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Longest chapter of life. Hope you enjoy.

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It's been a month since that infamous night and Patrick and Kate are still going strong and surprisingly no creepies have come out of their hiding places to attack Kate as of yet. Delilah's album was almost finished and the band was more than a little relieved. Kate and Sam walked into the studio practically running over Sara who was stupidly standing in the way of the door. Sara moved slightly out of the way letting the two pass while taking a huge bite of her pistachio mint ice cream. Kate distorted her face as she watched Sara eating the heinous dessert at nine in the morning.
"Sara, that is so many kinds of disgusting I don't even know where to begin." Sara glared at her and Kate stuck her tongue out in response.
"I thought you didn't like nuts." Kate also added and Sara shrugged in response before calling after her daughter.
"Molly don't push those buttons sweetie, Daddy needs those to remained un-pushed."
Kate laughed lightly as she watched her niece completely ignore her mother before turning her attention back to Sara.
"No offense Sara but you're kind of getting a tummy." Kate laughed and patted her best friend lightly on the stomach.
"A cute tummy, I kind of want to rub it for good luck." She giggled and Sara just took another big bite of the gross ice cream and began to cry, it was then that Kate's brain registered all the happenings of the morning thus far. The ice cream, the tummy, the weird mood swings.
"Sara are you pregnant?" Kate questioned.
"Why am I crying?" She asked herself before turning her attention to Kate. "No Kate Anne Wentz I am not pregnant!" Sara spat in between sobs while waving her spoon in the air flinging ice cream all over.
"Why the full name, am I in trouble Mommy? But no, Sara seriously, I think you should look into finding out if your pregnant cause your acting a little freaky." Kate replied waving her hands in the air for emphasis before picking up Molly and placing her in Patrick's lap before giving him a kiss on the cheek. He had been there since God knows when, working on God knows what, and at the moment he was just sitting on the swivel chair staring at a blank piece of paper. He snapped out of his daze when Kate kissed him on the cheek, he kissed her back before returning his gaze to the empty piece of paper that is until Molly stole his glasses. A bunch of commotion was heard as Pete practically ran into the studio, handed Sara a big brown bag and finally stopped to take a breath. Sara was immediately excited until she peered into the bag, he face immediately dropped.
"I wanted grape." She said quietly as she looked up from the bag and at Pete.
"They didn't have grape, they only had orange." Pete said in between breaths.
"But I wanted grape." Sara raised her voice a little,
"Peter if I had wanted orange I would have asked for orange, but I wanted grape." Pete immediately straightened up slightly scared.
"But they didn't have grape Sara, they only had orange. Orange is good look." Pete grabbed the bag and put the orange flavored Jell-O like substance in his mouth and smiled, Sara's frown remained on her face. Pete glanced from Kate to Patrick to Sam; all had the same blank slightly scared expression on their face not helping Pete what so ever.
"Sara, you know I would go to the other store clear across town but -"
Sara cut him off before he could finish,
"Well then go Pete, I need grape!" She screeched and Pete ran out of the studio as fast as he could to go clear across town. The other three erupted into a fit of laughter that was quickly silenced by a death stare from Sara.
"I think I'm pregnant you guys." Sara responded with her moth full of pistachio mint ice cream and the three friends just nodded their agreement. After Sara, Molly and Pete left 'Delilah' sat in the middle of the sound booth waiting for Patrick. They could see Patrick talking to someone through the glass; he nodded eagerly and gestured for 'whomever' to go into the sound booth. Kate was sitting on the floor with her legs sprawled out in front of her while she clicked her Chucks together causing the untied shoelaces to make a click noise, the boys on the other hand were littered around the booth playing some sort of card game. As soon as the door opened there was a flash of a camera startling the band. A woman followed the 'camera man' and a laughing Patrick brought up the rear. The boys stopped their card game for a second to glance up and Kate was already giving the new guests a weird look.
"This is Amber Grey and Bob Fox from Alternative Press and they want to know if it would be ok to interview you guys." Patrick responded while gesturing to the reporters.
"Why?" Matt and Sam said in unison causing Brian and Kate to laugh.
