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Chapter six

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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The magical merge

"Do you have something to report, Severus?" Severus Snape looked uncomfortable to the headmaster. "Yes, Albus, they danced through the night together, and they looked to be in love. I saw them dancing until the morning." Albus Dumbledore said nothing any more.

The next morning everyone sat at the breakfast table, talking happily. "Yesterday it was the best birthday I ever had. Thank you very much for everything, Hermione, Mr. and Mrs. Granger. I will never forget it as long as I live. And I also passed my exam in dancing." Mr. and Mrs. Granger looked questioningly at Harry and Hermione.

"Yes mum, Harry did his exam yesterday evening, and indeed he is able to dance very well." Hermione looked at Harry with a big smile and smirked.

"Would the two of you like to go tonight with us to a dinner and ball?"

Harry looked to Hermione, who beamed. "Yes mum, that would be so fantastic. I have something very special to wear tonight. Wait, I'll show you!" She stood up from the table and ran to her room to fetch the velvet box. She came back with an excited expression on her face and placed the box on the table. Both Mrs. and Mr. Granger looked to the box curiously and Hermione opened it. Mrs. Granger's mouth dropped open. "Ooh, that's so beautiful. Whose is it?"

"It's from the family heritage of Harry. I can borrow it for the balls this year at school and I'd like to wear it tonight."

"Are you two together, Hermione?" Mr. Granger looked with an unreadable expression on his face to Hermione and Harry.

You could drop a needle in the kitchen, it became so uncomfortably quiet. Hermione looked to Harry and smiled.

"No, we are going together as friends. Not so complicated this way and neither of us need to search for partners."

"Is that the reason why you want to learn to dance, Harry?" Mrs. Granger looked at Harry with a small frown.

"No, Mrs. Granger. I wanted to learn etiquette before we discussed the balls this coming school year. I think that etiquette is very important for every person, and dancing is part of it, according to my teacher, Miss Granger. If you don't believe it, ask her." Harry was smiling now and pointed to Hermione. He proudly looked to Hermione. "She is the best friend and best teacher I can imagine."

His eyes were shining of delight. "Last year at Hogwarts, when I tried to learn charms, it was always such an effort. But when I learned a new set of charms with Hermione this vacation, it was no effort at all. I think that Hermione is the best teacher I ever had; she brings out the best in me."

He looked expectantly to Hermione's parents and waited for their reaction. The delight on his face caused Mrs. Granger to laugh. "Harry, I don't think you are objective enough to make a fair judgment."

"But Mrs. Granger ..." Harry was astonished. "But Hermione is good! She is the best of the school. She is the fastest in everything, she is amazing! And she is able to teach me! Now that makes her something very special, is that not right? Ask Professor Snape, because according to him I am not able to learn anything! "

Mr. Granger was laughing now. "Harry, I could not have said it any better. I fully agree. Maybe it is about time we have a talk together ... you know..."

Harry did not know, but he followed Mr. Granger to the living room. Mr. Granger closed the door and looked to Harry.

"Harry, are you and Hermione more than just friends?"

"This sounds very familiar", Harry thought.

"No Mr. Granger. We are just very good friends."

Mr. Granger looked to Harry. "I am very sorry Harry, but this is hard to believe. When I listen to you, you praise Hermione straight into heaven, and I see that jewelry you gave her, that is something that best friends don't do with each other. That is something that people do when they are falling in love with each other."

Harry sat on a chair and looked to the floor. "Honest Mr. Granger. I feel a great deal for Hermione, but we do not kiss or anything like that." Harry continued to look at the floor, waiting for Mr. Granger.

Mr. Granger was looking at Harry and a smile appeared on his face. "Harry, it is OK. What ever you both do, please do not hurt my little girl. Thinking about it, do not hurt you either. When your relationship matures into a love-relationship, you will have my blessing, and I am sure that I also speak for my wife. If your relationship stays a relationship between friends, you have my blessing as well. Harry, you are always welcome here in our house, because we like you very much, especially Hermione."

Harry looked at Mr. Granger with relief on his face. Whatever it was that Mr. Granger wanted to know from him, the talk was something he did not expect. He expected that Mr. Granger would be angry or upset with him, but he was obviously not. He looked like he was happy!

"Harry, there is something I like you to ask about the necklace you gave to Hermione. Where did that come from?"

"Mr. Granger, it is part of my heritage. I learned this during my birthday, when we were visiting the wizard bank. My family, the Potters, seems to be an old family name, and over the ages they have collected a lot of money and properties, which is collected in the family fortune. The necklace and bracelets are a small part of it. "

"Why did you give it to Hermione?"

"Did you see that new dress Hermione has now? When you look at it, the necklace and bracelet will make it complete and she is and will be the queen of the ball. I think that would make her happy and will give her a good time. The necklace and bracelet would normally rest in a vault, and now it can shine!"

