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Chapter five

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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A/N: Beta reader for this story is Jezz Jamer


Birthday (continued)

Both friends walked along the streets in London. "We are now near Stoke Newington in London, and this must be the place. Harry saw a boutique, which is specialized in clothing for young people. He saw jeans, shirts, t-shirts, and of course underwear. They entered the boutique and Hermione dragged Harry to the underwear department. "Here we are. Harry, please go to the dressing rooms over there and I hand you some styles I like."

Harry started to sputter. "Hermione, I don't need to try them on, I know my size and I don't need to buy more that a few pairs of underwear!"

"Nonsense Harry, of course you need to try them on and you need a lot more that a few pairs. Now please go!" Harry moved to the dressing rooms and within a few minutes, Hermione came with some strange skimpy looking material.

"What the hell is this? Hermione, there is no way in hell I'm going to wear these! Are these things even underwear? They're way too small; I hate the colors and what is with all the stupid designs?" Hermione was laughing as she thrust the underwear into Harry hands and shoved him inside the dressing room and closed the curtain. Harry decided to try on the one normal looking pair. After a moment of struggle, Harry gave up and called out in frustration. "Hermione, what's wrong with you, are you trying to turn me into a eunuch? These are way too small." Hermione laughed harder and went back for a bigger size.

She came back with a few pairs of soft cotton boxers, each with strange cartoon characters on them. "Try these on Harry."

Hermione could hear Harry protesting, but not loud anymore. "We sound like a married couple," Harry mumbled. "These aren't too bad," Harry said more satisfied. Suddenly the curtain opened and Hermione looked in. Harry instantly turned red, and Hermione looked pleased.

"Right, now I will get you more of that size. She turned and disappeared to the back of the boutique. Harry closed the curtains again and could do nothing else then waiting for Hermione to return. He had no idea what happened with Hermione, but nobody in his life ever had looked to his underwear before. Maybe it is a girl thing.

Within minutes, the curtains opened again and Hermione gave Harry a new pile of underwear and some t-shirts. "Harry, let me know when you've finished trying on each pair, I want to see how they fit."

"Hermione, you can't do that, it's indecent and if your dad found out he'd kill me. Besides if one pair fits, they all fit." Hermione was grinning widely.

"Harry, please do what I tell you, and I want to see them on. Especially when I am going to pay for them and this is my birthday gift to you." Her grin became even wider. "If you don't agree, I'll stay here in this dressing room and wait for you to come out. Or do you want me to help you?"

She smirked and started to laugh again. Harry's was now doing a wonderful impression of a quaffle. "Fine Hermione whatever you say, I'll call you when I am ready."

Hermione left the dressing room and waited outside. "Ready!" Hermione opened the curtain and inspected the next one. This continued until the pile of underwear had all been tried on. "Alright Harry, get dress and we'll see what else we can find." Harry sighted and started to dress again.

Once he was done, he left the dressing room to search for Hermione. She was waiting for him at the exit. "Good, we can leave this dreadful place." He mumble. He took her arm and walked out the door. "Should we go back home Hermione? It's already getting late."

"That's a good idea. Would you carry this bag for me?" Harry took the bad automatically, but then he became suspicious.

"What is this?"

"It's your underwear and I think this was as fun as the day you bought me those robes. I put on a show for you, and you put on a show for me. I think we're even now." A big smile was on her face. Harry started to laugh; Hermione joined him a second later.

"You're right, and it was really funny, but in please don't tell others." Hermione started laughing again.

"I won't promise anything."

"Anyway, now that we know that I'm rich, you can't stop me for buying more things for you. I love those robes you tried on for me, and I saw a few others I liked as well."

Hermione was protesting, but not as much as she did before. "I think I like the idea, Harry. We can both shop and I love it when you help me with it."

They took a Double-decker bus and arrived home in time for lunch. "How did the trip go, Harry?" Hermione's father asked him after they finished the lunch.

"Well, it went alright."

"Harry, are you wearing what I bought for you?" Harry looked at Hermione, slowly turning red again.

"The ones with the red bubbles." Harry muttered while nodding. Hermione beamed and laughed brightly.

He turned to Hermione's father. "Mr. Granger, do you have any books about meditation?" Hermione's father looked quickly to the laughing Hermione.

"No Harry, I have nothing about meditation. You need to ask Hermione." Hermione's mother started to laugh as well, and very soon, both ladies were doubled over holding their stomachs, wailing with laughter. Hermione's father looked at his wife and daughter, and then to the blushing Harry. "I think they find something amusing because of you. Did you buy something special with Hermione or did Hermione force you to buy something very personal?" Harry's red face became even redder, but said nothing. In the end, Harry started to laugh as well, and very soon, everyone was howling of laughter.