"Well word on the street is you guys are the new up and coming phenomenon of the Alternative rock world and we want to be the first to capture it." The woman introduced as Amber spoke up.
"But our album isn't even released yet." Kate said still confused and received weird looks from the reporters. "But yes of course." She finished and glanced at her band who were giving approval nods. The boys stood and situated themselves next to Kate on the floor; as soon as all were seated another flash went off.
"For the article." Amber replied before she whipped out a manila folder and a tape recorder. She cleared her throat.

"First can you guys just state your full names and your position in the band."
Patrick laughed slightly before exiting the booth, he remembered all too well what it was like to be an up and coming band, after all it wasn't that long ago. Kate glanced at Patrick before speaking.
"Kate Wentz - vocals and guitar."
"Brian Donahue - guitar, vocals."
"Sam McDonald - drums."
"Matt Spencer - bass, vocals."
"Very well, very well." Amber paused and looked though a few pieces of paper. This woman seemed very uptight especially for being from an alternative magazine and it was driving everyone crazy if she didn't loosen up soon Kate was sure that she would be dead by the end of the interview.
"Ok fuck this." Amber mumbled and crumpled up her pieces of paper before looking back up at the band.
"Ok sorry you guys I'm new but the crap they wanted me to ask were boring as hell so I'm just going to wing this if that's ok with you guys?"
"Oh thank God." Kate blabbed the others laughing slightly at Kate's sign of relief. Amber nodded and smiled before continuing.
"How did you get into this business, I mean obviously it all had to start with some sort of love for music but are you like self taught musicians, what's the deal here?"
"I taught myself how to play the drums and it's pretty much the same story with everybody I mean we're not really musicians we're just kids who play music." Sam said with a nod.
"Yeah I mean most of us play more than one instrument and we just happened to fall upon our specific parts in this band so our flaws are going to be apparent, I mean we're far from perfect. I think, actually, that I'm the only one here who didn't teach myself to play my 'specific' instrument, the guitar," Kate laughed before continuing, "Now don't get me wrong I didn't get taught by a music scholar or anything, my friend Joe finally taught me after I annoyed him enough, but I was just saying."
"Joe, as in Joe Trohman?" Amber threw in and Kate nodded and laughed.
"Yeah, Joe is a good friend of ours, I mean I've known him since I was twelve so we go pretty far back."
"That's also an interesting aspect of this band, you guys are closely tied to Fall Out Boy, one could even say closely related eh?" Amber commented with a raised eyebrow obviously attempting to enhance her pun.
"Yeah, Fall Out Boy and Delilah are pretty tight." Brian added with a small chuckle.
"Like this." Matt threw in displaying his crossed fingers.
"Ok, where did you guys come up with your sound it's completely unlike anything I've ever heard before?" Amber leaned into her palm that was resting on her leg awaiting a reply.
"I grew up with that Eighties music, that Eighties New Wave electro-type music, so I, growing up, I loved No Doubt, Sublime and stuff and it was just all the music that I loved, we kind of just molded it into one... all the different elements of the music that influenced us. It just happened. It became this Eighties, New Wave, electro-pop band. Yeah, it was built for us-he's," Kate paused to gesture to Patrick before continuing, "not going to make us a hip-hop band when we really don't listen to a lot of hip-hop. It's what everyone likes, so I'm not going to do something that the guys don't like. They're not going to do something that I don't like. It's a family. We all do what we all enjoy." She finished and the boys nodded in response it her answer.
"So how did you guys get together as a band?"
"Yeah we were pretty much bored." Matt said nonchalant and Sam nodded eagerly.
"Well we all went to school together and decided to make a band, Kate wasn't even in the band at first it was just us guys but she was trying to prove some sort of point to her brother and I don't know, she's hot so we just let her in." Brian laughed as Matt and Sam nodded Kate rolled her eyes.
"They lie, I own them, they're my boys." Kate said matter a factly while trying to hold back a smile.
"No seriously Kate is a big part of this band, and we love her dearly even if she has girl parts and mood swings." Sam added while batting his eyelashes at Kate.
"Do they like it that they call them 'your boys?'"? Amber laughed and turned her attention towards Kate who laughed as well.
