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Sweet Desert

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Time alone for Gee and Monica

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They arrived at the apartment in record time. Monica was pretty sure Gee had broken a few speed limits but she wasn't going to complain. He used his key and they walked in and immediately were greeted by two cats.
"The one wearing the sweater is Bunny" Gerard said pointing to the gray tabby. "And that one is Pumpkin"
They were adorable cats. Monica dropped to the floor to pet them. "They are so cute. I love cats." She spoke to Bunny "Great sweater it looks so nice on you" the cat purred loudly.
Gerard walked into the kitchen. "Out dinner is in the oven."
She stood and followed his voice. The first thing she noticed was the table set for two complete with candles in the center. Gerard was just getting ready to light them. "This was so nice of them." She said.
"Yea, little brother told me he would make it nice for us." After lighting the candles he turned to the counter where he had taken the foil covered pan out of the oven. "It's lasagna. You do like lasagna don't you?"
She smiled "Hell, yes. It smells wonderful." She spotted a note on the counter. "This says that there is garlic bread that needs to be heated up in the microwave."
"Got it. Honey you sit down and I'll serve you." Gerard was busy unwrapping the bread when he felt arms tighten around his waist. Monica pressed her body tightly to him. He turned to face her. "Are you trying to distract me? How can I be a good waiter if you keep me from serving the food?"
She laughed, "Oh, you are being a waiter are you? Guess I'll have to wait and see just what kind of a tip I will give you."
"Shit, you are gonna drive me crazy." He turned her around and moved her back to her seat. "We are going to enjoy a nice intimate dinner together. Followed by a very intimate desert." He had set the whip cream on the counter.
Monica felt shivers throughout her body at the thought. "Sounds wonderful," she purred.
Gerard took a deep breath. God he wanted to forget the dinner and take her right now on the kitchen floor. He forced the thought from his head. This was going to be the kind of date she deserved. Nice dinner, great conversation and then..."
He filled both plates with lasagna and a piece of garlic toast. Monica smiled at him and thanked him sweetly. She had been so busy looking at Gee and fantasizing about him that she hadn't noticed the bottle on the table.
Gerard noticed her surprised look at spotting the bottle. He laughed, "Look at the label. It's non-alcoholic sparking wine. Mikey said you had to have some sort of wine with lasagna so he picked this up for us."
"That was so sweet of him" Monica smiled "It's nice how close you two are."
Gerard picked up the bottle and opened it. He poured some of the liquid into her wine glass and then his own, "Yea, we have always been close. He's the best brother in the world but don't ever tell him I said it"
They began eating and it was truly the best lasagna Monica had ever eaten. "Did Alicia make this?" she questioned.
He laughed, "Nope, her cooking is sort of like mine. This was ordered from a restaurant here in the city." He reached across the table and took her hand in his "Monica I can't find the words to say how special just being with you makes me feel"
She unlaced her fingers from his and gently caressed the palm of his hand with her fingertips. "I love you, Gee" was all she could think to say. Looking into his eyes she was lost.
When they had finished their meal he stood and put his hand out for her to take "Are you ready for desert?" he asked in his drop-dead sexy voice.
Her throaty answer came quickly "More than ready"
He led her to one of the guest bedrooms. There were candles on the dresser and nightstand waiting to be lit. The king size bed was covered in pillows. He took her to the bed "Sit right here. I'll be back"
She tried to calm her racing heartbeat she had never been this passion drunk in her life. The heat she felt was all consuming. He returned in mere moments with the can of whip cream, which he sat on the nightstand. He quickly lit the candles then crossed the room to turn off the light. The room was plunged into shadows

He looked deeply into her eyes "I love the dress but its time to take it off." First he knelt down and removed her heels then he reached behind her and slowly lowered the zipper of the dress. It fell off her shoulders and she stood so he could remove it. She stood before him in just her lacy bra and panties.
"God you are so beautiful." He ran his hands under the straps of the bra pushing them off her shoulders. His fingers traced the lacy contours of the plunging neckline to the clasp in front. Before she realized it the bra was gone. His hands cupped her breasts before moving slowly down her stomach. Reaching the top of her panties his fingers hooked the delicate fabric lowering them. When they fell to the floor she stepped out of them and was now standing nude before him. "So beautiful" he repeated.
He gently pushed her down to the center of the bed then stood looking at her. Monica's gaze was so passionate he had to regain some of his control. He reached for the can. "It's room temperature now." He told her yet when he sprayed the sweet white substance on each nipple she drew in a shuttering breath. " I will warm it" he lowered his mouth and began slowly sucking first one nipple then giving the other equal time. Monica closed her eyes and lost herself in the pleasure. His tongue lapped the remaining cream from each breast. "I'm hungry for more"
Monica was lost in the sweet torment. She looked up at him. "I want to feel your skin on mine"
He stood and while she watched through hooded eyes he pulled the sweater over his head. Her eyes closed for just a moment but when they reopened he stood before he naked. She had to touch him, feel him. "Gee please, I need, I need"
"Tell me what you need, baby" He was kneeling on the bed beside her. Her hand reached out to touch him.
"I need to feel you inside of me" she whispered.
"Soon honey but not yet" he knew he was torturing her but the release would be so sweet. She gasp as the whip cream was suddenly sprayed on her womanly core. He moved down the bed and so very, very slowly began lapping it from her. His tongue swirling, his lips gently sucking. She began to whiter, her head moving back and forth on the pillow. "Gee, I can't take it. Please"
His fingers spread her so that his tongue could have complete access. Monica moaned his name over and over. Just when the passion was about to crest he stopped.
"Open your eyes and look at me" he commanded "I want to see your eyes when I fill you."
She did as he commanded. Eyes wide open he saw into her soul as he pushed into her, filling her. " You are mine, Monica. You are my life, my love." He began the steady rhythm that would take them to the realm of uncontrolled desire.
Monica felt the fire building, burning until it consumed her; the waves of pleasure overtook her. She cried out his name over and over.
Gerard heard his name and the passion in which it was called. He could hold back no longer. She felt his release causing the passion to once more consumer her. He slowly lowered himself onto her. She pulled him to her refusing to let him leave her body.
They lay together until she finally could speak "I love you Gee forever"
He rolled them together on their sides so they faced each other "Forever" he repeated. "Forever"
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