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Mysterious Encounter

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Fangirl meets boy, but once in a relationship with him, walks straight out of it. Trust him? I guess not...(I suck at summaries).

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A/N: I'm actually writing this fanfiction ahead of what it really is-(so technically I'm writing the fourth chapter even though this is the first). But I want to see if you guys like it or not...cue the reviews. =D Thanks, guys!

"Well, well. Another productive concert." Spencer smiled, as he wiped his forehead with a nearby towel.

"I'll say. I think we better head on out before the fans really get antsy." Jon replied, and took a sip out of his fifth water bottle that night. He, too, wiped his forehead with a towel a backstage manager handed him.

Ryan waved a hand carelessly. "They can wait. They always do. I think we should just sit for a few minutes...I'm still out of breath..."

Just as the boys nodded and agreed to Ryan's statement, the door to their backstage lounging area opened and Brendon walked in.

"Are we going out soon?" He asked, with full joy and bounce in his gleaming eyes.

Gleaming eyes plus a hyper Brendon was not usually the best combination.

"Um, we all just agreed to sit for awhile and stuff before heading on out..." Spencer said, and plopped down on a velveted couch.

"Okay. I dunno if I can sit that long though," Brendon laughed, and plopped down next to the couch alongside his good friends.

"Well, we'll make you." Ryan grinned, and sat down on the couch gingerly. His fragile frame was always so graceful and full of poise, that Brendon sometimes wanted to see what he was like when he was...well, he didn't know.

"Yeah, make Brendon. That'll be the day..." Jon smirked, and tossed away his water bottle and went to join the others.

"Hah! Remember that one time..." Spencer started, his eyes laughing with glee.

"...When Brendon refused to wear makeup?" Ryan finished off, leaning back into the couch. "Yeah...Spencer and I were the only ones who were patient enough. You guys don't have any patience whatsoever..." Ryan said, gesticulating towards Jon and Brendon.

"Yeah, well...Brendon was truculently killing all those mushroom-looking things on that video game...or whatever he was playing that night..." Jon said, looking at Brendon accusingly.

"...What?" Brendon asked innocently. "Me? No, I'm an angel."

"Hah. An angel named Lucifer."

"Yeah, angel my ass, Bren."

"So when are we going out to sign stuff for fans?" Brendon asked, exasperated of the conversation already.

"Soon enough."


"Alice! I really need to use the bathroom. I was waiting since the beginning of the show!"

"Sarah...why didn't you just go while they were playing intermission?"

"Because the intermission was so fucking interesting I couldn't go pee." Sarah giggled as Alice rolled her eyes.

"Fine...go and I'll save you a spot. Just...keep your cell on vibrate, alright?" Alice said, and pushed Sarah off towards the direction of the bathrooms.

"Okay!! And call me immediately once they come out of...well, wherever they are. I want my shirt signed!" Sarah yelled at her, but was lost in the throng of people by the time Alice thought of a reply.

It wasn't too long-probably four minutes after Sarah left-that a man tapped her on the shoulder.

"Sorry." Alice said immediately, thinking that the man wanted to get through.

"Make way-they're gonna come through to start the signing."

"Oh my gosh! Okay..." Alice said, and frantically reached for her cell phone to call Sarah.

"Move! Come on, come on, come on!" A few bodyguards chanted, and pushed the crowd back. Alice accidentally dropped her cell phone. Once she dropped it, she couldn't find it.

"Fuck!" Alice yelped, as another girl-with bloody high heels!-stepped on her converse shoes. On her toes, for chrissake!

Before she even knew it, she was in a line to get something signed. The boys of the band were up on a sort of pedastool. The rest of the fans were in a disfigured line that looked like it extended to just about the same length as the Great Wall Of China.

Alice still had her handbag, in which she had her Panic! At the Disco t-shirt and CD. She had also brought her digital camera, for the sake of taking pictures with them.
She wondered if her friend would come back at that point, it seemed useless. She'd just get something signed, and come back to look for her.

It took forever, but by the time she was at the front of the line, her heart thudded against her chest. True, she thought this band was amazing before she saw what they looked like on the internet. She liked them even before they kicked out Brent. And now...

...She just had to act normal.


"Hey." A voice brought her back to conciousness.

"Move." The girl behind her shoved her so that Alice would move. Alice stumbled and stepped up to the mini-stage where only a table separated her and the band./ Oh my fucking lord.../

They were, in one word, beautiful.

"Hi, would you please sign my CD and t-shirt?" She asked politely, as if she were talking to a proper adult./ What the hell? These guys are only a year older than I am!/

"Of course. It's why you're in line, right?" Brendon laughed as she pulled out her shirt and CD.

As he was midway through signing, she cleared her throat, and said hesitatingly, "Um...d'you mind if I take a picture of us too?"

Shit, why do I sound like I'm trying to get a photo of something in a museum?

Brendon just looked up at her, and blinked. She was scared now-out of her wits. So he started laughing hysterically.

"You're too funny, you know that? Cut it out with the politeness-we're all just people here. You don't look too much older than old are you?" He asked, as he handed the CD back to Alice.

Alice smiled and brought out her camera as well. "I'm only a year younger than you."

"...So you know my birthdate?"


Brendon just laughed at her face. It turned from her normal state to something abnormally cherry-red.

"It's ok...I bet more than half of the girls out here know where I was born, what my favorite animal and color is, and more shit like that. Hey, don't look so frightened...I'm not that scary, am I?"

Alice just laughed. It was her first laugh since really meeting him.

"Okay..." She said, shaking her head, and walking behind the table.

"You want to take a picture with me?"


