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Fleur and Hermione fulfill their fantasies

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Chapter 2

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The Trio was walking down the hall heading towards the common room when Fleur caught up with them. " Mademoiselle Granger, Can I have a word," Fleur said as casually as possible.

Fleur was in the middle of the lines " Yeah right, mademoiselle she's my...," When Hermione interrupted her thoughts. " Professor Delacour, you wanted a word," Hermione said after approaching her.

Harry smiled at her knowingly, Harry and the order was their witness when they got married while Dumbledore was their presider.

Ron and the others had no clue at all to what their real relationship was, all they knew was that the two somehow patched up their differences and now were best friends, well that's what they thought and for some reason the two always had a good laugh about it.

Fleur pulled Hermione inside her now deserted classroom. Fleur locked the door magically and place a silencing charm on the door.

She pushed Hermione against the door and started kissing her. " Oh, how I've missed you, after our class this morning I felt terrible being too far away from you and I can't still process how disgusting boys are,

they still managed to drool after me, did you see the look on Ron's face he was the worst," Fleur said in a haughty manner.

Hermione hugged her, " I know, good thing Harry was there, or I might have hexed him myself and shouted at him that "you're my drooling over my incredible sexy wife back off or else...," Hermione said kissing Fleur's neck.

" I just wish we can tell them what we really are, I hate hiding the truth from them, they know, everyone knows about both of our sexual preferences' haven't they figured out yet that we're more than what the eyes meet," Fleur said rubbing Hermione's left breast and whispering into her ears.

Hermione arched her back and pulled Fleur's head against her harder. " Oh, God Fleur," Hermione said panting, her knees feeling like gelatin, wobbled.

Fleur steadied them, she raised Hermione's hands above her head. Hermione subconsciously raised her head to give more access to her exposed neck and skin. Fleur ravished her wife's neck, marking Hermione as her territory.

" Fleur, sil vous plait, vous etes massacre je, just claim me," Hermione cried out her frustration. Fleur bit her one more time before she realized, Hermione had raised her right leg to hook it over her hip, Fleur placed her leg between Hermione's legs.

Now both had hip against sex lined against each other Hermione rolled her hips against Fleur and they both moaned because both of their pussies were being stimulated.

" If, you're just going to tease me I'll just have to find the solution to my frustrations with or without your help, Fleur Sophie Delacour-Granger," Hermione growled against her neck as she settled themselves in one of the tables.

Fleur pulled Hermione for a searing kiss and began rolling her hips against Hermione. Hermione ached her back and moaned out loud in French, " Un Dieu, le massacre de mon epouse mais moi l'aiment a la mort,".

Fleur was touched by Hermione's words and kissed her hard and Hermione started rolling her hips together with Fleur and they both moaned. Hermione then sneaked her hands inside Fleur's knickers then rubbed her clit while she cried out her climax.

" Oh, God, I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU FLEUR,". Fleur kissed her, but Hermione pushed against her. She then pushed two fingers inside Fleur's wet pussy.

She thrust inside Fleur fast, her thumbs rubbing Fleur's clit. " Dieu, Hermione, oh God, I... LOVE YOU!" she climaxed, Hermione then licked her cunt clean. When she finished Fleur pulled Hermione to rest upon her chest, she stroked her hair. " Hermione?" Fleur whispered. Hermione replied with an uhum.

" Jet'aime, mon amour, jet'aime" she murmured. Hermione kissed Fleur's chest as a reply. Fleur sighed in content and hugged Hermione tighter against her. When their heartbeats normalized Fleur spoke up.

" Mon amour, I'm sorry I sort of gotten a bit too carried away and excited, but the real purpose I called you was about your fantasy... Meet me tomorrow at the room of requirement after dinner; at 8:00 sil vous plait don't be late," Fleur said huskily.

She kissed her wife passionately after they finished cleaning themselves, " I'll see you later after I help Harry with the D.A., maybe around 10:00," Hermione said kissing her again one last time.

Hermione turned towards the door then turned around to look at Fleur one last time. " Professor," Fleur turned to look at Hermione. " I love you," Hermione pronounced before shutting the door behind her.

Fleur smiled to herself, " I love you very much, Mon Amour, I'm the luckiest witch alive" Fleur murmured to herself feeling very happy. Hermione smiled to herself, " I'm the luckiest woman alive,"

Hermione told herself. She always felt happiest when she thought about her wife or when she was around her. Now she can't even think about living without her Fleur, Fleur was her beacon of light, her happiness and hope for everything, in fact Hermione thought of Fleur as her dream come true and dreams are perfect.

Translations well according to google:
Fleur, sil vous plait, vous etes massacre je, just claim me : Fleur please you're killing me
Un Dieu, le massacre de mon epouse mais moi l'aiment a la mort : Oh God, my wife's killing
me but I love her to death.
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