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A Crippling Setback

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Togot adjusts to the furies but what is Parmock up to, and who is trying to kill him?

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Several days passed and Togot began to get used to the Furies way of life. Blackfire still hated him so he avoided her whenever possible but some of the others had begun to warm up to him. One Fury in particular had taken a special interest.
Every single night Parmock appeared in Togot's window. He still thought she looked creepy in the moonlight staring at him with those eyes of hers but he was starting to get used having her around. It was kind of nice having some one watching over him in his sleep. And when she was around he didn't feel as lonely.
Togot tried to help out around the compound with small tasks to try and earn his keep. At first the Furies wanted nothing to do with him but thanks to a little persuasion from MourningKill they allowed him to do the more undesirable jobs. Not that Togot complained after all he just wanted to feel useful.
When he wasn't helping the others he spent most of his time in the meadow punching the tree. Despite the fact that Parmock fallowed him around much of the time he had managed to keep the place a secret from her and the others. Every day he would come here with a flask of water that he hung on the only branch the old dead tree had and beat his fists against hard wood until his knuckles bled.
Now Togot was sitting quietly in WhiteEye's hospital with his shirt off. The old woman looked him over nodding her head, "well boy, you certainly are a fast healer." She said with approval, "those scars will stay with you for the rest of your life but seeing as they were made by werewolf claws I'd say you got off lucky".
Togot looked in the mirror on the wall. The scars on his chest went down from right to left. Nasty looking claw marks courtesy of BlackFire. For some reason Togot didn't feel angry towards her, there was something in her eyes when she had attacked him that he felt he could relate to. That look of anger and pain, someone had hurt her, just as someone had hurt him.
WhiteEye tossed Togot his shirt and went back to her concoctions. He put on the brown leather and hopped off the bed. As he walked out the door he stopped and glanced over his right shoulder. Sure enough Parmock was standing right there waiting for him with the same small dark brown vest she always had on.
"So what's the prognosis?" she asked cheerfully. Togot wondered why no matter what was going on she always seemed happy. "I'll live." he answered. Parmock's smile grew even bigger, "glad to hear it. So where are you going now?"
Togot looked toward the meadow, he still wasn't sure if he trusted her enough to bring her there. "Nowhere special." He said. He looked at her and forced a smile, "why is it that you're the only one who doesn't hate me?" He asked.
Parmock shrugged, "I don't know," she said, "I have no reason to hate you."
Parmock cautiously walked up to him. Togot's body tensed up ready to defend himself if she attack but she was soon standing far too close to for that. Her cheek brushed passed his and she sniffed his neck. Then as suddenly as she had approached, she back away from him.
"What are you doing?" Togot asked. He then watched in confusion as she smiled at him sweetly and then walked away without another word. What was that about? He wondered as he stood alone with a puzzled look on his face.
Togot decided not to try and understand Parmock's behavior. He was learning that werewolves did many things that did not make sense. He decided instead to go to the meadow and get some exercise before the day was through. Punching the tree always helped him clear his head.
Togot took the same route he always did. After getting his water flask from his house he headed down to the lake. He stopped to make sure no one was fallowing him as he slipped through the trees. Once at the meadow he made a final check of the surrounding area just to make sure he no one was around.
Once he was satisfied he was alone he placed the flask on the branch as and began his workout. He started out with quick light jabs to warm up and once his blood was flowing he started to put more effort into it.
Togot beat his fists into the wood until they were swollen and sore and he was exhausted. He noticed that it was taking longer each time for his hands to hurt. Togot was pleased; it meant that he was getting stronger. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and went to take a drink from his flask but as he reached for it his body was wracked with pain.
Togot screamed in pain and fell to the ground. He tried to get up but his legs wouldn't move. He could feel that something had struck him in the back and when he reached to feel how badly he was hurt he felt something. There was a long shaft sticking out of his lower back. It slowly dawned on him that he had been shot by an arrow. And he realized that whoever had shot him was most likely still nearby.
Togot tried to drag himself back to the compound. The pain was terrible but he did not cry out again for fear of his attacker realizing he was still alive. He pulled himself along on his belly through the grass and froze. Some one was coming toward him.
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