"Okay." Brendon said. "Wait." He interjected, right before she snapped the picture with her arm extended, capturing the both of them in the picture.

"What?" She asked, turning to look at him properly.

"Funny or real smile picture?" Brendon asked, looking at her seriously.

She could have burst out laughing from his question.

"Funny, I guess." She concluded, and then she snapped the picture. She wasn't quite sure what he was doing, because she was too busy crossing her eyes.

"Okay...thanks., nice meeting you, I guess," Alice said shyly, and went on to get her CD and shirt signed by Jon, Spencer, and Ryan.

Just as she was about the leave the table, she felt a tap on her shoulder. As she slowly turned around, Brendon handed her her cell phone.

"Is this yours? Someone came up to me and said a girl with brown hair and a purple headband dropped this..."

Alice popped open the flip phone, and the words 'Alice in Wonderland' popped up at her. "Yup, it's mine. Thanks...a lot. And keep producing more great music." She grinned, and held out her hand to shake his.

"Nah." He said, shaking his head. Before she could ask if the 'no' was to her handshake or the making music, he wrapped her in a big-bear hug. The masses of girls around them didn't seem to notice, and all Alice could feel was immense happiness and glow inside her.

"You better have enjoyed the show. We'll try to make it even better on our next tour to San Francisco next year." Brendon said, and winked at her playfully before walking back to the table.

Alice was rendered speechless as she walked out of the building to see if she could get service and finally call Sarah.


"God...long night. And tomorrow night, we head off to home." Ryan muttered under his breath.

"Las Vegas baby." Spencer sighed exhaustedly as the four boys waited for the elevator.

"Hey was there a girl who lost her cell phone there?" Jon asked, still talking to Brendon about the signing of autographs.

"Yeah." Brendon said, almost forgetting the polite girl who was the only one who asked, 'Could I please take a picture...?'

He merely laughed at the thought-her blushing, his teasing.

"Bren, you okay?" Spencer asked wonderingly as the elevator doors slid open. They all walked in, and pushed the 'close' button.

They had to wait to get to the top floor-the 36th floor. It would take a minute or two.

"Huh? Yeah." Brendon said tiredly. "Just worn out."

"Well that's new." Ryan said sarcastically as the rest chuckled.

A pause.

"So what was her name?"


"The girl. Who lost her cell phone?" Ryan reminded him gently. "Or did you just get short term memory loss?"

"Oh, be quiet." Brendon said mock-angrily. "I think her name was Alice."

"Huh. I know an Alice." Spencer said randomly.

The rest of them stared at him blankly.

"What? I do!" Spencer insisted, before they all rolled their eyes at him.

"Did she look cute?" Jon asked, elbowing Brendon in a nudge-nudge-wink-wink way.

"...I guess you could say that." Brendon grinned slyly as the elevator doors slid open again.

"Have a good night's rest, guys. See you tomorrow." Brendon said, and walked out first. The rest of the boys just looked at one another.

"You know, I really don't remember the last time Brendon talked about a girl like that..." Spencer said quietly as the rest of them walked out.

"Last time he was shut-mouth about girls like that...he had his first real girlfriend." Ryan said in the same quiet voice.

Jon, who hadn't been around Brendon as long as the other guys, asked, "So he meets a new fan on a's not like they're gonna hook up. He met her once," He shrugged.

"Well," Ryan said, and took out his card from his pocket.

"Anything can happen." He slid his card into room 3678.

"Night, all."


Alice had to survive a whole hour and a half of ranting from Sarah until she finally shut up. Of course, she was raging mad at Alice for a) not waiting for her. B) not calling her on someone else's cell phone c) she got to meet the band, and Sarah didn't.

They were quiet in the car, with soft Coldplay playing in the background.

"So how'd it go?" Sarah finally asked, to break the ice as she looked at Alice, who was driving.

"It" Alice grinned, and shrugged.

"You've got that look." Sarah said in a low voice.


"Yeah, the kind I can tell when you've got a crush on someone. Either that or you're lying."

"Sarah, you've known me for too long."

"For five years, damn straight." Sarah smiled and laughed. Alice joined in, and told Sarah line-by-line the conversation she had with each band member, especially Brendon.

"You like him." Sarah concluded after Alice stopped.

"Well, duh. Who wouldn't? But it's not like I have a chance anyways. Plus, I'll probably never meet him again."

"Whatever you say, Ali."

A few more minutes passed by, when Sarah asked,

"Hey, can I use your cell?"

"Sure, it's in my pocket." Alice replied, turning her indicator on as she turned left. They were nearly home. They had to drive 2 hours away from their flat they shared together-for both of them were in college-to the concert.

As Sarah went through her friend's contact list, (she was looking for a friend's phone number on Alice's cell) her jaw dropped open.

Alice turned off the engine and looked at her friend. "What are you staring at?"

"You didn't tell me you got BRENDON'S CELL PHONE NUMBER!" Sarah replied heatedly, and turned to Alice.

"What? What are you talking about?"

"This! This cell phone number! It says 'Brendon Urie'! YOU. GOT. HIS. CELL. PHONE.NUMBER. AND. YOU. DIDN'T. TELL. ME."

"Calm down!...jesus Christ, lemme look."

Sarah handed over Alice's cell phone.

"...HOLY shit. He installed his phone number on my phone!" Alice said, as her jaw dropped as well.

"Oh, so that's the alibi I get." Sarah said, and folded her arms.

"Sarah..." Alice pleaded, as Sarah opened the car door and walked into the flat.

Alice sighed, and looked at her cell phone.

Suddenly, something struck her. She went to looked at her txt messages. 'saved drafts'.

Could I get your phone number?
...Oops, too late. =] Haha.
Got you.
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