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I really like Motion City Soundtrack . . . this chapter has nothing to do with them i was just saying . . .

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Delilah sat in the DecayDance recording studio messing around with their instruments. It was finally the right time for all the band members to start laying down tracks for their debut album. Pete and Sara had been gone on their honeymoon for three days so far and Kate decided that she could not live without her brother and her best friend and silently vowed that she would never let both of them go away at the same time ever again.
"What exactly are we waiting for? PJ is sitting in the control room waiting for us." Kate whined, and Sam rolled his eyes,
"PJ is just the sound tech we're kind of missing our producer." He replied and Kate glared at him.
"I'm still kind of hurt slash angry slash never do that again or else I'm going to kill you that you guys choose a producer without me." The boys laughed at her and her rambled statement.
"That made no sense." Brian spoke up and Kate just huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. It was then that the door opened and all the boys perked up, Kate noticed this and glanced behind her.
"Sorry I'm late." Patrick's voice came over the mic into the studio.
"Are you kidding me?" Kate mouthed to her band not turning around to face Patrick, the boys just shrugged.
"Look Kate he's a musical genius, it would be stupid of us to not use our connections to our advantage." Matt whispered into her ear and Kate sighed, she knew Patrick producing the album was the best choice for the band, the boys were right. She did realize however that this meant that she would have to spend a good amount of time with Patrick outside the studio not screwing him, seeing as how she was the one in the band that wrote most of the music. Kate knew how making an album went, I mean she had seen the process Pete and Patrick went though and she groaned at the very thought of her basically eating, sleeping, breathing music with Patrick there the whole time. She didn't know why she was so scared of spending actual time with him, it's almost as if they weren't screwing then there was no purpose of them even speaking to one another, which was wrong cause she knew that she felt more than just lust for him. The fact of the matter was that she was scared to death of giving him her whole heart again, but for right now she would just keep those feelings to herself. Kate stood up and placed the guitar strap over her neck. She stared through the glass at Patrick and PJ. PJ was explaining something to Patrick. Patrick nodded that he understood the whole time not breaking eye contact with Kate.
"Alright," Patrick started while glancing down at the notes in front of him, "It looks like you guys have a handful of completed songs and then some others that are still in the works. Uhm," he paused again to take off his hat, scratch his head, and put back on his hat before continuing "Lets just start with 'Chelsea' I guess," He glanced at PJ who nodded in agreement. "Yeah do that and then we'll just see how it goes from there."
With the cue to start Sam yelled the drum count before starting the beat. Which was followed by Matt on the bass, then Brian on the lead guitar and of course Kate brought up the rear with the vocals and the rhythm. The band redid the song only a handful of times before they got it to sound perfect. 'Chelsea' was followed by 'Fool for Love' and once that track was laid down as well the boys we're allowed to leave if they wished, Kate, Patrick and PJ decided to stay to discuss the unfinished songs. Matt, Brian and Sam of course hauled ass out of there to go get food leaving the trio by themselves.
"Well that wasn't surprising." PJ laughed at the male members of Delilah who practically ran out of the studio. Patrick nodded not really paying attention to PJ; he was more interested in figuring out what was missing from the song in front of him. Kate walked back into the control room from escorting her band out of the studio. Patrick glanced up at her for a split second but stopped to stare at her. He was memorized by the way her white tank top hugged her in all the right spots and then hung loosely over her tight fitting jeans. He quickly realized that he was staring and focused back to the piece of paper in front of him.
"Hey, uhm I figured out what is wrong with this song." Patrick spoke up while scratching his head with a pencil and both PJ and Kate looked at him with questioning eyes.
"Right here," He circled the bridge of the song before continuing, "The lyrics just, I dunno, they don't flow with the rest of the song. I understand verse one, the chorus and verse two, but the bridge confuses me." Patrick replied and looked up at Kate who just smiled and laughed quietly.
"Why, cause the verses and the chorus explain how much she wants him and the bridge contradicts everything by displaying how much she hates him?" Kate questioned and Patrick nodded.
"She's obviously in lust." Kate replied nonchalantly while gesturing to the piece of paper containing the song. PJ was growing more uncomfortable as the two went on arguing about the song that most closely resembled Patrick and Kate's relationship, they didn't notice however.
"Uhm, I'm going to get a drink, anybody want?" PJ asked while standing up.
"No!" Both of them spat at him and PJ just walked out of the control room shutting the door behind him.
"Yes, yes she can lust after him without actually having feelings for him!" Kate raised her voice a tad.
"No, she has to have some kind of feelings for him, she can't just not have feelings for him." Patrick spat back.
"What gives you the right to tell me what she feels, I wrote it and I say that she can!" Kate was now standing; Patrick stood to mirror her actions.
"Well I pretty much hate it and the fact that it doesn't make any sense."
"It's a song it doesn't have to make sense, like freaking 'drop a heart, break a name' makes any sense, honestly hypocrite." She spat at him.
"I didn't write that." Patrick defended himself.
"Ah but you used it." Kate stated with her finger raised.
"It fit."
"That really doesn't help your argument Patrick."
"Whatever." He replied crossing his arms over his chest and Kate sighed.
"It's my song and I say that she can."
It was Patrick's turn to sigh; he took his glasses off and cleaned them on the bottom of his shirt before placing them back on.
