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A Strange Young Girl

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Togot gets an interesting visitor

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Togot walked around the room, he was very tired from the events of the day but he didn't feel like sleeping. He sat in the stone chair as he thought over recent events. In a single day he had gone from living in a peaceful farming community to being held captive by a pack of werewolves.
Togot's chest was throbbing with pain. Togot knew that without WhiteEye's medicine he would be screaming in agony. but even its numbing properties couldn't block it out completely. Togot still couldn't understand what BlackFire had against him but he knew that their little scuffle had settled nothing, she would still be a problem.
Togot sighed and went to lay on the bed, he didn't fee like sleeping but he knew he was going to need it. As he lay there staring at the ceiling he felt strangely at peace. He pulled the animal skin covers over him and drifted to sleep hoping that he would wake up and find this had all been a bad dream.
Togot's eyes shot wide open. He instantly saw that it was now night but he wasn't sure what had awoken him. He stayed perfectly still and listened but didn't hear anything. He slowly looked around the room until his eyes came to rest on the window overlooking the lake and the hair stood up on the back of his neck.
Sitting in the window, crouched down like a cat ready to pounce, was the blond haired girl he had seen earlier. Her eyes seemed to glow in the moonlight and were wide with fascination. Her hair was in a ponytail hanging over her shoulder. She had pleased smile on her face, it reminded Togot of how a snake looked at its dinner.
Togot hadn't been afraid of Kaitlin when she had appeared as a werewolf but for so reason this girl terrified him. He stared at the girl and she stared right back at him with those shining eyes of her.
"Are you going to eat me?" Togot asked. The girl's smile grew and she slowly shook her head. "What do you want?" He asked. The girl's head tilted to one side. "To see you, I've never seen a boy before." She answered. "Why not?" Togot asked. The girl shrugged. "There are none here; there never have been until now." The girl looked him over with curiosity. "Are you hurt?" she asked. Togot placed a hand on his chest remembering his injury. "I'll live." The girl smiled. "good." She said.
Togot didn't want to take his eyes off of her but when he blinked the girl was gone. Togot got out of his bed and went to the window. He looked down a shear drop down to the lake below. Togot didn't see any sign of her below or above the window so where had she gone? Had he been dreaming? Togot returned to bed and pulled the covers up but he did not fall back to sleep for the rest of the night.
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