"Testy, aren't we?"

"More like on edge. I wanna...I don't even know."

"Ry, just break up with her. It'll make everything easy. And you'll be a free man."

He glared up and grinned. "Free...whatever that means."

I moved and stood up, lightly tugging on his hood. "Come on, Ryro. You got to cheer up. It's just a girl. She's just the flavor of the week. Next week, you'll be with some German chick. Or maybe an Aussi. Never know. Just get over it. She doesn't mean anything."

He lowered his head back down and actually unzipped the jacket. I took it as a hint and stopped. "Maybe." The moment he pulled his left arm out of the jacket, the all too familiar ringtone sung. He slid off the other sleeve and as quickly as he could answered. "Yes, 'um?" He faked a smile and walked out, waving at the air as he left.

I fell over onto the couch and listened to him talking. Once again all talking seemed to end with her calling. Needy chica. Seriously needy. Girls like her are why guys like me are single, and want to stay that way. It's too dangerous for us to have them. Why? Because of just about everything. One thing leads to another and then there's the emotional whores and so forth. Yes, I tend to babble quite alot. Meanwhile, I feel like it's gonna be my duty as Ryan's best best best friend to get him a real girlfriend if he so desperately wants one.
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