"Yeah... Well, they better. My boys, my guys, my lovers."??
"They better because that's what you've decided to call them??" Amber laughed again and Kate nodded in agreement.?
"Pretty much, they're like my older brothers, so we're good."
"True story." Matt laughed out, followed by the other boys laughter as well.
"What kind career path are you guys after? Do you want to be something like Green Day, Panic! or even Fall Out Boy for that matter?"
"If we say no to those, we're going be lying. Yeah, we'd love to be like Fall Out Boy, like Panic!, like Green Day, but one really never knows." Brian replied and glanced around at his band members, Kate finally spoke up,
"I don't wanna get my hopes up and be like, 'I wanna be like this,' and if it doesn't happen it's gonna suck. If we make our mark in this music industry, then I'm happy. If we can just make a little mark, you know? Just like, Delilah was here once, it'll be gravy." She laughed causing the boys to laugh as well, Amber nodded that she understood.
"Is it hard not to get your hopes up?" Amber added as she tucked her blond hair behind her ears.
"Of course." Sam replied.
"You know," Kate paused to look at her band, "I do it anyways because I'm retarded. Yeah, sometimes when something doesn't go quite right I get down. I mean we try so hard. I do hope the band has a long career. I hope that we stay in here. People say it's so hard to get signed that's not really the case it's just so hard to stay in the game, that's what it is. You always have to reinvent yourself. I mean, your album is good, but the next one has to be better. The one after that has to be even better than that one. You know, it's a really hard thing but I hope that, yeah, we make our mark."
"So you've got your hopes up?" Amber laughed and Kate laughed as well.
"I do have my hopes up! Thank you very much. Now you got my hopes up."
"I think it's unavoidable." Matt cut in. "You start doing something you think is really cool and you hope other people think it's cool, and you're like, 'I can see myself atop an empire.'" He finished his statement with his arms raised above his head and a 'rawr' noise that caused everyone to laugh.
"Ok which song is most personal to you?" Amber asked and intently watched the band glance at Kate who finally spoke up.
"The most personal song is 'Love You To Death'. When we, my boyfriend and I, broke up it was kind of a not so good situation." Kate laughed a little bit and glanced at Patrick through the glass before she continued.
"And I don't know it's kind of just a realization of my feelings at the time, like when that song plays I know exactly what was going on in my life, it takes me to that exact moment where those feelings were created. He just completely broke my heart to pieces. I thought 'I'm never going to date again,' and when I did I ended up in an even worse situation and that's pretty much how that song was born. I wrote in my journal the first words to the song, 'No one else will ever know how to love me, Maybe I am broken'. Of course referring back to the first relationship and I really did believe those words, I completely did, and it so funny to look back and say 'Oh my gosh! What was I thinking?'. So that's just the most personal song that I have on the record, because it's a true story."
"Wow ok, now referring to your song 'Chelsea,' have you ever had someone steal your guy or have you ever been the one to do the stealing?" Amber questioned with a slight smirk on her face.
"Well, no, I've never done the stealing! I don't think I could possibly do anything like that. I'm not coy enough," Kate chuckled before continuing, "but, the song is actually a true story so if that answers the question." She replied with a shrug.
"What is the main message in Delilah's music?"?
"Our music is really about having fun and having a good time. After all the grunge, it is okay to lighten up and have some fun with things." Matt spoke up as the others nodded and agreed.
"This is totally off the wall but just has to be asked, are you guys single or taken?"
The band laughed at Amber's reaction before replying.
"Well we're all single." Sam said and gestured to the guys who nodded,
"And she's, well, not." He finished while pointing at Kate.
"Kate, that leads me to my next borderline pushing the limit question, you have been linked with," Amber cut in while sorting through a new set of papers before rambling off names,
"Andy Hurley, Joe Trohman, William Beckett from the Academy Is, Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes, both Brandon Urie and Spencer Smith from Panic!, Gabe Saporta from Cobra Starship, and last but not least John Mayer. Are any of those remotely close to the truth?" She finished slightly out of breath.
"Kate you slut!" Sam laughed out as did the other boys.
"John Mayer, really?" Kate replied with a raised eyebrow and a slight smirk. She pretended to snap out of a daze before continuing.
