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Friend or Foe

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Two boys go to play in the woods, but they find they are not alone

Category: Fantasy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2005-08-11 - Updated: 2005-08-11 - 619 words

-Togot looked into the forest, it was dark and foreboding and his father had often warned him about venturing away from the village. "This is a bad idea Otta." He said wearily to his friend. Otta laughed and mocked the smaller boy.

-"What's wrong?" Otta asked, "Scarred?" Otta ran into the woods laughing as he left Togot behind. Togot sighed.

-"There is a difference between bravery and stupidity," he muttered to himself as he walked after his friend. He knew he had nothing to prove, but Otta was his friend and he may get himself into trouble.

-It was easy for Togot to track Otta through the trees, with all the noise he was making every living thing for miles knew they were there.

-"Come on Togot, you've got to keep up," Otta called over his shoulder. Togot followed calmly, and much more quietly, behind his vulgar friend. Suddenly Togot sensed something was wrong, Otta had stopped and wasn't making noise anymore.

-At first Togot thought Otta was hiding and would jump out at him at any given moment, but then Togot saw his friend and he knew something was wrong. Otta was frozen in place with a look of panic on his face. Togot slowly walked up to him and fallowed his gaze to see what had frightened him. a few feet away, a very large black wolf stood facing the two boys, and it looked angry.

-The wolf was baring its large white teeth and snarling at the boys. Togot saw his friend's hands shaking and he knew he was about to run. "Otta, back away very, very slowly," Togot whispered, "What ever you do, don't run; if you run, you will die, ok?"

-Otta nodded and slowly took a step backwards, never taking his eyes off of the beast. The wolf took a step forward toward Otta, and Togot matched the animal's move. The wolf's attention shifted to Togot as Otta took off running, spooked by the animal's advance.

-The wolf watched Otta run off and when he was out of sight, it slowly turned its gaze back to Togot, too slowly. Something about the animal's movement didn't seem natural; Togot had never seen an animal move that deliberately before; it made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.

-Togot squared off with the strange animal; he stared at it and it stared right back at him. " what?" Togot asked himself, trying to come up with a plan. Before he could find an answer, the wolf suddenly leapt forward and knocked him to the ground.

-The next thing Togot saw, was a mouth full of sharp teeth coming down at him. Togot felt the wolf's jaws wrap around his throat and he knew he was finished. He felt the fangs press down, but the moment they pierced his skin, the wolf stopped. It slowly released its death grip and sniffed the boy's neck where Togot was bleeding.

-The wolf suddenly jumped off of Togot as if it had been startled. Togot slowly sat up and looked at the animal to find it looking at him with a quizzical expression. Togot slowly reached his hand up to his neck and felt the blood on his skin. "Why did you stop?" he asked.

-Before he got an answer, the wolf shot a look away from him. Togot followed its gaze and he heard someone coming. The wolf and Togot both looked at each other one more time before the animal made a quick retreat. Togot was left sitting alone, holding his neck with a very confused expression. And that was how his father and the others that Otta had sent, found him.
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