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~!Chapter 1!~

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Amber is in her junior year of high school. Her curent boyfriend is not the best to have. She meets someone who will change her life for good at one point and better the next. I hope you like it...

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Well, to lay the story for you straight. I am 19 at this very moment. I am on a tour bus with the best guys on the planet earth, Brendon, Ryan, Jon, and Spencer. I grew up with them. 5th to 12th grade, we all graduated together, and they help me through a lot. They are like big brothers to me, well all except Brendon. We have been going out since the beggining of our senior year. He saved me from a life of disappointment. Well, my (our) story starts in my (our) junior year. I knew of them from 5th grade, but I actually met them that year. (At this point Jon in not in the story, he comes in later) The 4 guys were really nerdy but cute. I had a soft spot for band geeks. Which Brendon and Spencer were, and because they were on the marching band they had muscles. Ryan and Brent were not in any sports, but they were in some of the clubs, for video games, D&D, music (singing and guitar), and liked to stay at home and play Halo. So they did not really have muscles. But, my boyfriend was the co-captain of the football team at this time. His name is Connor, everyone told us that we were the poster couple, I was the captain of the girls track team, and the girls volleyball team, and the co-captain of the girls tennis team. I made captain when I was a sophomore too, I have made varsity every year from freshmen year to my senior year. I was captain the rest of my time in high school. Ok, so back to the story. I met Brendon one day at a football/ marching band practice. I was sitting on the bleachers in Connor's varsity jacket, the marching band was having a break and Brendon noticed that I was sitting alone. So he came over to me and sat with me for awhile.
"Hey, my name is Brendon. I noticed that you were sitting by yourself." He said as he sat next to me.
"My name is Amber. Yea I am just watching my boyfriend practice. He is the number 5. I get bored just sitting here. He wants me to come and see every one of his practices. But, I get bored and end up leaving before it is over. But, I come back because he is my ride home." I told him.
"Well, I am glad you did not leave yet. I see you here, but you leave before I get to say hi. And then I notice you when you come back to go home with him, but our practice last longer then the football teams." While he said this another boy came over. As he got closer I noticed who he was and it was Brit's younger brother Spencer.
"Hey Brendon, Hey Amber. How is everything going?" He asked. Brendon got confused.
"Hey Spen-bear, How is Brit. I have not seen her yet, but track is coming up soon"
"Oh she is good. Congrats on making captain. Brit was really proud"
"Thank you"
"Oh, I see you two know each other through Brit?" Brendon asked.
"Yea I met Brit my freshmen year and she taught me everything. I came over so much that Spencer and I got to know each other because we were the same age. But, I have not seen him for awhile though." I told him. We hear two whistles.
"Well, we have to be going," he told me and wrote his number down. "Call me later." I took the paper, and him and Spencer started to walk back down to the field.
"Hold on," I toke a piece of paper too and wrote my number on it. "Why don't you call me later after practice. I know I will not get a chance to call you. But if you call I will be able to talk." He toke the paper and smiled because he knew what I was talking about. They turned back to walk down to the field. As they did, I looked out to the field to where Conner was and I could tell he was watching me as I was talking to the guys. He did not look very happy at all. I knew that practice was almost over because they always did the same thing at the end 2 laps around the track in gear. Once he was done, I walked down to the field as he was running towards the school, so he could go change and take us home, or to lunch. After about another 20 minutes, as I watched Spencer and Brendon, put his number in my cell phone, and talked to them for like 5 minutes until they had to go and I saw Connor coming back.
"Hey hun, you guys looked good today. I can't wait till the first game. So what are we doing now?" I asked him.
"We are going to go grab some lunch and head over to my house for the rest of the afternoon." He told her.
"Why don't we go to the cute little café in downtown? I hear they have killer smoothies." I said.
"No, we are going to go to Baja Fresh because I want Mexican. Now that's final. Come on, let's go." He grabbed her arm and pulled her to his truck. She looked back at the field and noticed that the guys were watching them. She gave them a help me look. But, before they could think about doing things, Connor opened the door to the truck and pushed me in.
"You don't have to be so pissy. What is you problem any why?" I asked.
"Well, I don't like you hanging out with any guys I don't know. I don't know if they want to hurt you. I am just looking out for you." He told her. By this time we had just parked in a spot in front of Baja Fresh. We walked in to the place in quiet. I ordered a taco salad, and Connor ordered two hard tacos, rice, beans, and two tamales. We also got drinks, after we got our food we found a table and started to eat. We really did not talk while we ate, one we were too hungry, and Connor knew I was still pissed at him and I knew he was still pissed at me too. After I was done eating Connor was still eating. My phone went off. The screen read Lindsay, I picked it up.
"Mike's pizzas, how may I help you this find day?" I asked her in my high pitched funny voice. She of course knew it was me.
"Hey hun, what are you doing?" she asked me.
"Well at this moment I was sitting across from Connor a Baja Fresh. Actually we are almost done here. Why do you ask me lady?" I said the last part in my English accent.
"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to come over later. We can get some movies, popcorn, and candy! I mean we need a girl's weekend. No guys, nothing."
"Well, I totally agree! I need one too. Well, we are just about to leave here and we are going to head over to his house for a little bit. Once we are done there I will give you a call so you can come pick me up. Connor toke us to practice and so I do not have my car. Sound good?"
"Yea, just call when you are ready to leave him."
"Lindsay! We'll talk later. Not in front of him."
"Ok, well hun I am going to let you go. Call me when you are ready."
"K, love ya babe."
"Bye sexy" she hung up. I hung up the phone, by the time I was getting up Connor was coming back to the table.
"Ready?" he asked me.
"Yea, so Lindsay called and I am going to go over to her house after we are done at yours. So I was thinking just kind of chill, watch some TV and talk. I mean I really don't want Lindsay to have to wait for to long. So what do you think?" I asked him.
"What ever, lets just go." He turned around and walked out the doors of Baja Fresh, I had to run a little bit to keep up with him. I got into the truck and he drove us to his house. On the way there my phone went off. It read Brendon. So I knew I should not pick it up because I knew Connor would be so pissed at me. But I picked it up any way.
"Hello," I said into the phone.
"Hey Amber it's me Brendon. Yea I just got out of practice and I was wondering if you wanted to hang out a little bit later?" He asked.
"Oh hey Brendon, I am hanging out with my friend Lindsay, but I am sure if you get some of your friends together, we can all hang out. But, I hate to do this but I have to go because Connor and I just pulled into his drive way and we are going to hang out for a little bit. But I will give you a call when Lindsay picks me up from Connors house. K?"
"Sure sounds good. I know the gang will want to get out. So I will talk to you later. Bye"
"Bye" I said and then hung the phone up. I looked over at Connor and he looked royally pissed. I cursed myself for answering. But what's done is done. He and I both got out of his truck and headed for the door. Once inside he went into his room for a little bit and I just sat done on his couch, I really did not want to bug him. I would let him let some steam off before I try to talk to him. After about 5 minutes Connor came back out of his room. I came over to the couch and just sat down.

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