"Well apparently I get around." She laughed before continuing, "But I am not dating or have dated anyone on that list, well I did kiss Joe in the seventh grade but that's besides the point." She laughed again, "With a list like that I could battle Paris Hilton, honestly. I guess that list is just the love child of the rumor circuit, I mean it's slightly understandable. I am a female in an industry dominated by men and guys always surround me. I guess it would be only natural to be linked with the people I surround myself with. But it's just so funny because most of those people I have maybe only met once and John Mayer, I don't even know him. Whatever I guess." Kate smiled and glanced around to her band who were nodding in agreement.
"Just out of curiosity," Brian spoke up. "How come Joe and Andy but not Patrick?"
Amber shrugged and looked though her paper once again.
"Patrick isn't on the list. Should he be?" She raised an eyebrow at Brian who distorted his face and made some type of noise which was supposed to display that he didn't know.
"Well thank you guys so much." Amber added while standing up and reaching out to shake each of their hands.
"Thank you." Kate replied as the other boys shook her hand also.
Once the reporters left Patrick walked back into the booth,
"Alright you guys can go, you've done enough today and besides the guys are coming by to lay down some things for FOB."
"Good because I'm tired like whoa." Matt responded as he pulled his hoodie over his head, the other boys nodded and proceeded out of the booth.
"Hey you did good." Patrick responded while pulling Kate into a hug and kissing her forehead.
"Thank you." She smiled up at him.
"So what are you doing now?" He questioned while still holding her in his arms.
"I think I'm going to go check up on Sara. I want to see how her doctors appointment went and I need to make sure she hasn't killed anything." Kate laughed and Patrick nodded.
"Well be careful." He responded and Kate rolled her eyes and nodded before wiggling out of Patrick's arms and pulling the Clandestine hoodie over her head. She gave him a kiss goodbye and then proceeded out of the studio.

Sara scheduled an appointment later that day and it was true she was almost four months pregnant.
"I'm going to be an Aunt." Kate said excitedly as if it was the first time.
"It's a boy." Sara beamed.
"I'm going to have a nephew." Kate replied just as excited as she previously did.
"Does Pete know yet?"
"Uhm no, he's been caught up with band stuff all day and I didn't want to distract him or what not, especially since I acted so crazy this morning." Sara laughed and Kate nodded,
"Uh yeah you did."
"So you and Patrick still gravy?" Sara asked over her shoulder while she rummaged though the fridge finally settling with a jar of olives. Kate slightly gagged as Sara sat next to her eating the olives as if they were candy.
"Yeah everything is great." Kate replied and Sara nodded in response.
"They are working so hard on that album, have you heard any of it yet?" Sara questioned changing the subject for a second.
"I walked in on Patrick on his computer working on something but he quickly shut it off. You?" Kate glanced at Sara who just shook her head 'no.'
"Boys are so stupid, especially ours." Sara responded with a sigh.
"They're just perfectionists. Do you get really excited if Pete asks you a question concerning they're music, or is that just me?" Kate laughed and looked at Sara whose eyes began to fill up with tears.
"Pete doesn't ask me any questions." Sara sobbed and Kate bit her bottom lip and rubbed her back.
"I can't believe I'm crying I'm not even that upset." She squeaked out, it was then that Molly awoke from her nap yelling baby babble to get their attention. Sara just got up and walked into the nursery returning shortly with Molly. Kate stood from the couch and stretched,
"Hey I'm going to get going." Kate hugged Sara and kissed Molly on the nose before making her exit and walking the few short blocks in the bitter cold to Patrick's. Kate noticed the light was on and quickened her pace, it was weird that he was home so early but she wasn't about to complain about it. She walked into the apartment throwing her coat on the table by the door before yelling.
"So yeah Sara is really, really pregnant, four months actually, it's a boy." Her voice echoed throughout the place. Kate looked around confused.
"Patrick?" She called while walking into the kitchen. Suddenly Kate was being grabbed from behind. She gasped out loudly as she felt the hands go around her waist and mouth.
"Patrick isn't here to save you this time." She heard in her ear. She knew that voice in an instant. It was Sean.
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