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Home Sweet Home

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Togot reveals a hint of his potential

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" I dead?" Togot asked. MourningKill blinked with surprised amusement. "No you are not dead." She said with a warm smile. "Not yet anyway." BlackFire mumbled. MourningKill shot her another stern glance to silence her.
Togot had had enough of this, he turned to face BlackFire. "Did I do something to offend you that I am not aware of?" He asked. BlackFire's eyes went wide with rage and she lounged for him. Togot was taken completely by surprise. He tried to back away as she swiped at him with her right hand but he wasn't fast enough and she struck him in the chest.
Togot tumbled to the ground, she was a lot stronger than he would have guessed. Togot got up to his knees and grabbed his chest in pain. He looked up to see BlackFire leering at him, her fingers flexed and Togot saw blood dripping from her fingers. No, not finger, claws!
Togot took his hand away from his chest and saw it was covered in blood. If he hadn't moved when he had those claws of hers would have killed him. He looked at the blood pooling in his palm and a familiar feeling came over him. It was the same way he felt as he stood among the corpses in his village. It was burning rage building in his soul.
Togot let out a cry of rage as the power he felt inside him exploded outward and he threw a punch with everything he had. His fist landed right on the ridge of BlackFire's nose with so much force that the full grown woman was literally knocked off her feet. Togot stood over her with a clenched fist; he couldn't believe what he had done. Blood leaked from BlackFire's broken nose, she was out cold.
The other Furies looked on in stunned silence. A ten year old boy had beaten one of them with a single punch. Togot felt dizzy and dropped to his knees. He was weak from blood loss.
MourningKill approached the two combatants and looked down at BlackFire with disbelief. She shot a look to the woman that had accompanied them from the forest. "Take him to WhiteEye before he bleeds to death." The woman nodded and picked Togot up in her arms, as Togot lost consciousness he saw the girl with the blue eyes smiling at him.
Togot woke up lying in a bed with his shirt off. He had some kind of resin covering the deep claw marks in his chest. "You're lucky boy, BlackFire could have killed you." Togot looked in the direction the voice had come from and saw the form of a very old woman. She had white hair and her right eye was completely glazed over. "Let me guess" Togot said "WhiteEye?"
WhiteEye smirked "you're a bright one aren't you." She mocked. "Since you're human you won't heal completely, you'll have some nice scars to remember BlackFire by." Togot looked around the room; there were several shelves with many bottle and baskets containing all sorts of ingredients. He knew this woman must be a healer. Next to the door stood the woman who had carried him.
WhiteEye looked to the woman by the door. "So tell me Kaitlin what is MourningKill up to bringing this boy here?" Kaitlin shrugged, "I don't know, I just know she wants him to stay in the house of the wise one." WhiteEye arched an eyebrow. "Well that's interesting. I guess you had better take him there then since I'm done with him." Togot got out off bed and WhiteEye tossed him his shirt. He put it on and fallowed Kaitlin.
The two of them walked to the base of the small hill with the house on top. Togot fallowed Kaitlin up the path leading to the house. When they got to the top Togot saw the house was solid stone. He had no idea how anyone could have carved such a dwelling. The front door was wood and there was a window overlooking the village.
Kaitlin opened the door and Togot fallowed her inside. He saw a matted bed with animal skin covers, a small round table with a stone as a chair and another window overlooking the lake. "You will be staying here." Kaitlin said, "Sleep well, I will be back for you in the morning." She walked towards the door but stopped before leaving. "One more thing, don't go outside until then." She went outside, closing the door behind her. Togot looked around his new accommodations. "Home sweet home."
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