"Is that a gift to Hermione or is she only borrowing it?"

"Don't tell Hermione, but it is a gift to her. If I tell her that, she might get upset. Don't you agree?"

Mr. Granger was looking at Harry and smiled. "I think that you are right, Harry". He started to laugh. He put his hand on the shoulder of Harry. "Let's go back to the girls and complete this perfect morning". With a broad smile on his face they went together to the kitchen, while Mr. Granger was still holding Harry's shoulder. Entering the kitchen they saw Hermione and her mother in an animated conversation, which immediately stopped.

"And?", Mrs. Granger asked, looking to her husband.

"You know ... just a talk between two men ... nothing special. Everything is fine. Hermione and Harry, are we going to the dinner and ball tonight?"

Harry looked at Hermione, who nodded to him. "Sir, it would be such an honor."

Harry and Hermione cleaned the kitchen and washed the dishes, while Mr. and Mrs. Granger went to their medical center to work. Hermione and Harry went back to Hermione's room and sat on the bed.

"Harry, what did my father ask you in the living room?"

"Hermione, you are curious! It is men's talk, and only between men."

"Harry! I would like to know!"

Harry became slightly red again. "This is great, since I am with the Grangers' I become red every 20 minutes for what ever reason," he thought.

"He asked if we were together as lovers or girl-boy-friend. After I answered him, he said that he gives us his blessing, whatever our relationship was leading to. Only we are not allowed to hurt each other. He also said that you need to massage my neck every evening and make me chocolate."

"He did not say that!" Hermione looked at him with big eyes. "Did he?"

"Yes naturally he said that". Harry had now a wide grin on his face.

"Seriously Harry, what did he say?"

"As I said before, but he might not have said anything about chocolate."

"And massage!" Hermione finished.

"And massage." Harry confirmed.

"What did you say?"

"I said a lot, but the answer I gave was the truth. We are very good friends and our relationship is still evolving."

"Oh Harry, I feel so good. What ever will come, we will see. We are free and the future can give us everything. But there are some things I'd like to ask you. Call it a little research."

"OK, about what?"

"Harry, I still don't believe that you have no crush on someone or at least some romantic feelings. Maybe you might be gay? "

"Hermione!!! I am not gay and I never have any feelings about any boy! Not only that, those body parts we mentioned before were only female body parts!"

"But Harry, boys have legs as well!"

"No Hermione, not only legs!" Harry said. "By the way, we were only talking about me, but what about you? Do you have a crush on someone? Or do you have someone in mind when you think about romantic things?"

Hermione was quiet for some moments. "I guess it is the same as with you. About romantic things I think about going out for a dinner, or to receive flowers or the dress you bought me or that necklace I can borrow, or the sweet words some people tell me about myself, or when someone gives me compliments about the way how I look or feel. Those are romantic things for me, I guess. But OK, you are right. It is not only about you, but also about myself. Let's play a game, and we can help both of us."

"What game do you want to play?"

"We will play questions and answers. I ask you a question and you need to answer me. You are only allowed to tell the truth or refuse to answer. What do you think?"

Harry was thinking. He saw Hermione looking expectantly to him. "Let's do it. But we do it a little bit different. You can refuse only one question, not more and the answers can only be confirmative or not. "

"That is a deal. Who starts asking questions? Shall I start asking questions? "

Harry nodded. This would be fun.

"Harry, do you like it here? "

"Yes. Now it is my turn. Do you like me? "

"Yes. Are you my friend?"

"Yes. Do you love me as a friend?

Hermione's grin became wider. "Yes. Do you fancy anyone, Harry? "

"No, Hermione. I told you before. Do you fancy Ron? "

"No Harry, I do not fancy him. Do you have any romantic feelings for anyone? "

"No, I have no romantic feelings, I think... Do you fancy me? "

Hermione looked at him. "What do you mean with 'I think'?"

"Hermione, only simple questions, please. I pass that question. "

Both of them were looking a bit uncomfortable.

"I have now an open question for you, Harry. When we fancy each other, and have a relationship, and after we have finished school, and have jobs, what would you like to do with that relationship?" Hermione was looking at him intensively.

"What do you mean, Hermione?"

"I mean it as I said. I am only curious of course and I want to know what you think."

"I think in that case I would be madly in love and do all kind of nice things for you. I think that we would be partners in everything, and we would have a lot of fun. I also think that I would ask for your hand, we would marry and have some children. I would like a little girl and boy. I also want to have an amazing house to live in, and a lot of money not to have financial worries, and I also would like to write books and do a lot of research for the sake for research, and I think I would like to become old and satisfied in this way. So, does that answer your question?"

