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Curiosity Isn't Always Bad!

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Atlanta finds Archie's secret book and starts reading it. Will any good come out of this? One-Shot from Atlanta's POV.

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Hello everybody. My name is Atlanta Theron and as you may all know, I am the descendant of Atalanta.

Unlike other teenage girls, I have to fight a psycho God of Time who is planning to rule the world along with 6 other descendants. They're the best friends anyone can ever ask for!

-There's Jay, he's a really nice guy but he's too serious about Cronus.
-Herry, who is like a big brother to me! Maybe he's lost sometimes but he has a heart of gold!
-Odie, who is the smartest person I've ever seen! I don't know what the team would've done without him!
-Theresa, my best friend. We always go shopping together and she has this really cool power of seeing the future!
-Neil, who is in love with himself! I mean, he spends and hour in front of the mirror and he always uses all the hot water!
-And finally there's Archie, my bestest friend in the whole world! He's like my same exact twin except, well, he's a boy! We have the same interests, we go everywhere together and we both love annoying Neil! But we also fight a lot and sometimes he gets really annoying, not to mention he's a sore loser!

There's only one thing that get's on my nerves, he has this yellow book he takes everywhere with him! And every time I try to look at it, he quickly hides it in his pocket! Sometimes I just wanna grab it and look at it when he's not home......Actually, that's exactly what I'll do! Tomorrow, when he's not home, I'll sneak into his room and snatch that book! Well! Until tomorrow then! Bye!


Ok guys so today is the big day! Archie and the guys are all at the mall and I'm home alone! Which gives me the chance to steal that little book! Time to put my plan into action!

I slowly open his door and walk into his room. Oh yuk! When was the last time Archie cleaned his room! I search through his stuff but I can't find the stupid book! When suddenly, I see something yellow under his pillow. It was the Book!! WHOOT! I quickly open it and start reading..! Atlanta! I quickly open my page and I was surprised at what I saw. There was a photo of me and some hearts around it. There was also a small poem. It read:

Only you can make me smile and bring me on a high
only you can keep me going when times I'd want to die
only you give me love and strength to be the real me
only you can give me belief in life and hope eternally
only you can give me courage when my confidence is low
only you can give me the time of day,when no one wants to know
only you can wisper sweet nothings at night when i sleep
only you can open up my heart with the key which you will keep
only you can miss me so when we are apart
only you can listen to problems that i need to share
only you can be my saviour,when i need someone there
only you can break my heart and mould it back together
only you can be the one I will love forever, only you, Atlanta.

I stayed surprised in my place. Who knew Archie Owen liked me, Atlanta Theron! Was I that oblivious to realize he likes me? Suddenly the door opened and in came Archie! He had returned from the mall.

-" Atlanta? What are you-" his eyes widened when he saw I was holding his precious yellow book. He started blushing like hell and ran out the door.

-" Archie! Wait! Come back!" I yelled but he was already gone. Good thing I know where he was! I opened the door to the roof and saw him sitting on the edge, watching the stars.

-" Mind if I join you?" I asked. He didn't answer. I sat down next to him. He was really cute when he was sad!

-" How long have you liked me?" I asked. He stayed quiet but finally answered my question.

-" Since the first day I saw you. Atlanta, you're special and I've always liked you. I was just too shy to say it, thinking it would break our friendship. But I'm going to say it now." He then stood up and hold my hands.

-" Atlanta Theron, I love you!" I was shocked! Words weren't coming to my mouth. He saw that I was frozen like a statue and let go of my hands. He then sighed and started walking back inside. When I was able to speak again, I yelled his name.

-" Archie! Wait!" He turned around and saw me running towards him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him! That's right, I kissed him! Not on the cheek, not on the nose, but on the lips! At first, he was shocked of what happened. But later, I felt him kissing back! When we finally let go, I whispered into his ear.

-" Archie, I love you too"

Well there you go! That's my beautiful love story! This whole things comes to one conclusion.

Archie is annoying, nice, curious, charming, shy, hot, a sore loser, and he's just the way I like it!

The End!
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