"Underwear in all colors of the rainbow, with cartoon characters and strange shapes on them." Harry said once they had all calmed down.

"We got a message from professor Dumbledore about your birthday. He would like us to go to the Weasley's at the 15th of August, where we can really celebrate your birthday. Your godfather will also be present. Is that OK with you?" Mr. Granger told Harry.

"Of course it is, Mr. Granger. I would love it." Harry smiled happily. "Hermione, did you do your home work in charms already?"

"Of course I did, Harry. But I did not finish the research in binding spells yet."

"Perfect, I've also finished everything except the research. Could we have only one lesson in dancing today and then spend some time in the binding spell research?" Hermione agreed.

"Let's go do the dancing lessons first and then we can go to my room for the research." Both of them ran to their rooms and very soon, everyone could here a tango throughout the house. Once they were finished the ran to Hermione's room.

"Harry, I want to ask you a question, but I am not sure how to ask it. It's rather personal or I would say it's a question about sensitive subject". Harry looked at her questioningly.

"Hermione, you can ask me anything, nothing is too personal between the two of us."

"I was afraid of that, Harry. Because we've both changed this summer and I am not sure where this we're going in our friendship. I think we need to talk about it."

"Hermione, I liked to talk about it, so what's your question?"

"Harry, do you fancy me?"

Harry was silent. That was indeed a question, which he had been pondering already for a while now. "It's so confusing ... I am not sure what I feel. I have feelings for you ... like ..." Harry was blushing badly.

"I know that our relationship has changed. I think it is now more intense ... You know, you're beautiful, and sometimes I can't help teasing you about it ... and you do the same to me. Before, I loved you as a sister, no doubt about that, but that has changed I think ... I don't know, Hermione. It's so confusing now ... I don't know what's happened to me. I find you very attractive ... That's the only thing I'm sure of ... I've never really liked anyone before so this is all very new for me ..."

Hermione looked at Harry with wide eyes.

"Sometimes I get a funny feeling in my stomach ... like butterflies are fluttering there, and when we were in the shop ... I don't know. I've never felt like that before ... I know that our relationship has changed. Last year, I was your best friend, and my feelings for you were completely platonic. You truly were my best friend. Now it is much more. I still have that feeling of friendship, but it is much more than only friendship now. When you are near me, I have the feeling that I am complete in a way, a feeling I never had before."

Hermione looked at Harry amazingly. "When in Merlin's name did you learn to address your feelings in this way? Harry, you sound so adult suddenly. I'm so pleased!" Hermione was shining with happiness.

"Hermione, I'm not finished yet. You know that I've never really kissed a girl before, you know ... like ... lovers? Whatever ... and I've never had a girlfriend ... you know that as well. I can't help it, but I'm looking at girls a different way now, especially since this summer. When I look at you, I see a very beautiful, young woman, who is strong, intelligent, tactful, romantic, sweet ... and much more I can not put in words. I admire you. If I ever want to have a girlfriend, she needs to have at least all the things you have. It would be so difficult to think about somebody as a girlfriend who can not bind me like you do." Harry stopped for a moment and took both her hands in his.

"I don't know if I have a crush on you. It doesn't feel like it. But I have very deep feelings for you as a my friend. I know I can be myself, I can tease you, I can hold your hands, I can even kiss you, and I've felt that I could do something wrong. I also have a very good connection with you, and I want to keep that as well. I also have similar feelings about Ron, except that he does not have such nice legs like you do."

Hermione was laughing. "Oh Harry, you're making me blush. You're a dear friend, so dear that I've do anything for you. I feel that we have grown so much closer and I also think that we have an excellent connection with each other."

"But tell me, Harry. Don't you fancy anyone? What do you think about Ginny? She's good looking and she fancies you!" Harry looked a bit confused, and his eyebrows went up.

"Hermione, I have absolute no idea about Ginny. The only thing I know is that she's Ron's little sister. When I think about her, I see a nice girl, and that girl is the sister of Ron. That is the only thing I see in her."

Hermione looked at him intently. "So you don't think about any girl in a romantic way? I thought that all boys in puberty thought about was girls?" Harry became slightly uncomfortable and was suddenly very aware of his hands.

"Hermione, boys in puberty are thinking about other things than just girls"

Hermione looked at him with a curious expression on her face. "Then Harry, tell me what else boys are thinking." Harry thought a moment and started to smile, his eyes twinkling. "Boys mostly think about body parts."

"Body parts?" Hermione was frowning. "What do you mean body parts?"

"You know, parts of the body."

"You mean like fingers and knees?"

"No, Hermione, we are thinking about legs and bums and so on."

Hermione now had a mock smile on her face. "And what body parts are you thinking about mostly?"

Harry started to look uncomfortable again and felt himself turning red again. Oh Merlin, he thought. "Hermione, I think about those body parts too."

