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An Old Friend

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Togot meets an old acquaintance

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-Togot finished laying the bodies together and took one last look at the cold dead faces of his friends and family. He held the torch out over their corpses; it was a hard thing to do, but it was better than leaving them to the beasts. He dropped the torch and all he had known went up in flames before his eyes.

-Togot watched the fire until it died out and then his eyes looked towards the woods. He knew that there were creatures in there that would rip him apart, and that was exactly what he wanted. Although it was dishonorable to take ones own life, fighting a creature he could not possibly defeat would give him the peace he wanted.

-He took only a short bow and dagger with him as he stepped into the darkness and towards his doom. By the code of his people, he had to fight with everything he had and be defeated honorably in order to join his family in the after life.

-Togot sat alone by a fire several hours later, cooking a small rabbit he had managed to catch. The smell of the meat made his mouth water, but he didn't feel very hungry. All he could think about was the pain in his heart. It had taken far longer to find a monster than he had thought, and after an hour or two, he had decided to get a bite to eat.

-He took his dinner from the fire and was about to take a bite when he noticed something. He looked right across the fire and saw a large black wolf staring at him; the same wolf that had had him in a death grip once before.

-Togot slowly lowered the rabbit but the wolf's gaze did not change; it was looking at him, not his meal. Togot stared at the wolf and the wolf stair right back.

-"Do you mean to eat me?" Togot asked calmly. The wolf did not move. "I'll take that as a no. Good, I'd welcome any company right about that everything is gone." Togot went on for some time about what had happened as the wolf sat perfectly still.

-Togot didn't really care if the wolf was listening to him or not, it felt good just to talk about it. Togot remembered he was holding a cooked rabbit. "Hungry?" he asked, holding up the meat. The wolf did not move. Togot tossed a piece on the ground a short distance in front of it, "how about you eat the rabbit instead of me, deal?" The wolf slowly got up and made its way towards the meat lying on the ground, but its eyes were still stuck on Togot.

-The wolf lied down in front of the meat and calmly ate while keeping an eye on the boy. Togot smiled for the first time in awhile. "Well that's a start," he said. The wolf licked its lips when it was done and continued to watch the boy with what appeared to be curiosity. Togot wasn't sure why this wolf was so interested in him, but he knew it was the same wolf by the almost human look in its eyes.

-"By the way," Togot said, "don't wolves live in groups, where are your friends, are you alone like me?" The wolf did not react, but suddenly Togot heard a twig snap behind him. He looked over his shoulder, expecting to see one of the wolf's pack mates, but the creature he saw stood on two legs and looked a lot meaner than any wolf.

-The beast stood nearly nine feet tall with broad shoulders and muscular arms. It was covered in thick fur from head to toe and it was armed with large claws and teeth. Its eyes shined in the light of the fire as it glared down at the small boy and his companion. It bared its huge teeth at the boy and let out a menacing growl.

-Oddly, Togot didn't feel any fear, but rather a strange sense of calm. This was after all what he had come out to the woods for in the first place. "hello," Togot said calmly.

-The beast with the head of a wolf and the body of a human began to take a step towards Togot when another growl came from behind the boy. Togot turned to see the wolf looking directly at the intruder, bearing its teeth. But something was off. The wolf was still sitting, as if it wasn't threatened by the enormous beast at all.

-Even stranger was the fact that the creature stopped its advance and looked at the wolf with confusion. Togot looked back and forth between the two, trying to figure out what was going on. "Do you two know each other?" He asked.

-The wolf looked at Togot and stood up. Suddenly its body began to bulge and Togot could see its muscles slithering under its skin. The boy watched wide eyed as the wolf he had been talking to changed into another giant wolf creature. But it didn't stop there. Its body continued to change, this time shrinking into the form of an attractive woman.

-The woman appeared to be about Togot's mother's age. Her clothes, which seemed to simply appear, were some kind of animal skin. She had a presence of authority in her stance, but her face was strangely gentle. She had long auburn hair and the golden eyes of a wolf.

-The woman looked down at Togot. "Come with me." Was all she said.
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