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hermione's fantasy

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hermione and fleur fulfill their fantasy

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Chapter 3a

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Classes seemed to run slowly that day. D.A.D.A. Was their last class for the day. Hermione smiled secretively at Fleur when she went to her favorite table in front.

Fleur instantly felt weak in the knees when she saw this, but smiled in return. "Good afternoon class, please settle down," Fleur greeted and proceeded with her lesson.

Ron sat closer to Hermione and was whispering something about Fleur looking hot. When Fleur saw Ron's proximity, anger and jealousy flooded her veins,

" Mr. Weasley, if you wish to tell miss Granger something in such manner please do it somewhere else after class, 10 from Gryffindor for not paying attention in class," Fleur shot hotly towards the duo accompanied by a glare. Hermione frowned then tried to argue, " But professor..," Hermione was cut off.

" 25 points from Gryffindor for trying to question my authority," Fleur finished then went back to their lesson. When the final bell rang that day Fleur requested for Hermione, " Miss Granger stay,".

"What! Stay again, I swear Mione If I didn't know better I would think you're dating one another," Ron said abashed.

Fleur overheard Ron and just smiled at his comment. Hermione then walked inside,
" Professor you wanted a word," Hermione greeted.

Fleur then walked towards her while placing silencing and locking charms on the door.

Hermione gulped when she saw this, Fleur was always jealous
When she would see Ron and Hermione talk, Ron told Fleur about his feelings for Hermione 2 years ago.

Having reached Hermione she growled her jealous rage, " What have I told you about Ron and him being 3 feet close to you,". Hermione didn't reply she just launched herself towards Fleur. She kissed Fleur hotly, initiating a tongue battle.

Hermione trying to diminish thoughts from Fleur by kissing her when she was about to speak. Panting after pulling away, Hermione nuzzled Fleur's neck, kissing it now and then.

" 25 points to Gryffindor for helping your professor," Fleur murmured. Hermione sat up looking at her unsure, " What have I told you about Ron," Hermione whispered.

Fleur sighed then replied, " That he's just your best friend and there is no way that you'll choose anyone over me specially him,".

" And that if he thinks I like him he can think that, I know better and you know what you're the only one for me, so stop doubting that fact and besides he only sees you whenever your proximity is close I should be the one jealous.

I have put up with his drooling over you for several years now," Hermione said then proceeded in raining Fleur kisses in different parts of her body.

After they finished their conversation, they stood up to go to dinner. Before entering the great hall Fleur pulled Hermione in to a dark corner. She kissed Hermione, teasing her a bit by rubbing her left nipple through her uniform, " Remember, 8:00p.m. at the room of requirements, I love you, now enjoy your dinner," Fleur reminded after her teasing.

Dinner was too slow for Hermione she kept on looking at the teachers table, but was upset to see Fleur leave after just eating a small course of food. At 7: 55 Hermione made her way to the room of requirements on the fifth floor.

She concentrated on the wall; a door appeared and entered it. She was in awe to see a replica of the library; she touched the bookshelves and found the same volumes and copies of the books found in the library.

She was startled when a blindfold cut her vision of the room. A second later she felt herself leave the ground only to be settled in one of the tables. After a few minutes the blindfold vanished, she blinked a couple of times to clear her vision.

She realized that she was on her favorite part of the library and that her table surrounded by books. She then heard a familiar noise; pages of a book being turned.

She then turned her attention to that direction; her breath caught up in her throat when she saw Fleur in her pale Blue sexy Beauxbaton uniform. Fleur then turned her attention to Hermione and smiled predatorily.

Hermione saw Fleur stand up; every curve of Fleur's body emphasized by her uniform, like it did back in the past. Fleur walked towards her with her trademark strut that made her hips sensually sway from side to side. Every click of Fleur's shoes made Hermione feel more aroused.

She rubbed her legs together while still watching Fleur go nearer. Fleur then sat in front of her, she smiled at Hermione then licked her lips.

Hermione gulped, cheeks flushed from arousal.
" My God, I thought my fantasy was hot; this is much better," Hermione thought before her mind was clouded with pleasure.

She felt Fleur place kisses from her knee to her inner thigh. She then pulled Fleur closer to her treasure when she felt Fleur experimentally lick her. " Fleur, Darling no teasing," she moaned.

Hermione then rested her legs on Fleur shoulder to give her more access. Fleur took this as a sign to slide a finger inside her. " More oh, God," Hermione panted.

Fleur added two more fingers and thrust faster inside her, all the while nibbling and sucking Hermione's clit.

Hermione was going wild from the sensations that her body was receiving. Fleur then curled her fingers upward hitting Hermione's g-spot. " Oh, love please need to cum for you," she gushed.

Hermione then started thrusting she hips towards Fleur's mouths and fingers. Fleur then bit Hermione's clit, which send the head girl over the edge, " FLEUR! MY DARLING PROFESSOR, I'M COMING FOR YOU, I LOVE YOU,".

Fleur thrusting inside her a few more times feeling Hermione's muscles clamp around her fingers. She then licked and kissed Hermione's cunt one last time. She then got up from under the table, licked her fingers in front of Hermione then fixed her uniform.

She went around to sit beside her wife. She rested her head on Hermione's shoulder, kissing her neck once in a while to help Hermione calm her breathing.

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