"Sara looked pretty the other night." He changed the subject abruptly and Kate was caught off guard.
"Yes she did, random much?" She nervously laughed,
"What does that have to do with anything?"
Patrick shrugged in response.
"That was a great dress, do you know where she got it?" He questioned and he saw how Kate shifted as she stood much like Pete had on the alter before his wedding started.
"Why do you want to borrow it?" Kate used sarcasm to hide her uneasiness. There's no way he knows, is there? She questioned herself.
"No, but if I did I couldn't really ask Sara anyways, could I?"
"It's her dress."
"No it isn't."
"Where are you going with this?" Kate asked annoyed.
"It wasn't her dress was it Kate?" He ignored her question.
"You can't answer my question with a question." She stated matter-a-factly and crossed her arms over her chest pouting like a five year old.
"Is it Kate?" Patrick questioned again.
"Whatever I don't have to explain anything to you." She threw his words back in his face while grabbing her coat off the back of her chair.
"Nice Kate, very nice."
"What do you care anyways?" Kate spat at him while tying her scarf around her neck.
PJ peaked his head back into the control room and saw Kate dressed to go out into the Chicago winter.
"We done already?" He questioned.
"Yes." - "No." Kate responded first but was then cut off by Patrick.
"Well," Kate started off and glanced at Patrick before continuing "I dunno what he's doing, but I'm done."
"Kate we haven't done anything, were not done. If you leave now we loose a lot of time." Patrick sighed obviously defeated.
"I'll stay if you drop the subject." Kate replied with her arms still crossed.
"Fine it's dropped." Patrick held his hands up in order to show his defeat and Kate proceeded to take off her coat and scarf.
"Let's just move on to another song and leave this one for later." Patrick replied with a deep sigh as he shoved the paper to the side and picked up another unfinished song. Five and a half hours later Kate lay on her back in the middle of the control room, it was three thirty in the morning and Kate and Patrick were still at it, PJ had abandoned them around one thirty. Patrick sat on the couch with a guitar in his lap when he suddenly stood raising the guitar in the air.
"It needs a chika-chika part right there!" He said excitedly and glanced down at Kate who was looking at him as if he was crazy. He sighed suddenly less excited,
"A chika-chika part." Patrick played the noise on the guitar to show her what he meant and looked at her once again.
"I know what a chika-chika part is but what are you even referring too?" Kate questioned from her spot on the floor as she was reaching for the bag of chips that was just slightly out of reach. Patrick bent down and handed her the bag before stepping over her to get to the control board. He sat on the swivel chair and turned to face the computer. Patrick was scrolling for something but stopped when he saw something he didn't recognize.
"Hey what's this?" He questioned and Kate sat up and shrugged because she couldn't see the screen from her spot on the floor.
"Dunno, play it and I'll tell you." She commented.
"It's called," he leaned in towards the screen and squinted his eyes, the early morning hour was making him see double and he took off his glasses and replied, "Oh, it's untitled."
Kate's eyes grew wide,
"Oh, uhm that's nothing I was fooling around a few days ago on the piano and the drums, and it's crap." She babbled and Patrick raised an eyebrow.
"I don't think PJ would have kept it in the 'don't dump' file if it's what your saying it is." Patrick responded and hit play before she could protest anymore. Kate closed her eyes as the drumbeat started off and then piano's slow melody filled the room. Patrick sat and listened intently and when it was done Kate cold tell that he was surprised and a tad taken aback.
"I didn't know," His voice cracked a little. Patrick cleared his throat before starting over,
"I didn't know that you could play the piano like that, do you have lyrics for it?" He glanced at her over his shoulder and gestured to the computer screen. Kate nodded,
"Uhm yeah I actually wrote the music to play off the lyrics, but it's really not ready and I dunno, I don't know if I'm ready for you to see it yet." She let her voice trail off as she finished hoping that maybe he didn't hear the last part.
"Why? I think this is really good I want to see if the lyrics fit the music like I imagine they would." Patrick could tell that Kate was now noticeably uncomfortable which kind of got him thinking that the song was about him.
"Please." he added and she scratched her head before getting up off the floor and heading to her oversized purse. Kate dug around for a second before pulling out a neatly folded piece of paper and shoving it in Patrick's direction. Patrick went to reach for it but stopped, if it was about him he wanted to hear it as she imagined.
"No, go in there, sing it." He gestured with his head towards the sound booth.
"Wait, what?" Kate questioned mortified.
"Yeah, my eyes hurt I don't want to read right now, so sing it. It doesn't have to be perfect I just want to see."
"It's four in the morning my voice is probably shot." Kate tried to get out of singing her very personal song. It was bad enough that he listened to her track and that she was letting him read it, but she was sure that she wasn't mentally prepared to sing this song, especially in front of him. Patrick tossed a water bottle in her direction and motioned with his head once again to the sound booth.
"C'mon, please." He whispered and Kate sighed as she unscrewed the cap of the water bottle. She took a big sip as she walked into the sound booth. She screwed back on the top and put on the headphones. Patrick smiled because he had gotten his way and he didn't even have to raise his voice a little.
"If this sucks you cannot say a damn word Mr. Stump." Kate's voice boomed into the control booth startling Patrick.
"Yeah I know, I forced you to do this and therefore I cannot laugh." Patrick responded with his hand on the button that allowed Kate to hear him.
"Ready?" He questioned and Kate nodded. With that Patrick released the talk button, moved some levers and finally pushed the play button on the untitled track. The familiar drumbeat once again filled the room followed by the piano melody and then Kate's voice.

