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fleur's fantasy

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Hermione and Fleur's fulfill their fantasy

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Chapter 3b

Disclaimer: don't own anything; It's all Rowlings

Once Hermione calmed her breathing she turned her head to place a kiss on Fleur's forehead.

"Thank you my flower," Hermione murmured. Fleur then lifted her head to kiss Hermione properly.

Hermione tasted her lingering juices on Fleur's mouth. " I love you and you're welcome," Fleur relied after kissing her.

"Wait, what about your fantasy it's your turn, you fulfilled mine, I should fulfill yours too," Hermione said as Fleur was standing up. Fleur then turned away from her then blushed.

" Well, my fantasies are always about you, but there is one that I want to be really to be fulfilled," Fleur commented shyly.

Hermione quirked an eyebrow, " What exactly is that my beloved wife," Hermione teased. Fleur then closed her eyes concentrating. She then heard Hermione gasp, " the great hall, on Halloween,?" Hermione blurted unsure.

Fleur smiled and blushed, " Well, yeah, because I don't want to hide anything anymore and it's where I realized I was in love with you and that I love you," Fleur murmured unsure of herself.

Hermione then kissed her, " what's next," Hermione asked. Fleur's faces brighten. Fleur then whispered to Hermione that she wanted to be made love in the middle of the great hall.

Hermione then started kissing her after she finished. Hermione then conjured a cot for them to lie down on. Fleur made herself comfortable, Hermione just simply smiled at her.

Hermione then knelled between her legs and spread them apart. She licked her lips at seeing Fleur's wet knickers.

" So, wet, are you ready,?" she asked. Fleur just pulled her towards her sopping cunt. Hermione didn't bother to tease Fleur, she kissed, sucked and licked her wife's pussy, Fleur was soon moaning and screaming for more.

Hermione then parted Fleur's folds apart then started to tongue fuck her. Hermione then shifted her tongue towards Fleur's clit, she slips two fingers inside her wife making Fleur shudder, reaching her peak.

" OH, GOD MON AMOUR, JET'AIME TOUJOURS," she screamed. Hermione then cuddled Fleur, resting Fleur's head on her chest. The next day the trio's last class was with Fleur.

Lecture was going smoothly until Fleur saw Ron hold Hermione's hand. After their practical
was done Hermione noticed a mischievous glint in Fleur's eyes.

" Mr. Weasley, Harry and Miss Granger please stay," Fleur said in a commanding voice which not only made Hermione shake in fear, but made Harry gulp also.

Ron became Purple instantly seeing Fleur cast a silencing and locking charm. Fleur approached them, " YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY HERMIONE," she bellowed skin turning into feathers, fireballs forming in her hands.

Ron just pissed his pants in fear. Fleur smirked at this, but still heard Ron protest, " Your Hermione,".

" I guess I didn't make my point clear,". She hissed. She turned to Hermione and pulled her to a searing hot kiss. Ron paled immediately, mouth agape.

Fleur smiled at him, " I think I made myself clear, Hermione's mine, so don't dare unless you want to be roosted," she said menacingly. Then turned to Harry and kissed him on the cheek,

" thanks for the support Harry,". She said sweetly. Hermione then walked hand and hand with Fleur to their private quarters without looking back.

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