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taking out the anger

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O.o bad at summaries! BUT Gerard And Frankie!!

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Gerard leaned against a stone wall drawing from his cigarrete,watching what was happening around him.

Chaos, desruction, and just an all around head ache. Gerard not in a very good moood threw down his cigarette and stomped it into the concrete beneath him and shouted at the would "CAN EVERYONE JUST SHUT THE HELL UP FOR ONCE!!!!" He was pissed and showing it not even a simple huge from his "friend" would help.
He turned to face the gang of no longer mobing fans to say "You guys make me sick, Give me some kind of chance to get out of the building!" he lit another cigarette and stomp toward his tour bus.

On board Mikey and the rest of the gand were all asleep in various places on the bus, Mikey was on top of the table, Bob was in the passenger seat, Ray was on the couch and located on the floor was Frankie.

Not paying much attention because of the currently pissed off state her was in, Gerard didn't notice him laying there and stepped on his hand. "OUCH! watch where your stepping! I'm trying to sleep here."
"No one Really Cares! Stand up..."

Frankie stood up and was surprised by a hard kiss that smothered his words.
"Muuurms" he tried to say Hey what are you doing! but it didn't come out quite right.

Gerard then draged him into the closet they called a bathroom and proceded to try to undress him.
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