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Fleur and hermione fulfill their fantasies

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Disclaimer: don't own anything; It's all Rowlings.

She was back in Hogwarts, as head girl. A lot had changed, Hermione smiled when she remembered walking in the great hall for the first time in her life.
It took her and the order two years to rebuild and establish Hogwarts back to itself after three years of war. Many were delighted that after five years they can finish schooling.

Hermione sighed to herself after escorting the lower batches to their dormitories. Warm arms encircled themselves around her after the hallways cleared." Are you okay, Mon Amour," Fleur asked kissing her neck.

" Fine, just reminiscing. I remembered how I felt about coming to Hogwarts the first time and the only time I felt that feeling again was when I married you," Hermione said facing her.

Fleur hugged her wife in a tight embrace,
" Let's get ourselves to bed I know your first class is with the fifth years, Professor Delacour," Hermione said after pulling away. Fleur smiled and let Hermione pull her to her room. When they entered a note was addressed to Hermione.

Dear Ms. Granger,

I'm glad you helped establish Hogwarts back.
this joint room is where you and your wife are
to stay during the duration of the year. Please
enjoy this as a small gift from me and Minerva.

--- Headmaster A. Dumbledore

Hermione smiled and showed Fleur the letter. Fleur stopped combing her hair then read the letter afterwards she got up to kiss Hermione passionately.
" Now, I don't have to sneak in your dormitory every night," Fleur murmured in between kisses.
Hermione returned Fleur's kisses with much passion and started pushing Fleur towards their bed.
Fleur moaned against Hermione's mouth when Hermione straddled her hips. She quickly reciprocated by rubbing Hermione's breast. Hermione moaned at this and tilted her head backwards in pleasure.

After they settled themselves on their bed Hermione faced Fleur. " You're the greatest, darling," Hermione whispered.
Fleur pulled Hermione closer to her, " I live to please, you," Fleur replied in a teasing manner and kissed her nose.
" Really, well I guess you wouldn't mind If I share you one of my fantasies then, don't worry they're all about you except you were still in that pale Blue, sexy Beauxbaton uniform that I hate and love," Hermione slyly said while raising an eyebrow and rubbing Fleur's thighs.

Fleur blushed at Hermione's ministrations and purred when Hermione got close enough to her hot center. Fleur moaned at the loss when Hermione removed her hand and rested it around her torso.
" Continue, I'm listening. You were about to share your secret fantasy," Fleur managed to say after composing herself even if she was so hot and bothered. " Well, I saw you in the library a few times during your stay here.

I always felt aroused after seeing you walk out with your sensual hips swaying from side to side," Hermione paused, feeling her knickers moisten. Fleur smiled at her, smelling her arousal.

" I always imagined that YOU would walk TOWARDS me and go down on me from under the table until I scream out in ecstasy," Hermione's voiced hitched as Fleur sneaked her hands inside Hermione's knickers and pinch her clit.

Hermione pulled Fleur closer and grabbed her arm to show her how wet and ready she was. After awhile Hermione screamed out in pleasure and buried her face in Fleur's neck.

She steadied her breathing and took Fleur's hand and sucked her juices of it." Sweetheart what about you. What's your fantasy," Hermione asked looking straight into Fleur's Azure eyes. Hermione didn't wait for Fleur's answer.

She slid down Fleur's body and started to suck her breast. Fleur arched her back in pleasure,
" Hermione, please,"! she begged her wife. Hermione trailed kisses down her body until she reached her pulsating nub.

" Please what, Fleur," Hermione asked in a husky tone that made Fleur shiver. " Hermione, please. Sweetheart please I need you to make me come," Fleur begged pushing her hands to tug on Hermione's hair.

Fleur grinned herself against Hermione's delicate face. Hermione's face now covered with her wife's juices finally gave in. She took a slow and tantalizing lick.

Fleur dropped her hands to clutch the bed sheets and moaned sexily arching her back to give further access to her wet cunt. Hermione getting more encouraged by Fleur's moans finally stuck her tongue inside Fleur's pussy tasting her wife.

Hermione ummed in content and brought her hand to rub Fleur's clit. Fleur was now seeing starts before her and her moans got even louder, "Hermione, please, I need to.. uh ah ah," Fleur begging just before she hit her high.

Hermione licked her clean then slumped beside her, nuzzling her neck. When Fleur's heartbeat normalized she pulled Hermione closer to her." You know you are the only person in my entire life that made me have to beg for anything mon amour," Fleur said languidly.

Hermione kissed her neck tenderly and smiled to herself, " That's because I'm that only that can make you beg, specially when it comes to making love," Fleur shivered when Hermione rubbed her leg. " And you know you love the way I make you beg because I'm the only one that can make you fall apart like that," Hermione said huskily against her neck making Fleur clutch Hermione tighter because she knew it was a fact.
Not even Bill was capable of such a feat.
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