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A Reason To Live

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MourningKill gives Togot a reason to live

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The next day Kaitlin came to bring Togot to see MourningKill. Kaitlin didn't say a word to the boy as they walked but Togot decided to break the silence. "Who is that girl with the blond hair and blue eyes?" He asked quietly. Without looking at him Kaitlin answered "her name is Parmock, why do you ask?" Togot looked at the ground. "Just wondering...why is Parmock and you name different than BlackFire and MourningKill's?"
Kaitlin seemed to consider weather or not she should answer the question. "When we are young we undergo a trial of courage and skill with a small pack of our peers. During the trial one member of the pack stands out as the leader, the alpha. At the end of the trial the alpha is given a title, its similar to what you humans call a nickname. This title replaces their original name. Blackfire and MourningKill were the alphas of their trials".
Togot looked up at her, "why don't you have one then?" Kaitlin eyes looked down for only a moment, "I was in MourningKill's pack, I was her beta. Now I'm her second in command."
"Could you tell me what I did to make BlackFire so angry?" Kaitlin sighed with irritation "BlackFire hates you because you're a man, most of us don't like men but BlackFire hates them outright."
That didn't make any sense to Togot, why hate some one for being a man? He looked back up at Kaitlin, "do you hate me to?" At that Kaitlin looked over her shoulder at him. "I don't like you...but I don't know you enough to hate you." Her voice was detached and professional, as if she didn't have any feelings.
"Why don't any of you like men?" Togot asked trying to understand. Kaitlin's gaze returned to looking ahead. "MourningKill brought you to us so let her deal with your questions." Togot's gaze returned to the ground. "sorry." He whispered. "Don't apologize just improve." She snapped
They came to one of the huts and Kaitlin opened the door. "inside." She said. Togot slowly walked through the door. Inside he saw a room full of strange decorations. Several heads of creatures he couldn't identify lined the walls. On a table there were several artifacts surrounding a candle that looked like a coiled snake. Next to that was a jagged looking knife made of silver.
"Like the place?" Togot turned and looked into the shadows that the voice had come from. Two shinning eyes stared back at him from the black. MourningKill stepped out from the darkness. "How are you doing?" She asked. Togot reached up to his chest, his wound was healing faster than he expected. "I'm ok."
MourningKill nodded thought full and slowly walked towards the boy. She seemed to be thinking of what to say. "Togot, what were you doing in the forest?"
"Looking for you I guess."
"To die?" She asked. Togot slowly nodded his head. MourningKill knelt down to look him in the eye. "Do you think that's what your family would have wanted? For you to survive all that just to get yourself killed?"
Togot had been too grief stricken to think about what his family would have wanted. Deep down he knew they would have wanted him to live. But given his current situation he wasn't sure how much longer he could.
MourningKill grinned with an idea. "Why not live to avenge them. Use that rage I saw in your eyes when you fought BlackFire and focus it, control it. Once you have become stronger you can hunt down those that took your family from you."
Togot hadn't even considered getting revenge, he was only ten years old what could he do? Then again he had beaten BlackFire, maybe he could do it. He looked at MourningKill and saw anticipation in her eyes. Why was she so bent on helping him? "Why are you doing this?"
MourningKill smiled. "Perceptive aren't you. Let's just say I have my reasons. And you should be more focused on the fact that I am willing to help you, Instead of why." Togot knew she was right, and as long as he had a goal to focus on he didn't really care what her agenda was. As long as it didn't interfere with his own.
"When do we begin?" He asked. MourningKill smiled. "Tomorrow, after you have had more time to heal. In the mean time I want you to get used to this place, and don't worry there will not be a repeat of the incident with BlackFire." Togot smiled, now he had a reason to live.
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