"What parts?"


"And what other parts are you thinking about?"

"I fantasize about legs."

"Do you fantasize about more then only legs?"

"Hermione! Why are you asking me this?" Harry's face was now resembling a beet. "And what do you girls think about? Aren't you thinking about boys?"

"Yes, we do."

"Do you think about boys the whole time or sometimes?"

"Harry, we girls think and discuss boys every free moment."

Harry looked stunned. "You are joking!"

"No I am not joking. And if you want to know, we are also thinking, dreaming and fantasizing about the same body parts as you do and much more. By the way, when you dream about those body parts, do you have a certain girl in mind or do you dream about a lot of different girls?"

Harry frowned. This thought had never occurred to him, that indeed he thought about a few girls, and not as many girls as Ron was dreaming about. "I fantasize only about two girls, not more and never did." He was looking at the ground, his eyes fixed on the carpet. "And do you think about a specific boy?"

Hermione looked at him. "Harry that is something you need to guess, because I am not going to tell you." With this she stood up. "Harry, this is your birthday, and I want to do something special tonight. What about giving you an exam for your dance lessons?" Harry looked at her as if she spoke Chinese.

"An exam for my birthday?" Harry thought for a minute and his expression changed into a wide grin. "Are you thinking about something special?"

"Yes, let's go to my room and get some music for slow-dancing. Then move to the living room and we can have our exam and see if you succeed." With that she flounced out of the room and a minute later was back with some CD's in her hand. "Come on, Harry. We don't have all night." She grabbed his hand and together they ran to the living room. Nobody was in the living room. Hermione went to the CD player and inserted the first CD of Pablo Cruise. She walked to Harry and the music started, soft and slowly. So his dance exam started, except that they did not dance as they usual did, but very close to each other. "Harry, are you thinking about those body parts?" Harry turned red again.

Damn, I've never been able to hide anything from, he thought. "No not at the moment, Hermione."

"Why not?" Hermione said surprised.

"Because at the moment I can feel them."

Now Hermione turned red, but they continued to dance very close to each other.

That evening Harry truly felt very good. They danced and talked until the early hours of the morning.

"Hermione, can you do something for me for my birthday?" At that moment, they were very close together, dancing to the soft music of Dire Straits.

"Your birthday is over, you're too late .... What is it you want?"

"Would you put on one of your robes for me?"

Hermione was looking at him. "Harry, you sound like ..." She didn't continue.

"Please Hermione? I promise to make it up with you. I will grant you one wish as well."

Hermione stared at him then started grinning. "That is a deal." She looked brightly at him, turned, and disappeared from the living room.

Alone in the living room, Harry very stealthy went to his room, took the velvet box and hurried back to the living room. Harry sat on the sofa and waited for Hermione. The excellent music of the Dire Straits was still playing and he listen dreamily. He felt himself relax and was thinking about what Hermione had said this evening. A smile came to his face and he wondered what Hermione was doing. 20 minutes had passed since she went to her room. Did she fall asleep or something? Did she changed her mind about changing? Or maybe she became angry or upset and is now sulking in her room?

Suddenly he looked up and there she was. His mouth fell open, and his eyes became large and he couldn't believe his eyes. "Oh Hermione, You are so beautiful, you look stunning!" He stood up and stared at her. Hermione's smile deepened and became radiant.

"Gosh, thank you Harry. Are you thinking about body parts right now?"

Harry laughed at her teasing and looked appreciatively t her. "Actually, I'm thinking about all the body parts now." Hermione's expression froze and she looked at him questioningly. "Hermione, please don't move and close your eyes. I promise you will not regret this." Hermione looked unsure at him, but she closed her eyes anyway.

Harry opened the velvet box, took the necklace out, and moved behind Hermione. He opened the lock of the necklace and placed it around Hermione's neck. Then he moved back to look at her. "It is now complete." Hermione opened her eyes and looked astonished.

"Harry, what is this and what did you do?" She admired the beautiful necklace and then she looked at him with a question in her eyes. Harry took the box and opened it in front of her. "These are the bracelets and rings and the other necklace, like the one I just gave you. This is yours to wear for the balls. I think that you are complete now, except that we didn't buy you shoes." Hermione looked astonished at the box.

"And I promise to wear my fancy and new underwear under my dress robes and maybe I'll tell you which one I'm wearing during the ball." Harry grinned.

"Thank you Harry. You make me feel so special."

They continued to dance.

"Hermione, did I pass the dancing exam? It is already four a.m. and I wonder what my teacher is thinking?"

"You are my only and best pupil for this evening, and yes, you have passed the exam and much more!" She kissed him on his forehead and left the living room. "Good night and sweet dreams." she whispered.


A/N: Beta reader for this story is Jezz Jamer
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