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New Years Bash!

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Everyone was celebrating the New year except for Atlanta who was sadly up in her room ,depressed!So the Titans go up and try to cheer her up !

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It was just 2 hours away from The New Year and everyone was happy and joyful! Everyone except for Atlanta.She was up in her room doing nothing. When Archie noticed that she wasnt around he asked,

-"Hey guys wheres Atlanta?"

-"I think shes upstairs,replied Theresa.Atlantas been up there since this morning, I think shes sad about something."

-"Well lets go cheer her up!Its no fun without her !" said Herry

So they all went upstairs and Archie knocked on her door

-"Hey there?"




-"Well if you are there We're coming in!"

Archie opened the door. It was pitch black.Atlanta was on her bed.Theresa sat next to her and asked.

-"Is everything alright Atlanta?"

-"I just want to be alone"

-"But its New Years Eve!!!said Neil. Lets PARTY!!"

-"Please everyone , I just want to be alone!"

-"We're not leaving without you!" said Archie

-"At least tell us whats bugging you." Theresa said

-"Well...ok...but promise me that no one will laugh at me!"

-"WE PROMISE!!" everyone said.

-"Ok then.Every year when the clock strikes midnight everyone kisses! Right? And every year Im left alone without anyone to hold me tight and kiss me.Well Im fed up! So this year I just told myself that Im not gonna celebrate New Years!And thats that!"

When Atlanta finished what she was saying , Archies heart just shattered.So he said

-"Come on Atlanta ! Come down with us and we'll have a good time !You have your friends with you and thats what matters the most!"

-"No !!"

-"Tell you what , said Theresa , if you come down with us I'll give that necklace of mine that you always wanted!You know the blue one!"

-"You cant win me over with bribes and besides you have Jay and I have nothing!!"

Atlanta started crying.Everyone felt bad.Archie came and sat beside her and told her.

-" If I tell you something very important will you come down with us ?"

-"Depends what it will be...sob" she said.

Everyone guessed what Archie had to say and they ALL waited for that very magic moment.

-Atlanta ,I always wanted to tell you this but I never got the chance...Atlanta I-I l-l-l-love y-y-you!There I said it ! I LOVE YOU!"

When Atlanta heard that she didnt believe at first and she said

-" I bet your just saying that to get me out of my room!"

-"No no ! Its very very true! I've always loved you !Since the first day we've met!"

-"Oh my God!! I-I dont know what to say!"

She was very surprised and happy!So she finally came down with the team !

-"Everyone its almost 12 !!!yelled Jay.They started the countdown!!

-"10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"yelled everyone!

And Jay and Theresa smooched and when it came for Atlanta and Archie ...well Archie said holding Atlanta tight in his arms

-"Happy New Year Atlanta!"

-"Happy New Year Archie..."

Archie puckered up gave Atlanta a Big kiss!And they all celebrated 2007 very very happily!

Not my best work but I tried!This came to me last minute so I wrote it down! I hope you guys liked it ! R/R plz !

AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D
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