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The Furies

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Togot says hello to the family

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-Togot walked quietly as he fallowed the woman who had once been the wolf he had been talking to. She hadn't so much as looked over her shoulder the entire time they had been walking, yet she seemed to know he was there. They had been walking for several hours and whenever he stopped, she stopped as well. It was almost morning now, and Togot was getting tired.

-As they walked, Togot was aware of others all around them, watching as they traveled. The creature that had appeared before them earlier had shifted into another woman. She looked a little younger than the first with slightly darker hair. Neither woman had yet said a word to each other but the second seemed subordinate to the first, walking slightly behind her at all times.

-Togot thought it best not to say a word; he didn't understand what was going on, but he didn't want to piss these things off. Despite the fact that he had come here to die, recent events had peeked his curiosity. He wanted to know why this woman, or monster, had spared his life twice.

-They stepped out of the tree line, and Togot saw a massive wall before him. It appeared to be made out of living trees that were closely grown together. Togot's chaperone stood in front of the wall and let out a long howl. She may have looked human, but she still sounded like a wolf.

-Togot heard the loud sound of wood groaning and several of the giant trees opened up. Togot hadn't noticed the gate in the wall. It was made of six large tree trunks, three for each door. It opened wide and the first woman walked through with Togot right behind her while the other followed after him.

-Inside the wall, Togot saw many women looking at him with confused expressions. To Togot's left, there was a large rock formation with a small hut on top. A little past that, he could see a small lake, and he could hear what sounded like a waterfall. In front of him, he saw an entire village.

-The woman leading him waited a moment as he took in his surroundings. When Togot looked at her, she seemed to have a slight smile of satisfaction, no doubt proud of her home. When he was done, they continued into the heart of the village.

-They came to what appeared to be a throne that had been carved into a large tree stump about five feet high. The woman sat on the throne and all of the other women gathered around her and Togot. Togot looked at the women that surrounded him and could tell his presence was making them uneasy.

-The woman looked at the boy as if considering his fate. "I am MourningKill," she said with a commanding voice, "The women you see before you are not human; they are like me and the other you met in the forest. They are werewolves." Togot had heard of werewolves. He had heard that they were vicious monsters that killed anything they could get a hold of. But he had been under the impression that they only changed into beasts under a full moon.

-MourningKill, sensing Togot's apprehension, attempted to reassure him. "Don't worry child, we will not harm you." At that there was a rustle of discord among the rest of the women surrounding him. Apparently they didn't like that declaration of intent.

-"What do you mean we won't harm him?" An angry voice cried out. All eyes looked to a fierce looking woman with short black hair as she stepped forward. She was clearly upset. "How could you allow this human man into our territory?"

-MourningKill shot the woman a fierce glair that silenced her instantly. "I do not need to explain myself to you BlackFire." BlackFire looked down and away from MourningKill. It seemed Togot had done something to offend this woman before he had even met her. Togot also noticed not everyone was looking at him with contempt. There was one young girl in particular who looked a few years older than him that looked at him with fascination.

-She was tall and slim with long blond hair tied in a ponytail going down her back. But the thing that stood out the most about her was her eyes; they were light blue. The girl gave Togot a warm smile, but there was something about the way she looked at him that was unsettling.

-"Welcome to the Furies," MourningKill said with a smile. "Furies..." Togot echoed, he knew about the Furies, they were female demons that tormented men in the pits of hell. Had he died with his family after all?
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