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Well this is an interesting chapter if i do say so myself.

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"Oh my jeeze it's so, so cold." Kate squealed as soon as she stepped outside the studio building. Patrick managed to laugh from his spot behind her as he locked the studio door.
"It's not that bad." He responded and then stopped to look at his breath linger in the air made visible by the cold weather.
"It is so and it's only November." Kate continued to whine while pulling her coat tighter to her body. The two continued to walk in silence until Patrick finally spoke up.
"Hey I think we need to talk." He responded.
"Bout what?" Kate questioned though she knew exactly what he was talking about.
"About us." He sighed.
"What about us?" She could keep up the oblivious routine for as long as he could keep the questions coming.
"What are we doing? What's going on here?" Patrick threw up his arms in frustration and stopped walking.
"I don't know." Kate whispered and looked at the floor. Patrick sighed and played with a rock that was lying on the floor before continuing.
"I can't do it anymore Kate, we need to stop." He replied just barely louder than her while shifting his weight from one foot to the other.
"Yeah ok, if that's what you want." She replied while searching though her purse for her phone, once locating it she pulled it out and glanced at the caller ID, there was none, he stopped her before she could answer.
"Yeah? And we're still ok?" Patrick looked at her and she smiled in response.
"Of course."
He let out a sigh of relief as she answered the phone.
No response.
"Hello?" She asked again but whoever it was hung up in response. Kate looked at her phone in confusion before she closed it and dropped it lazily back into her purse.
"That was weird. Normal people don't call at four thirty in the morning." Kate laughed and Patrick nodded in response just as his phone started to ring as well. He pulled it from his pocket and glanced at the ID - None.
"Hello?" He answered.
"Stop protecting the girl." said a non-familiar voice.
"What?" Patrick questioned now growing more than a tad upset.
"I'm not going to tell you again." was the only response before the stranger hung up.
Patrick put the phone back in his pocket and glanced around before grabbing Kate by the hand and pulling her to follow him quickly.
"Who was it?" Panic was apparent in Kate's voice.
"Dunno." He responded.
"Well what did they say?" She pulled her hand out of his and stopped on the sidewalk, she was done playing this game.
"Kate I'm not kidding c'mon it's only another block." He pleaded with his eyes and gestured in the direction of home, she reluctantly followed. Once inside Patrick immediately locked the door and then closed the blinds on every window before plopping on the couch sighing heavily while taking off his shoes.
"What the fuck is going on? What did they say?" Kate finally spat out. Patrick sighed once more.
"They told me to 'stop protecting the girl' and that they 'weren't going to tell me again.'"
"What?" She questioned again but didn't receive a response, Patrick just proceeded to take off his socks and throw them over his shoulder.
"Was it Sean?" Kate couldn't stop with the questions.
"Kate I don't know, just go to bed ok?" He glanced over his shoulder to look at her.
"What? No way!" She yelled.
"Kate, please." He whispered while pulling his shirt over his head, leaving him in an undershirt and his boxers. Patrick lied down and pulled at the blanket that was hanging over the arm of the couch.
"Fine, please just sleep in the bed with me tonight, I don't want to be by myself, please." She bit her bottom lip awaiting a reply. A response wasn't needed, he stood from the couch and pushed her in the direction of the hallway.
"Thank you." Kate responded and kissed him on the cheek before running into the bathroom. Patrick just got under the covers in his bed and stared at the ceiling, he couldn't help but think that she wasn't safe at his place anymore because if 'whoever' knew his phone number they probably knew where he lived as well. He pushed those thoughts out of his mind when Kate walked back into the room wearing the tank top she had been in all day and a pair of boxers that he guessed where his. She crawled into the bed and under the covers moving around an obnoxious amount. Patrick sighed, he had forgotten how much of a wiggle worm she was, he responded by turning onto his side and draping an arm across her pulling her backwards until her back hit his chest.
"You ok now?" He mumbled into her hair, she nodded and scooted backwards closer to him. It was then that he noticed the position of her butt and it's close proximity to his crotch area. Patrick immediately scolded himself for being such a hornball, he wasn't always like this, just lately. He scooted back slightly and waited for her expected response. As if on cue Kate backed up until she was once again against him and he shifted.
"What?" Kate mumbled against the pillow.
"No-nothing." He responded.
"No, what is it Patrick?"
"Honestly?" He sighed.
"Yeah, obviously." She responded still not moving. He said nothing but just put his hand on her abdomen and scooted her backwards until she knew exactly what his problem was.
"Oh." She giggled and he mocked her behind her back.
"Well go take care of it." Kate laughed as she turned to face him and gestured with her head to the bathroom. Patrick frowned as she made fun of him,
"No, it'll go away just stay way over there." He pushed her to the other side of the bed.