No one else will ever know how to love me.
Maybe I am broken.
Deep inside I believe that you belong to me,
But this remains unspoken.

And I want you so much,
You're not like the rest.
It hurts when we touch.
I love you to death.
I can't breathe and I can't sleep,
It's killing me.
I love you to death.

I can't be saved.
The price I pay
When you're away.
I love you to death.

Late night when I'm alone
Your memory's haunting.
Don't you miss me too?
And sometimes I think if I wish hard enough
I could let myself be with you.

And I want you so much,
You're not like the rest.
It hurts when we touch.
I love you to death.
I can't breathe and I can't sleep,
It's killing me.
I love you to death.

I can't be saved.
The price I pay
When you're away.
I love you too.

I'm stranded without love,
But you still thrill me.
If you leave me long enough
It might just kill me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

And I can't breathe and I can't sleep,
It's killing me.
I love you to death.

I can't be saved
The price I pay
When you're away.
I love you to death.
I Love you so much,
It hurts when we touch.
I love you to death.

Once the song finished Kate leaned on the music stand, she knew her emotions had shown though her voice and she really didn't want to show her vulnerability in front of him. Patrick was speechless, she had most definitely surprised him. He had thought for sure that she would take the same route Pete usually does and that the song would contain something to the likes of her slitting his throat and watching him bleed to death on a bed of roses, but it didn't. The song was her pure emotions, which to his surprise weren't of hate but of hurt. He realized that he should say something so he pushed the talk button,
"Uhm" he cleared his throat before continuing, "That was amazing."
Kate took the headphones off and hung them up before exiting the sound booth.
"I told you it wasn't ready yet." She stated while refolding the piece of paper that contained the song and putting it back in her purse.
"No, no, I really liked it, you did an amazing job. I actually don't even think we need to redo it or anything like that if you decide to use it or what not." He rambled on, "And I like the fact that it's just the drums and the piano that's really unique and it really brings out the intensity of the lyric." He used his hands for emphasis and Kate laughed.
"Your so weird."
"Yeah well." He shrugged instead of finishing his statement.
"Maybe we should call it a night." Kate managed to say though a yawn, and Patrick nodded.
"Just hold on a second while I shut everything down and then I'll walk you home." Kate nodded in response and Patrick continued,
"Is Sam home 'cause I don't want you staying by yourself with the whole Sean thing still going on?" He questioned while shutting off the control board.
"I have no idea. I don't want to call and check and wake him though, I'd feel bad." Kate responded from her leaning spot on the wall by the door.
"Fine then you can just sleep at my place."
"Ok." She replied while fighting back another yawn.

song lyrics are courtesy of stefy rae they are not mine :)
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