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End of a Life

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one life ends and a new one begins

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-Togot sat still in the chair while his mother bandaged the wounds on his neck. The search party sent to save him had found no trace of the wolf that had attacked him. Togot was thankful to Otta for sending help so quickly, especially since it was Otta who had gotten him into the mess in the first place.

-"Togot, how many times have I told you not to go into those accursed woods?" His father asked sternly. "There are far more dangerous things hiding among those trees than a mere wolf son. You know the stories." And Togot did know the stories; his people told of giant monsters that would eat any trespasser, ferocious beasts that killed without mercy.

-"I'm sorry Father, but if I had not followed Otta, he would have been eaten." Togot said with his eyes to the ground. He knew that he should have stopped Otta from going in that forest in the first place. Togot had always been a natural leader among the other children; he knew he could have stopped Otta, if only he had tried harder.

-Togot's father sighed, "Yes I know, Otta told us how you saved him, and that was very brave of you my son." Togot raised his eyes to meet his father's and smiled. He was always eager to make his father proud.

-"All done." His mother said as she finished wrapping her son's neck. "You don't know how lucky you are. If your father had been a second later in getting to you..." his mother couldn't finish the sentence. She was too frightened at the thought of losing her son.

-But Togot knew better. That wolf chose not to kill him, but why? Why had it stopped when it literally had him by the throat? Togot simply did not understand and it troubled him deeply.

-Several days passed, and Togot's wounds healed well. Life continued as it always did with the adults working and the children playing. Togot hadn't seen the wolf return and Otta never again ventured anywhere near the forest. The other children saw Togot as a fearless hero for saving Otta from what was fast becoming a giant wolf from hell.

-Then, one day Togot's father ran into the house with a look of fear on his face. Togot had never seen his father afraid of anything before. His mother rushed to her husband's side to see what was the matter.

-The two parents whispered to each other while Togot rocked the crib of his baby sister, trying to listen to their words. From what he could gather before his father grabbed a sword and rushed outside, a war party was preparing to attack the village.

-Togot's mother called for his older sister to come inside and she gathered her three children together. "Darlings, something very bad is about to happen, but no matter what you hear outside, I want the two of you to stay here and watch over your little sister. Can you do that for me?" They both nodded and their mother smiled trying to reassure them. She went and barricaded the door for what was coming.

-The village was at the base of a large hill with its back to the woods. The founders had chosen the spot in the hopes that it would remain hidden but they had not taken into account the fact that it left them with nowhere to run.

-Togot's father stood with the rest of the men in the village preparing to defend their home. They were brave, but they were not warriors. They watched as a large army appeared at the top of the hill overlooking the village. A giant of a man was standing at the head of the force. He had dark skin but long white hair. His pale eyes looked down unsympathetically on the farmers below. He raised his sword and let out a war cry, and his warriors swarmed down on their prey.

-From inside the house, Togot heard men screaming and the sound of swords striking against each other. His mother stood between her children and the door holding a knife, ready to defend them with her life.

-Togot heard the sound of fire and detected the smell of smoke. Suddenly there was some one outside the door. With one blow, the door swung open and a fearsome looking warrior stepped into the house holding a long sword pointed menacingly at the inhabitants.

-Togot's mother attacked the intruder and the man grabbed her by the throat, smiling. Togot rushed to his mother's aid but received a back hand to the side of his face as a reward. He tumbled to the ground and rolled under the bed. The last thing he saw before losing consciousness was his mother being decapitated.

-Togot opened his eyes and saw the face of his mother looking right at him. It took him a moment to realize her body was laying elsewhere. He picked himself up and looked around in horror. His sisters were both dead, and the house was in shambles. He stepped outside to find half of the village had been burned to the ground. All around him were the corpses of his friends, people he had known all his life, including the remains of his father.

-The boy fell to his knees with tears in his eyes and he felt something growing inside of him, a dark bottomless mass of hatred and anger. It rose in him like a storm and then burst out as his heart roared with anguish and pain. Togot let out a cry of unbearable sadness to anything that could hear him, to the world itself. Togot remained on his knees sobbing for a long time; his entire world had bee destroyed and for some reason he was still alive.
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