"I don't like it over here." She responded and scooted back to her previous position.
"No it won't go away with you over here!" He whined and looked at her, she was laying on her side holding her head up with a hand making her body curve seductively.
"Stop that!" Patrick spat at Kate, pointing a finger in her direction. She put up her hands to show him her palms.
"I haven't done anything, I'm not doing anything now." Kate laughed, he flipped onto his back and propped a leg up as to not let a tent form. Kate put her head on his shoulder and rested a hand on his chest, he sighed but didn't move. Kate knew how to work this, she realized that he had said that he wanted them to stop fooling around but she still wanted to see how far she could push the envelope. Ever since things have started getting complicated between them he has basically let her get away with anything she wanted, and that wasn't the Patrick she knew. She wanted the Patrick who smacked her hand away when she tried to change the radio, the Patrick who ate the last bite of whatever she was eating just to piss her off, not the Patrick who would roll over and play dead if she willed it so. Kate glanced at him, he was staring at the ceiling in concentration. She took this opportunity to let her hand wander from his chest to his stomach, he didn't move, he obviously was too consumed staring at the ceiling to notice. She let her hand wander a little further down until it was resting at the elastic of his boxers, he still didn't seem to notice. Kate reached her hand inside his boxers and stroked him gently. Patrick inhaled sharply and bucked his hips forward slightly before restraining himself.
"Kate we really shouldn't." He managed to get out as he tried to control his breathing with no luck. She 'shhed' him slightly as she continued her rapture. Patrick arched up once more as the teasing fingers wrapped around him more firmly and pumped. White sparks of pure pleasure shot through his body; all of it centered around his cock and the side of his neck where Kate's lips were now moving. He pushed up into Kate's hand and threw his head back against the pillow. It felt so good and he wanted more still. Kate could sense that he was almost there and removed her hand from his boxers. Patrick made some sort of a noise to which Kate responded by straddling him and leaning in so their faces were only inches apart. Instead of kissing him like he wanted she seductively whispered in his ear,
"You're right we shouldn't do this anymore." Kate grabbed his face and kissed him hard before getting off the bed and walking towards the door. Patrick gave a sarcastic laugh as he stood from the bed not even attempting to hide his raging hard on.
"You know what? No." He stated before walking up behind Kate shutting the door she was trying to open. Kate smiled coyly to herself before planting an innocent look on her face and turning around to face him. She rested her back on the closed door and looked up at him with doe eyes.
"Yes?" She questioned while batting her eyelashes. He responded by hoisting her up and sliding his hands down to stroke her thighs. Kate felt his calloused fingers trail upwards finally stroking her where she wanted him the most. He kissed her hard slightly nipping at her bottom lip before moving his fingers into her opening. She gasped and he smirked as she leaned her head back, shutting her eyes tight and gripping his shoulders.
"You like that, don't you Kate?" he taunted, before biting her earlobe as she moaned out his name. He pushed his fingers in further driving her insane. Kate gasped, throwing her head back as he kissed her neck and collarbone. Patrick knew her well and felt her orgasm coming so just like that his fingers abandoned their pursuit. He carefully put her back on the floor and leaned over her smirking slightly.
"Not so fun when the tables are turned is it?"
He laughed as she shot him a death look. Kate's hand connected with his face. Patrick immediately pressed a hand to his stinging cheek obviously in shock.
"Ugh!" She screamed as she shoved him backwards.
"What the fuck?!" He yelled back at her from his new spot on the floor. Kate was confused and upset, he responded to her teasing just as she wanted him too, just like the 'old' Patrick would have. If all this was true then why was she so mad at him? She knew the answer now I have officially run out of excuses preventing me from being with him. Kate answered her own question unconsciously. She snapped out of her unconscious rambles and looked at Patrick on the floor, his cheek was shining red and he was no longer aroused.
"I'm sorry." She managed to whisper before she threw open the bedroom door and ran to the front door. Patrick was immediately on his feet after her.
"Don't!" He yelled as she went to unlock the front door. Kate paused and rested her forehead on the door unable to turn and look at him.
"Don't." he whispered this time right behind her, he reached around her and re-locked the door before placing a hand on her shoulder and turning her around. Kate was crying.
"What's going on?" He said barely loud enough for her to hear.
"I've run out." She mumbled though her tears.
"Kate, baby, you're not making sense." Patrick responded. Kate smiled slightly though the tears and put a hand up to his cheek that was still red, he winced slightly but didn't pull away.
"I've run out of excuses that prevent me from being with you and it scares me so much."
Patrick sighed,
"I love you Kate, I always have, and I am so sorry that it took me purposely loosing you to realize it." She looked into his eyes and could see that he was telling the truth.
"I love you too." Was all she replied.
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