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You always see it on TV. Celebrity gets stalked, gets kidnapped by said stalker, and then gets rescued by heroic police. But what happens when Frank has to find out how emotionally painful the afte...

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Prologue Disclaimer- Me? You think that I own this? AHAHAHAHA!!! wipes eyes Don't make me laugh.

A/N- Wow. I'm a freaking writing machine. I've had this idea for a while, so I decided to write it out. 'Cause I can, that's why. Humph. pouts Heh. I love asterisks. Oh, and this story will be filled with extreme violence. And slashy goodness. Enjoy...


You always see this kind of stuff on the crime dramas on television. The celebrity gets stalked, she gets kidnapped by said stalker, and the heroic police come to her rescue.

But my celebrity, my boyfriend, /my /baby...this isn't supposed to happen.

I gripped his cold, white hand, praying to God that I would see some other sign of life than just that steady beeping of his heart monitor. That I would hear some other sound from him than just the machine that is the only thing keeping him breathing.

Tears filled my eyes for the billionth time this month, and I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Frankie...," Ray said softly. "You need to get some sleep, and you need to eat. Come on. You made Mikey leave to get food and sleep. Don't be a hypocrite."

I looked up at him, my lower lip trembling.

"I can't leave him. This whole's my fault, dammit. If I leave him...What if it happens again?"

Ray's mouth was hanging open, and he looked horrified, really.

"Frankie...Jesus Christ, man. It's anybody's but your fault. You were the one that found him! How is it your-?"

"I was the one that didn't freaking pick up their phone when he called for help, trying to tell me that somebody was in the house!" I screamed, interrupting him. When I realized that I just screamed at Ray for no reason, I burst into new tears.

I collapsed into his arms, and he rubbed my back in soothing circles.

"Shh, baby. Don't cry. He's okay now. He's going to live. It wasn't your fault," he whispered into my hair, which was quite greasy and dirty. In fact, my whole body was dirty. I hadn't showered since I found him a week ago, in that sick bastard's house.

I sniffled, wiping my nose on my sleeve.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you, Ray. You're such a great friend. I just can't leave him alone."

I looked at him, and pushed his long, black hair out of his pale face. He looked so...serene. Like he was just sleeping, and that nothing bad had happened to him.

Oh God.

He is injured to the point of near-death.

He was in that sick bastard's house for an entire month, and subject to that man's disgusting fantasies. Thankfully, the sicko had enough morals to not have un-consented sex.

He was missing for an entire month.

He will have permanent mental and physical problems due to that sicko's insane bursts of anger.

Television always captures the emotion of the families before and during their loved one's absence. But they never show the true aftermath. And God. I am scared to find out, especially with Gerard as the victim.

This is my story, Mikey's story, Bob's story, Ray's story, and all of our heartbreak upon watching our beloved vocalist self-destruct yet again, except this time, due to a monster's unbelievable apathy.

A/N- I got sad just writing that. sighs Okay, sorry. That was just a short prologue. Tell me if I should continue. REVIEW!!!!!!!!

P.S- It's one in the morning. If that was incoherent, blame it on lack of sleep.

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