"Yes Harry that did indeed answer my question." Hermione smiled sweetly to him. "Is this a fantasy or a wish?" Harry looked at her. Hermione looked him straight into the eyes. He could see the reflection of his own face in her eyes. "Yes, what was this, a wish? Or was it a fantasy?" Harry thought. He did not know why he told this story to her. It looked like his tongue had its own life. But what was it, wish or fantasy?

"I think it is a bit of both." Harry looked very serious, and this did not escape Hermione.

"Harry, we are talking about things I have never talked about with anybody before. I am sure the same with you?"

"Yes Hermione, I never talked about those things, because I never had these experiences before and I never had anyone like you to talk to. This is not something like a sister and brother thing, don't you think?"

Hermione thought for a bit. "Indeed. This is definitely not something of a family thing."

Suddenly Hermione's eyes lit up. "Let's do something fun until we need to prepare for tonight. I understand from my mother that we do something extraordinary and that it is supposed to be a surprise. I'm curious as to what it is. Let's play chess!"

It was five o'clock in the afternoon when Hermione stood up from her chess board and threw her hands in the air. "OK Harry, you win again. You are absolutely impossible. How is it that you win all the chess games, while last year you lost all of them?"

"Well Hermione. I have read a book about chess, and I found out when you use strategy in chess, you might win every chess game against somebody who is not applying it. You need to have a good chess-opening."

"What is a chess-opening?"

"Well ... I use a chess opening, which is called the 'English opening'. This is a predefined set of moves with all kind of variations which covers as much as possible to launch a good attack, or sometimes a defense. When the opponent makes one mistake, this will give you a strategic advantage. There are many types of chess-openings and I memorized several of them."

"Argh! That is not fair. I will go to the library and we will see what happens then when we play the next time." Hermione was clearly frustrated and Harry was beaming.

"Now I have an opportunity to beat Ron!" That was something Harry looked forward to.

"Now, I'm going to get in the shower, then you can. We need to get dressed and prepare to leave. My father will pick us up with the car, because our reservation with the restaurant is six o'clock."

A few minutes later, Hermione called out, "Harry, I am ready, now it is your turn!"

"OK Hermione." He went to the bathroom with his clothes. He arrived at the door of the bathroom and before he could open the door, the door opened straight in his face. He felt a slam against his nose and before he knew it he was pushed on the floor on his bum. He looked dazedly around him to see what happened. The door was open and he saw Hermione standing there, looking at him with her lips in the form of an O, her eyes wide open. "Harry, I am sorry. I did not realize you were already at the bathroom door. Did I hurt you?"

Harry felt his nose, but suddenly he was aware of Hermione's towel, wrapped around her. She was obviously only wearing that towel and nothing else. Her hair was bound in a single tail and still wet, the water dripping down on her back. That towel was not covering her much then only the minimum. Harry could not help then to stare at her. He could see the form of her breasts pressing through the towel, they promised to be not large, but definitely not small. He could see her nipples through the material of the towel.

Under the towel two nice and good looking legs were sticking out. Her legs were very well formed and very long. He could see that she had colored her nails ... yellow. Her legs were sunny brown. His stare went up again to her neck and shoulders. She was sun-burned and had a nice tan, and he could still determine where her bikini was because of the differences in color. He could see the places of the where her bikini started.

Hermione suddenly was aware what Harry was staring. "Harry, are you alright?" His stare did not wonder, but stayed fixed on her. Suddenly his view went up to her face, his eyes widened and his face started to burn again. "Oops, those are the body parts where little boys have fantasies about". He sprang to his feet and hurriedly went into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. She heard him say "Oh, that looked very nice" before she hurried to her room, smiling.

Harry came out of the bathroom and went to his room, having decided it was not a good idea to dress in the bathroom, where water was everywhere. Arriving in his room, he got dressed, put on his shows, and was looking at the aftershave. "Shall I use it?" he thought.

"Harry, can I come in? Are you decent?" That was Hermione of course to laugh in his face about the debacle in front of the bathroom. "Yes Hermione, of course you can come in."

The door opened and he was not prepared for what was standing there. He could not believe his eyes, because it was indeed a shocking surprise. A truly beautiful young woman stood there in the opening of the door. "Hermione, is that you? Oh Hermione, you will kill every male in a radius of 100 miles. You look stunning and so beautiful; it is like a fairytale ... you are sleeping beauty, except without sleeping and much more beautiful."

Hermione was beaming now, and walked over to Harry. She had found a small lady's bag, which she was holding in her hand. With her other hand she took his shoulder. "Come my prince, we need to go. You can give me a kiss because of your compliments. "

Harry stared her in the face, very stunned. "Hermione! "

Harry leaned closer, planning to place a soft and tender kiss on her forehead. He closed his eyes and his lips were touching ... not her forehead! He felt soft lips under his own. He did not retreat, but did not press either. Only a small and tender kiss; their lips touching each other very softly. His eyes opened and looked straight into Hermione's. "Oh my, this feels good," he thought. He could smell her shampoo and lavender and something else as well. Very slowly he moved his lips from Hermione's.

