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Gerard takes Monica and Kelly to a movie

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He paid for their breakfasts and left a very generous tip. Walking out into the sunshine Monica took a deep breath. She felt better, so much better than before. She just hated the Gerard had seen what happened to her sometimes. The panic attacks while not frequent were still scary as hell. Thank God he has been there to help her get through it.
"So what have you decided?" he asked Kelly putting her arm around her while still holding on tightly to Monica's hand.
Kelly smiled up at him. "We could go see a movie." Kelly loved going to movies. Before they moved to Jersey that is what she and Kara and her mom did almost once a week.
"What movie do you want to see?" he asked. A movie would be a great way to keep Monica's mind occupied. She needed to escape reality for a while
"Black Christmas" just opened. I love horror movies. But I don't know if mom wants to see it." She looked at her mother questioningly. "Do you?"
Monica forced a smile. "That would be fine with me. I know Gee likes horror movies."
He laughed "And just how do you know that? We haven't gone to any movies together."
Kelly answered "Gerard we are living in your old room. It's filled with horror movie stuff." She added "And I just love the Dracula poster. You know the one with Frank Langellia. He was such a hot Dracula."
They reached the car. Kelly climbed into the backseat. Before opening Monica's door he asked in a low tone "Do you really want to see a horror movie? I can talk her into something else if you don't."
Monica put her arms around him and hugged tightly. "Gee as long as I'm with you I don't care what we see." She inhaled his scent and sighed "Thank you for being there for me. I was so scared and on the edge and you brought me back"
"Honey, I will always be there for you. I will always bring you back from the edge or I won't come back either."
He opened the car door and she got in. Kelly was still worried "Mom are you sure you are alright now? We can just go back to the house if you want"
Monica turned to her and smiled "I'm fine now. A movie sounds great."
Gerard got in and started the car. Kelly smiled " And going to a horror movie with Gerard will be fun. At the scary parts we can close our eyes and he can tell us when it's safe to look"
"For sure I can." He flipped open his cell and speed-dialed Movie Phone to get the show times for "Black Christmas". It they hurried they could see the next showing.
They arrived at the theatre with just enough time to grab some popcorn and drinks. Once seated Gerard said, "Man this is great. I'm at the movies with two beautiful ladies. And I get to hold the popcorn."
One each side of him Kelly and Monica just rolled their eyes. "No pigging the popcorn Gerard" Kelly told him. She took a handful and munched happily away. When he turned to speak to Monica he was pelted by a few pieces of popcorn. He turned to look at Kelly but she was innocently looking at the pre-movie advertisements on the screen.
"I know you threw that at me. Just wait I'll get even at the scariest part of the movie." He tried to sound serious but just couldn't.
"Am I going to have to separate you two?' Monica asked trying to sound stern. "Both of you behave."
Gerard leaned over and whispered in her ear "But I don't wanna behave. I wanna be bad" His breath tickled her ear and his teeth swiftly nipped her earlobe. He sat back in his seat and smiled.
Monica took a deep breath and thought to herself that it had suddenly just gotten really hot in this theatre. She stole a glance at Kelly who was munching the popcorn and trying to answer the movie trivia questions. She leaned over and whispered in his ear, "If you don't' behave then later on I won't be bad. And I think you really would like it if I'm bad." Her tongue flicked his earlobe.
Shit he was glad there was no one behind them and that he had a large tub of popcorn on this lap. He would never have believed a woman could make him so hot and hard with just a few sentences.
The lights dimmed and the previews began. Kelly loved the previews because she could note what movies were soon to be released that she wanted to see. Gerard loved to see her excitement. He had always been the same about movies.
"Black Christmas" began and within five minutes the first murder was committed. Soon both Monica and Kelly were pressed tightly to Gerard and could hide their faces on his shoulders when the killer struck. There was lots of blood and gore but a pretty predictable plot. Still it was fun.
When the movie was over the exited into the bright sunlight. "So what did you think?" Kelly asked Gerard. "I thought it was totally gross and cool at the same time."
Gerard laughed "Well I think my favorite part was the eyeball's on the Christmas tree as ornaments."
Monica "Yea, those were nice but I don't think I will ever want another Christmas Cookie."
"Yuck, that part was gross" Kelly agreed.
Suddenly Monica stopped "Oh crap, we forgot all about the windows. We left them open and your mom will probably get home before we do."
"Maybe we can get there before she does" Kelly was upset because she didn't want Gerard to get into trouble with his mom.
He just shrugged "Hey, it really doesn't matter. Mom is a psychic I'm sure. She can always tell when I've done something. When I was little I would do something I wasn't supposed to do and then just wait for her to come and get me."
"Gerard thanks for the movie and popcorn. Mom and Kara and I used to go to the movies all the time. It was great having you with us." Kelly smiled and it melted Monica's heart. Kelly was accepting Gerard as part of their small family.
"Hey you're welcome. It was fun."
"We are going to miss you when you go on tour" Kelly told him with honesty. And Kara will just miss Bob to pieces" she made a face.
"Be nice" Monica told her. "She will miss Bob so don't give her a hard time about it"
"Gerard put his arm around Monica "So are you gonna miss me?"
She teased him "Oh I don't know. I guess maybe just a little bit." Without warning he scooped her up in his arms making her squeal. People looked over at them amused. "Admit you are gonna miss me or I will drop you"
"Gee put me down you goof" she cried laughing. "I mean it"
He spun around "Say it Monica. Say I am gonna miss Gee so much I don't know what I'll do."
Kelly was laughing at them "You two are so lame." She walked ahead to the car.
Gerard spun around again "Damn it. Say it Monica"
She was giggling and getting dizzy "Ok, OK. I will miss Gee" It was all she could get out because she was laughing so hard.
He put her down and she grabbed onto his neck waiting for the dizziness to pass. "That was wicked, Gee."
He spoke in a low tone "Honey, you ain't seen wicked yet but you will."
"Sure, sure." She retorted.
He looked deep into her eyes "Did I tell you we are going to visit Mikey and Alicia tonight. Too bad they won't be home. Their apartment will be empty."
She took a breath to steady herself "Oh that is too bad. Whatever will we do?"
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