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Planning For Time Alone

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Gerard and Monica plan for their "date"

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Donna was waiting at the door when they got to the house. "Gerard Arthur Way, would you like to explain what you were doing in my kitchen. Don't even bother trying to lie. My kitchen shows all the signs of your culinary skills." The burnt tea towel was still lying on the kitchen counter.
He sighed, "See I told you. Even if we hadn't left incriminating evidence she would have known."
Monica and Kelly followed him in. "It was all my fault" Kelly told her. "I wanted breakfast and he was trying to make it for me."
"He really was trying but it was just an accident that could have happened to anyone." Monica put in.
Donna put up her hand to silence them. "I'm just glad my house is still standing and not a pile of burning rubble." She hugged her son "I love you but please never try to cook again. Remember the French Toast incident" Or how about the Grilled Cheese? Then there is the ..."
"Mom" Gerard interrupted her "I promise. No more cooking."
She smiled "Thank you. Now where were you? I came home; found all the windows open and smelled smoke. I was starting to worry."
"Gerard took us out for breakfast and then to a movie." Kelly told her. We saw "Black Christmas". It was really gory."
Donna sighed, "That sounds like a great holiday movie." She picked up the burnt towel and threw it in the trashcan. "Oh before I forget, Ray called and wants you to call him. He said you must have your cell turned off because it goes directly to voice mail when he calls"
Gerard didn't answer. Monica wondered if he was deliberately not answering Ray's call. She hoped not. The last thing she wanted to happen was stress within the band. "Why don't you call him now while I wash up the rest of the dishes in the sink?"
He frowned "I'll call him later. I've got to give Bert a call about New Years Eve. Mikey told me to invite him to their party." He went into the living room to make his call.
Kelly went to download some more tunes for her iPod leaving Monica and Donna alone in the kitchen. "Is he fighting with Ray?" Donna asked.
Monica shrugged "I'm not sure. I know they had an argument because Gee wanted to leave the Fuse studios before they were done with their interviews."
"He wanted to get home to you" Donna guessed.
"Donna, I have to tell you something. Gee and I have decided to try to work out our problems."
"So you aren't planning on breaking up with him when he leaves on the tour? You told him about whatever you have been keeping bottled up inside for so long?"
Monica looked down, "I'm not planning on leaving him. I want to have a relationship with him." Very softly she added, "I love him"
Donna looked uncertain, "I see" was all she said.
Gerard walked back in the kitchen. "Bert is going to the party. He is even bringing a date. He's gonna stop by in a while and he and I are gonna going to take off for a while. He wants to talk to me about the new woman in his life" He looked at Monica "Don't forget we are going to Mikey and Alicia's tonight."
"Yea, what time?" she asked. It was strange planning for a night of intimacy in front of his mother.
"We will leave here about 7:00. Oh, and we are supposed to pick up some whip cream" His mom was turned away and he raised his eyebrows in a suggestive manner.
Monica had to cover her mouth to keep from giggling. When she trusted her voice she said "Whip Cream? What is that for? Some sort of desert?"
He smiled "Yea, a desert. Some sort of sweet treat."
OK this was getting out of hand quickly. She started washing the dishes and had just finished when Bert popped his head into the kitchen. "Hey, why does it smell like smoke in here?"
Donna who was seated at the table looked up at him "My son tried to cook breakfast this morning."
"Nuff said" Bert laughed. "Where is the chief?"
Gerard walked back into the kitchen, "I was showing Kelly where all my old CD's are stored. Told her she can use any of them she wants for her iPod. It's great the kid likes the Smashing Pumpkins and the Misfits."
Monica smiled "Yep, she has great taste in music." She took a seat at the table.
"Hey, we are gonna take off now." He crossed the room and leaned down to kiss Monica, "I'll be back soon"
"Behave boys" Donna called out to them as they left.
Monica decided it was time to do some of the laundry that was piling up. She made her way downstairs. Kelly was of course listening to her iPod. When she spotted her mom she smiled "Mom, did Gerard tell you he said I could go through all his old CD's here? He is so nice mom."
"Yea, I think so too." She sat by her daughter "So did you have fun today?'
Kelly smiled "It was a good day, other than your anxiety attack. Mom did I cause it by talking about daddy?"
It saddened Monica that her daughter would think to blame herself. "No, honey. It wasn't your fault. Don't worry OK?"
She picked up the laundry basket and started picking up the dirty clothes. Kelly sighed, "Mom are you going to marry Gerard?"
Monica had no idea how to answer that one. She knew in her heart that unless she told him the truth she could never marry him. But she wasn't going to think that far ahead now. She was going to try to work on the relationship they had right now and not worry about the future. "Gee and I haven't known each other that long. I really don't know what will happen." She paused "Why the question?"
Kelly picked up a CD and turned it over absently "Cause if you do I think it would be great. Daddy would want you to be happy and Gerard makes you happy."
Monica stood and kissed the top of her head "Lets just take things one day at a time."
It was several hours later when all the laundry was washed, dried and put away. Monica had grabbed the latest book by Dean Koontz and read to help pass the time. Afterwards she showered and got ready for her date with Gerard.
He arrived back at the house and 6:20. She met him upstairs in the kitchen around 7:00. "Wow you look so nice" he said when he spotted her. She had decided on a mid-length black dress and heels.
"Thank you" she looked at the black jeans and black sweater he was wearing "You're not so bad yourself"
They said good-bye to Donna and Kelly and headed for the car. "So are you ready for our visit with Mikey and Alicia?' Gerard asked as he pulled out onto the street,
"Gerard Way you are bad. When did you plan this?" she snuggled down in her coat for warmth but kept her eyes on him.
"Well I just happened to mention to Mikey that you and I have no privacy at mom's and he offered us the use of their apartment. Not to mention that I threatened to hurt him if he didn't."
She giggled "I sort of feel like a teen-ager sneaking around like this."
He reached across and took her hand "Honey, I feel like a horny teen-ager whenever I'm with you."
They drove into a convenience store parking lot. "I'll just be a minute. I've got to get some cigarettes."
He came out minutes later with a bag. He threw it in the backset. Monica questioned him. "They put your cigarettes in a bag?'
He smiled seductively "No honey they put my can of whip cream in the bag."
Monica's heart jumped "You're serious?" she asked breathlessly.
He leaned over and kissed her "Yea, I'm serious. Mikey and Alicia left us a very nice dinner in the oven but its desert that I'm looking foreword too." His tongue traced her bottom lip. He kissed her again this time it was more demanding. Soon they were both breathless.
He sat back for a moment "Shit guess I shouldn't ravage you right her in the 7-Eleven parking lot."
Monica giggled, "Well if you hadn't parked right in front maybe you could. You know if you had parked over there where it is dark then you could have."
He moaned "Honey stop that. If I didn't know we had a very nice empty apartment waiting for us we would definitely be parked over there."
She leaned over and ran her hand up his thigh while whispering in his ear "So why are we still sitting here. Lets go Gee."
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