"Oh my Hermione, if this continues ..." whispered Harry to her.

Hermione smiled dreamily again and took his elbow and together went to the door. "Let's go out and wait for my father outside. The weather is nice and we both need some fresh air, I think."

With that they closed the door behind them and were outside. Harry looked at Hermione out of the corner of his eye. She was stunningly beautiful, and the dress was indeed a looker. He saw that she was wearing the necklace and bracelet, but not a ring. The necklace was shining and sparkling in the street lights. Every time she moved, the sparkling changed of color.

"Harry, the rings are maybe for later, not now. It might give people the wrong idea, I hope you understand?"

"Of course I understand, the rings in that collection are not a ring between lovers or girlfriend, but it is more than that, I think. Those rings are too big for modern people. Maybe it was normal for such size some 200 years ago. When you are thinking about friendship rings, then you need to think about smaller ones. Don't you think, Hermione?"

"Harry, are you teasing me now?"

Harry was laughing. "Only time will tell that. If we need to wait longer for your father, we can always stop into the jewelry shop and get some of those rings. What do you think? I also think I need to buy some big chains and bind you to me before someone might grab one of us and will break my fairytale with the most amazing and stunning looking woman in the entire world." Harry was now beaming to Hermione.

"I think, Harry, that you need to have another shower, but a very cold one." Hermione was smiling and blushing.

"Hermione, is this romantic? Because this is very romantic to me. This is so freaking good." Harry was now almost jumping; he grabbed her arm and holds it very tight to his side.

Hermione was beaming now even more. "Yes Harry, this is soooooo romantic, you are so great and sweet. Let's go to that jewelry shop and buy us all the rings we need." She was counting now on her fingers. "Let's see, friendship rings, engagement rings, marriage rings ..."

Now it was the turn of Harry to look questionable to Hermione. "Hermione, what do you mean?"

Hermione laughed loudly. "Got you now, didn't I?" She grasped his arm holding hers and squeezed.

"Harry, what do you want to do after you have finished at school? "

Harry was quiet for some moments and looked dreamily to the opposite house.

"Hermione, I want to be honest and tell you my dream. I have had this dream already for years. I am dreaming that after I finish school, I live in a mansion. My work is writing or doing some kind of research, and I work from home. I see a large garden with apple trees, and I see the mansion with a library, a working room, a very cozy living room, and an amazing kitchen."

Mr. Grangers' car stopped in front of them; Harry and Hermione immediately stood up and looked embarrassed. Hermione's parents were looking to the pair, while Harry held the door open for Hermione. Hermione stepped in, and Harry followed. He closed the door and the car went off into the city. "Oh my Hermione and Harry, both of you look really wonderful. Hermione, you truly look stunning, it is unbelievable how good you look like. Harry, you definitely did something to her, maybe you used some magic? "

"No Mrs. Granger. I did not use any magic. All the magic is in Hermione."

With this Mrs. Granger turned in her seat and smiled to Harry. "I see that the etiquette lessons paid off."

They parked the car in a small street somewhere in London city. Harry flew out of the car and held the doors open for both Mrs. Granger and Hermione, who was patiently waiting for Harry to open it.

"Harry, are you trying to impress my wife and Hermione? " Mr. Granger was laughing now and looked at Harry with an amused impression in his eyes. "I think it is succeeding!"

Harry blushed again. "Yes and no. This is the other exam I have for my etiquette with Hermione. At least I practice it now," and with that he held out an arm for Hermione to grab.

Hermione took his arm and all of them started to walk down the street until they reached a small restaurant. The restaurant was not busy at the moment. Harry saw two couples in a corner of the very cozy room. It was clear to him that this restaurant was a real muggles restaurant. A waiter met them in the middle of the room and led them to a small alcove with a table for four. The waiter held the chair for Mrs. Granger and Hermione and all were seated.

"I have a surprise for the both of you." Hermione's father looked at them.

The waiter came with the menus and they ordered almost immediately. Hermione's father advised him to try the Cordon Bleu.

"What surprise, dad?"

"In an hour we all are going to a dance hall, but only for ball-room music. So everything stays classic and no modern music this evening. I think that you are dressed excellently for this. I think this is also acceptable for the rest of us as well." Mr. Granger paused, took his glass and nipped.

"Is there more than the dance, dad?" Hermione looked anxiously to her father.

"Yes, there is more, but that surprise is for tomorrow and it stays a surprise until then."

"That is not fair, dad. First you make us hungry and then you deny us the food."

"It is enough for the dinner; the dessert will have to wait until tomorrow. Speaking about desserts, do you want ice cream, pudding, or torte?


A/N: Beta reader for this story is Red
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