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Someone Has a Secret

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Togot finds a place to be alone while MourningKill and WhiteEye talk

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Togot walked around the village, which MourningKill had referred to as the compound. She had given him free rain under the condition that he not try to leave. She had told him that it was for his own protection due to the dangerous creatures outside their walls but Togot couldn't help but wonder if he was a guest or a prisoner.
As he walked Togot passed several of the Furies going about their work, crafting weapons, preparing food and several other tasks he could only guess at. Everyone he passed glared at him with anger and contempt. Apparently BlackFire was the rule, not the exception.
He kept thinking about what MourningKill had said about living for revenge. It wasn't the most noble of causes but it would do. The trouble was that Togot didn't have a clue who had attacked his home so how was he going to hunt them down?
Togot wanted to find someplace quiet where he could be alone for awhile. He thought about going to his little house on the hill but the image of Parmock sitting in his window made him shudder. He had seen werewolves and his own family killed but for some reason that he couldn't explain that girl gave him the creeps.
Suddenly Togot remembered the lake behind his stone dwelling. He had heard what sounded like a waterfall earlier, if nothing else it would prove a distraction. He walked to the edge of the lake and looked it over.
It was small enough for him to swim to the other side. The small waterfall was opposite the hill and ran off a cliff that formed a natural wall around the area. The water was so clear Togot could almost see to the bottom. The silhouettes of fish could be seen swimming just under the surface, it was beautiful.
Togot considered swimming to the waterfall and see if there was a cave behind it that could be his refuge but then he noticed a path off to his right leading into the trees. MourningKill had told him not to leave but she had failed to define the boarders of the compound.
Togot fallowed the path through the trees a short distance until he came to an open field with a single large tree stump in the center. Togot wearily walked out into the open towards the stump. He lightly placed his hand on its surface and felt a strange sense of familiarity. That sense of familiarity led to a feeling of rage and anger, it reminded him of everything he had lost.
Togot felt the rage build inside him again and he let it explode and drove his fist into the bark of the stump. He took his hand away and looked at his bruised knuckles. His hand was shaking and throbbing with pain so Togot could only think of one thing to do, he hit the stump again, and again.
The more he hit the tree the more his hand hurt and the more his hand hurt the more his anger grew. His pain fed his rage as he beat his fists against the wood. If he was going to take revenge he needed to become a lot stronger.
While Togot beat his fists bloody MourningKill paid a visit to WhiteEye. The old woman was mixing herbs and potions. MourningKill waited in the door way for her old friend to finish her task, she knew better than to interrupt the old woman when she was in the middle of something.
"It seems I was wise in living so long. Things are certainly getting interesting." WhiteEye said without looking up. MourningKill stepped inside, "will he be alright?" she asked.
WhiteEye chuckled, "oh, that one is stronger than he looks, he will be fine." She slowly looked up and smiled at MourningKill, "and it seems that there's more to him than meets the eye."
MourningKill lowered her gaze, it was as she suspected, "I had a feeling you would notice." WhiteEye narrowed her eyes, "he doesn't know does he?" MourningKill shook her head.
"What do you think will happen when he finds out?" WhiteEye asked. MourningKill walked towards the door, "I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it." She walked away with much to consider.
Back at the lake Togot soaked his hands in the cool water. He lifted them up and looked at how swollen and bloody his knuckles were. He felt a little foolish but at the same time relieved. He had finally managed to work off some of his aggression in private.
He dipped them back in the water to soak a little longer and he thought about MourningKill. He knew she was hiding something from him, he just didn't know what. He could tell by the reaction of the other Furies that her decision to spare him wasn't normal behavior. He would find out what her secret was but in the meantime he planned to focus on getting stronger. Little did he know that as he mended his wounds he was being watched by a pair of inhuman eyes.
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